strawberry moon

the moon is full and the streets hot to the touch, darkened by day's footsteps.
print a pinwheel on my skin and tell about forgotten ferris wheels,
for i know summer's here and boundless.

stillness, when you cannot see a star, no crickets chirp
and the dandelions close their little eyes till morning.
you write about the sun. and yes there is the moon,
strawberry moon, moon-of-making-fat,
moonpie, creamsicle and raspberry.
hips like sunshine, river deep.

if i were a wave i'd come to you, never risk it on my own,
never strike out like a gambler, but gleam and flash unfailingly,
and somwhere the fearful wishes of my heart.

even in the sun there are secret places.
shaded, full of webs and twigs, where longings sharpen
and soften again. rusted nail and cedar tree, a name carved in the dust,
a traveler's hat, an orchard.

a plum is like a daydark moon, ripe
and full of otherworldly spirits. you can taste the summer moon.
roam yet wildly.

vintage dress: from this etsy shop
white saltwater sandals: thrifted $2
tarot necklace: shrinky dink made by darin
lapiz earrings: gift from mallory
blue beaded necklace: made by addie years ago


Teeny said…
That dress is luscious on you, the perfect etsy choice for Heather poppet! As always you've conjured and written such magical and lively words which cause me to pause for a moment and listen to and watch the world outside my window. Beautiful, beautiful post...
ruby said…
beautiful words and a beautiful lady, you look lovely in that gorgeous swirly, girly, perfect for dancing the night away dress x
Heidi Ann said…
That dress reminds me of a yellow calico one I had when I was a teenager. I loved it, and it was my favorite thing to wear. I believe I wore it until it fell apart!
I love your dress, too.
jealous of that perfect dress! i love it!
Ms. Habit said…
wow, this dress (and color) looks divine on you! It is my favorite so far. Lovely.
anne said…
lovely! the dress and words that is :D
Milla said…
Moon is in the cards, full and wondrous. Moon that changes everything and here lights up the roads like a streetlight, makes things visible in the city of forest.
Happy, Moon-Sister!
Milla said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Milla said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Milla said…
I like to leave things in triples for you...
Celynne said…
There will be a full moon when I'm out in Alberta for the festival next month too, things will be wild and crazy.

You look absolutely lovely (as usual) in that dress. I wish I could just stop fussing and messily braid my hair like you and go about my day, because it looks so lovely. But it would drive me nutty hah.
Sailor Purrs said…
Pure magic. You have such a beautiful, childlike wonder. And I love your braid and dress. Time to roam free!
Anonymous said…
You've the soul of a poetess, the looks of a goddess. A winning combination, big sister.
Amy Beatty said…
Hello my friend!! That dress says summer lovin and fun. You two go together like snow on mountain peaks. Summer summer delicious summer. I will gobble you up whole and savor every moment. As of now, it is a sunburnt chest :) Matt and I were checking out our fair lady last night too. She was breath taking more than usual xoxo now I want to go check that shop where you found your new best friend. Love you sister
Missa said…
I want to come live in your dreamland of your words Heather! That dress is amazing and so perfect on you!

This post reminds me of the big bright moon that hovered over the Harmony Festival on Sunday night and how I thought fondly of my beautiful moon sisters every time I gazed up at it :)
Missa said…
I meant in "the" dreamland of your words ;)
Nicky said…
Gorgeous dress! and so very perfect on you :D
Clare said…
You look like an airy strawberry confection :) I love reading your writing, poetess.

Kaylie said…
I appreciate your comment about my Mormon post! I didn't realize you were raised Mormon! Good for you for finding your own bliss.

Yes, the Mormons in my community are very trendy. They are Mormon hipsters--there is no doubt about it. The kind that dress really well, have their own jewelry/headband business, and blog...and somehow manage this with 5+ kids.

Also, I love "I Believe" and all the music of "Book of Mormon"! I can't wait to see it someday.
what beautiful words~thank you :)

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