Sing back the Sun

maybe you've heard about our dreadful june gloom here in northern california. well i'm having none of it.
here is lovely phil of phil elverum and sun, mount eerie and the microphones fame, singing his heart out for our little mountain town and making it one of the most magical tuesday nights ever.

in typical phil elvrum fashion, it was a family-friendly show and the whole gang showed up including this cutie face...

he liked hanging out with the p'ville dudes.

i wore my newly thrifted fire engine red cowgirl dress, which, paired with a couple good beers and this red-headed lady friend o' mine, made for rather an exuberant night!

phil was on tour with a bewitching group of musician friends including the Key Losers and Nicholas Krgovich. all their music was AMAZING! nicholas danced like a mofo, reminding me of a cross between brett and jemaine. katey sang with the crystal clear bloom of a sun flare. (you can hear her rad album "california lite" here) Mt. Eerie started off the set with my recent favorite, a magical take on the Twin Peaks theme song. it proceeded to get even more magical from there. now i don't know about you, but in my book there is maybe nothing quite as grandly fun as a realllly good show in a small downhome venue with beer flowing, people all around you smiling, singing, dancing, stomping and whooping and good old fashioned musical joy just sparkling in the air. it's this kind of night that makes me spoiled rotten and never want to go see big shows. it's just not the same as making friends and having the musicians over to spend the night at your house and staying up till all hours telling giggly stories, reminiscing about the good old days, playing weird instruments, and tweeting :)

i even went up on stage to sing "ripple" with katy. ummmm apparently, although everyone thinks i do and urged my tipsy booty up there, i do not know the lyrics to ripple, despite any alleged past karaoke ventures as such. i suppose i can indeed hum the melody though, and so i did :) maybe i sang one line, the one that goes, "ripple in still water, where there is no pebble tossed or wind to blow."

rippling the still placerville waters on a tuesday night!
thanks to jacob mingle, owner of cozmic cafe, for giving us a local venue where the good stuff can happen.


Clare said…
What fun! I love happy family shows with babies and beer. There's nothing like that small town fun time feeling. You look very pretty in your red dress, and I'm sure you made an enchanting impromptu singer.

Wishing you sunshine,
Take Care,
Teeny said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teeny said…
oops deleted my last comment, it went something like this...hahaha, cute, impromptu karaoke Heather! The evening sounds magical as always. Not to sound like a complete boozehag...but beer is my happy drink...and now i feel like getting up and bootstomping in a dress.
T x
Amanda said…
That Mt Eerie song is amazing!
Cel said…
Looks like a great time! Has me looking forward to the next time my friend and I will go see a certain band... And that dress is so cute!
anne said…
i love ripple!
looks like fun. do you ever not have fun heather? i need to come have fun with you :D
Sailor Purrs said…
Whoa. "Between Two Mysteries" is so hauntingly beautiful. What a great post. I love your dress, and yes, I quote Brule frequently. FOR YOUR WINE!
aww, you are so cute in your red dress. you can never go wrong with a red dress. we have june gloom here, too, but that's how it always is in the summertime.
thanks again for writing that great guest post for me. i LOVED your adorable little nightie and i can't believe i've never seen this movie. so watching it. thanks again for taking the time and energy to put something so nice together for me. i appreciate it! and i still have some things for you, but i'm going to wait on sending it because i want to add some more things.
Amy Beatty said…
I wish I could have be there! You look way cute and glowing with that mic:) plus anywhere there's a cute baby, I've got to hold it or atleast feel those soft cheeks.
ashley said…
ooo that was such a fun night! how did i miss you singing on stage?? 'the heck? love you, brave lady.

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