Friday, September 30, 2011

september blues and a prayer for rain

i heard that rain is coming next week.
i am doing a rain dance and bathing in pink sunset light and begging that pretty old sky .
YES, send us rain.
i found these pictures that darin took five months ago, mayday: our backyard was achingly green, there were flowers and bees and color. (if you click to enlarge, you can see the bee's eyes staring solemnly at the camera, or at least i like to think those are her eyes glowing)

there were ladybugs mating on vibrant leaves.

 remember i wrote about the greening life? now all is brittle around me. unfortunately we can't afford to keep our yard or garden green in this town, (see here if you want to know why, and actually mine is much worse than the person they interview) so everything is yellow, arid and dry. i know i've complained about this before, and it is not wise or sweet or happy to complain. this i know. and i know if i change my attitude that "dry" could be "golden" and i could be loving the fact that i still can't really wear sleeves of any kind. i really should be thankful that it is hot and sunny day after day (after day after day after day) unlike my poor friends in the city who are blanketed by cold fog all summer. 

i am a seasonal person; my moods and daily energies revolve around the season. and i like things to feel the way they ought to for that season. i like seasonal beers, farmhouse ales and hefeweizens in the spring and summer, IPAs and pumpkin ales in the fall, nutty brown brews in the winter. fall should be cool and rainy and i will shut up now because i think by tomorrow my whining will cease, so bear with me :)

this old cat (my mom named him cream puff ages ago when he first showed up, we call him C.P.) is showing his age in these long dry afternoons. despite eating wet food twice a day, he is all bones now. he stumbles a little bit when he first gets up. no one knows how old he is; he's been with darin and i for over ten years now. i think he is a hundred years old. he is a local character and a real lover and i worry for him these days.

usually i welcome and embrace autumn. but this year it goes deeper, i actually feel like the rain returning and the water coming back into our dry hills will refresh the very bloodstreams of my body.  all of me will thank it: my calloused feet (tho i will miss you barefeet) my withered skin, my parched lips, my dry bones.

meanwhile, thank you for not raining darin and i have a wedding to film :)

wishing you all the cool, windy, drizzly, perfect cozy cuddly fall days that you deserve. or if you're in the southern hemisphere then HELLO SPRING!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

that lucky old sun

sunday was a blissful day. it was my mama's 60th birthday. can you believe she is sixty?! i would not stand for her feeling down about it. she is fabulous, smart, fun, happy, beautiful and in love. what better way to age?! we went to an antique fair on main street. and best of was finally cool enough to wear this gorgeous yellow gauzy billowy dress that brigit sent me last month! (you guys she sent me soooo many goodies, it was like christmas. little by little i will show off some of the pieces)

i don't even think brigit had any idea that i am completely obsessed with gauzy cotton dresses. i like them free and flowy, or belted or with boots or with sandals. they are the most versatile, gorgeous, natural pieces of clothing and i could wear one every day.

i felt like a dream. just like cel posted the other day, sometimes you just feel so GOOD in what you're wearing. and everyone smiles at you and compliments your dress and you are completely comfortable and feel a little glow spreading through your skin.
plus it was fun being with my marma, who oohs and ahhhhs over each pretty little thing and loves old things with stories just like i do.

then we met up with this little troupe, headed up by a man with a mission....

i'm sure i've told you how our young friend sylvan loves and collects antiques, particularly rotary phones and pull-chain toilets. he loves all things old; he loves old buildings, and he will immediately tell you if your house is up to safety codes and where the nearest smoke alarm is and the age of your pipes. he is the raddest/quirkiest/old-man-est child i've ever known. he charged right into this particular antique store to proudly show his grandma this vintage phone booth complete with automatic runner lights that come on when you shut yourself inside. he knows the whereabouts and origins and histories of every antique telephone in town. not kidding.

 later that night we all took my mom out to dinner at Cascada. which is usually a little fine for our kind. tis a nice place, you know? anyway, we had fun. we had drinks. we stayed until they closed, sharing a rich piece of chocolate cake they brought her and laughing and having presents and all that. and then we went across the street to the bar and had another drink. cause if anything it is FUN to be sixty.

