Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cabin on a Hill

It's always fun to peek around someone else's home, right? 

After Joey and Em moved out a couple weeks ago, I knew for sure that they (Em) would immediately set up their new house to be all cozy and inviting. But going inside was even better than I could have imagined.  They live only a mile or so away so we walked over.

They painted the living room walls this pretty soft mauve and every little detail is just perfect. It is part desert sunrise, part Stevie Nicks, part forest hideaway.

Lucy hadn't seen Em in almost two days, gasp! They were overjoyed to be reunited and started dancing immediately.

She tested out their new thrifted chair: yep, pretty comfy!

And admired the peep-through shelving leading into the bedroom (before the cats knocked the books down for the thousandth time.)

the house is a little old cabin for the lumber mill workers up in camino from years and years ago. It matches several others in the neighborhood; they were all carefully transported downtown in the sixties when the highway was put in. so i call it a miner's cabin but really it is a lumberjack cabin, either way, dreamy.

woodstove heat only.

books and records everywhere. owl, pinecone, photographs, wood.

tiny treasures on display.

joey is proud of his avocado green stove. as a baker and cook, he was really excited to get his own kitchen.

he made his own sourdough start and has made several tasty loaves already. here's a fresh one a-risin.


I plan to walk over there a few times a week. There are two giant hills that are really good exercise when you are pushing a stroller with a large babe and a bunch of gear. And it is just too fun to be around our besties.

Oh did I mention that our cats are grieving for each other? My Billy Bobey is lonely all day because now his only playmate is shy introverted little Daphne. Joey and Em's cats were Billy's best friends and daily playmates and they all yowled and cried for a few days during this transition. Side note: we took Bobe over there in a duffel bag to visit. That might have brought closure and shown him where his friends went, but he wasn't too stoked about traveling. One day we'll get all these loves under one roof again.

Okay and coolest thing ever about the cabin on a hill? It is right next door to the oldest cemetery in town. 1850 folks. We're talking goldminer ghosts roaming these oaks.

I like to think the good Dr. Cohen, who died in 1851 just a couple years after the goldrush started, was a lot like this other badass sawbone.

Protecting from spooks.

A babe with a bone. Just kidding, it's a stick. Does that make you feel better?  ;)
(no sticks or babies were harmed in the making of this blog post)

Thanks for coming over to Joey and Emily's house with me. By the way, I usually just call it "Em's" for some reason. Why is a house always the woman's?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Gnome Sweet Gnome

ready to smack me for that title? sorry! i couldn't resist.

i have been meaning to post photos of our adorable forestlass gnome hats since we got them last month from the inspiring and talented sara. she calls them her woodland hoods and there are many delicious colors available in her etsy shop, along with other beautiful handmade creations and vintage clothes. go check out her offerings, you will like them.

i knew mine was on its way but lucy's was a tiny hand crafted baby surprise! have you ever seen anything so adorable?
here we are the very first time we wore them, on a walk at addie's.

it was baby Vyv Ute's first ride in the pram.

he liked it. look at this sweet little guy! i supposed lucy will let him borrow her cap from time to time, because that lad is just going to rock it!

she was fast asleep as we neared home. have you noticed how many pictures i have like this? i must think we are really really cute, walking and sleeping.

another day we both wore our hoods was a nice sunday picnic. just the kind of early february day that requires you to pretend it's springtime. 

not a very wintry vibe, but this is the official gnome hat portrait. :) on an related note, darin recently pointed out how often i say "vibe."

we stayed for the sunset.

oh, and guess who we chanced upon out in those rolling hills?
you could take a close look at this set up and take a guess....

the lovely and vivacious gals of silkworm vintage
so fun to see the magic of these gorgeous photo shoots in action.

how cute are they? i had to explain what was going on to some passersby. feeling very in-the-know.

i'll leave you with some cozy luscious gnome-ness. when i put my hood on i feel like the enchanted woods await me. get yourself one, try it out, get back to me. i bet you'll agree.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

a snow day

we had a swirly little snowstorm start up in the middle of the day tuesday, the first snow of the winter here! we get really really excited when it snows since it's a pretty rare occurrence around these parts. it was so beautiful and peaceful watching the cold rain turn silently to snow. lucy was so excited when she noticed the snowflakes fluttering down outside the window by her changing table. 

we quickly got her bundled up and jammed out to let her experience SNOW!

(a little vintage snowsuit borrowed from jorden and becky)

she was so excited!
the snowflakes would land in her eyelashes and on her cheeks and she would giggle with this shy little nervous grin. she never fussed or cried, just smiled and smiled and gazed around with wonder.

darin had to leave for work at 2:30, and by the time he left the whole yard and street were covered in snow. lucy and i took a little walk.

our house:

looking down the hill:

and up our hill:

it seemed like we were the only people home in the neighborhood. everything was so quiet, even the birds. some deer were gliding by across the street without a whisper.

the backyard:

home from our walk, she loves to sleep on mama:

 next morning dawned brilliant and cold, and we went out to enjoy our sparkly white yard.

Tutti got to touch snow and eat some! Will wonders never cease?!

mmmm, that's pretty good! i'll take some more please.

although i loooovvve springtime for all its warming sun and balmy eves and the way that everything turns green and blossoms, i will sure enjoy some winter wonderland when i can get it! february brings a nice mix of both.

hope you are all enjoying some beautiful days!