our friend jen creates these wild and wonderful hair accessories and gifted one to marmy who is the best person to sport one of your creations; believe me every library lady will now be wanting one of these pups!
and i have to say, that's one hip mama.

so that's about it tonight loves. golden sun, lots of big plans coming up, a couple days off work, joey and emily are moving back in with us, the future looks bright. i feel like that lucky old sun who gets to roll around heaven all day.

yellow dress: vintage, cotton, gorgeous gift from brigit of bellisimama
belt: handmade, 50 cents (yep!) at the halloween sale local thrift store
sandals: mexican, 1.50 at the local thrift store
white cotton slip: thrifted ages ago
white feather earrings: from etsy

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wild West Soiree

friday night i headed across the canyon in the cool fall eve to join my sister and her friends in nevada city for a big ol' wild west style bash that she's been cooking up for quite some time. 

everyone showed up in kerchiefs, boots, leather, turquoise, suspenders, vests, holsters, bullets and feathers.
true hoe-down fashion. 
i wore an antique black corset, silky blue feather boa, and poufy black bloomers with blue ribbons.
we slugged whiskey from flasks and stirred cocktails with a stick. there were cakes soaked in rum and shaped like cowboy boots. flags, stars, lights, and homemade saloon doors.
addie even had tinny ragtime music coming from hidden speakers so it sounded like it was playing in some haunted basement.

there's me frolicking with sasha. the dancing just couldn't quit.

four september birthday girls celebrated that night: addie, bee, andi, and kristen.
what grand old dames, a saucy brothel, a beauteous bevy!

kristen bids a welcome.

a wicked prop and bee.

art rocking his mega fringe jacket.

i loved getting to know all these nevada city ladies. they are so fine. in fact there were so many fine and fancy people to talk to, so many twirling dances to dance, so many late night rhapsodies and adventures...that i didn't go to sleep til six a.m! the time flew. i thought, damn girl. guess you still got it. (ok really i didn't think much at all at that point)

best of all was getting to hang out with my sis. the two of us had the bright idea to go on a moonlit hike at some point in the wee hours down to the creek down the hill from her house. that path was a little steep for me and i tumbled over the edge! laughing it off with every heft back up through the brambles. ooooddellllally!!

rip roaring my way in to the new season.
HELLO fall.

(many of these photos c/o my new friend jessica, source here)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

last days of summer

summer ends tonight. the days are still 94 degrees here and we've been making the most of it. yesterday we went to a local brewery to share a farmhouse ale and take some photos with our new holga-style lens. 
i love it.

darin did some modeling for my shop. that's why we ended up at the brewery. he said, i'll be much more agreeable about all this if i get a beer in me.

check out that iris!  damn i love embroidered shirts. you can truly feel the love and beauty and care in the stitchery. 

i wore this DeGrazia pendant i thrifted earlier in the day. twice we have visited and rhapsodized over DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun in Tucson; we were there on our road trip last fall. it deserves its own post and one day i will show it. meanwhile, i love the colors and shapes and tenderness of this papoose etching on wood.
 i also wore two raggedy cotton slips as a skirt. the top one is really tattered around the waist area but i layered another one underneath, belted it all and voila! passes as presentable for me.


then today we went to the river. the canyon was already shaded by the time we hiked down the steep dusty trail, but the cold water felt great anyway. 

photos from the holga lens:

non-holgas follow:

here's me after a quick skinnydip :)

these rocks are so warm, the perfect place to hang out on the last day of summer.

speaking of hanging out with my hub, here is a list of the movies we have watched in the last few days:
have you seen any of them?

that much movie watching must mean it's fall.
happy equinox and mabon everyone. 
my digs from brewery day:
purple indian tank: free from a clothing exchange a long time ago
2 white cotton slips: thrifted over the ages
belt: thrifted a year ago
papoose pendant: thrifted yesterday $2.50
isis pendant: gift eons ago (i'm still going to tell that story sometime)
turquoise and purple scarf: thrifted yesterday 50 cents
earrings: gift from darin's mom

darin's embroidered shirts: both vintage, thrfited, one available here, one he chose to keep :)