Gnome Sweet Gnome

ready to smack me for that title? sorry! i couldn't resist.

i have been meaning to post photos of our adorable forestlass gnome hats since we got them last month from the inspiring and talented sara. she calls them her woodland hoods and there are many delicious colors available in her etsy shop, along with other beautiful handmade creations and vintage clothes. go check out her offerings, you will like them.

i knew mine was on its way but lucy's was a tiny hand crafted baby surprise! have you ever seen anything so adorable?
here we are the very first time we wore them, on a walk at addie's.

it was baby Vyv Ute's first ride in the pram.

he liked it. look at this sweet little guy! i supposed lucy will let him borrow her cap from time to time, because that lad is just going to rock it!

she was fast asleep as we neared home. have you noticed how many pictures i have like this? i must think we are really really cute, walking and sleeping.

another day we both wore our hoods was a nice sunday picnic. just the kind of early february day that requires you to pretend it's springtime. 

not a very wintry vibe, but this is the official gnome hat portrait. :) on an related note, darin recently pointed out how often i say "vibe."

we stayed for the sunset.

oh, and guess who we chanced upon out in those rolling hills?
you could take a close look at this set up and take a guess....

the lovely and vivacious gals of silkworm vintage
so fun to see the magic of these gorgeous photo shoots in action.

how cute are they? i had to explain what was going on to some passersby. feeling very in-the-know.

i'll leave you with some cozy luscious gnome-ness. when i put my hood on i feel like the enchanted woods await me. get yourself one, try it out, get back to me. i bet you'll agree.


Milla said…
Oh my gosh so cute! Serious adorableness is happening here. No surprise of course.
Teeny said…
Yah! Adorable! I am seriously thinking of getting a hood for my own winter-time. x
Anonymous said…
Ay, ay, ay! I'm dying from the sweetness! You guys are such a dream. I love seeing my hoods on such wonderful creatures such as yourselves.

Thank you for this loveliness.

Anonymous said…
So cute! And i cannot believe February looks like this where you are. I mean, I know the weather isn't the same everywhere of course, but seeing you having a picnic... there's just no variation over here (Sweden, stockholm area)- winter means snow and dark for several months and that's it. Thank you for making me dream:) -Alice
Trish said…
Adorable hoods....
It is so cold here today (well -3 Celcious.... that feels cold!). I can't wait to put out a blanket (and not get a wet bottom) and feel a little warmth from the sun, just a little would be lovely.
Wishing yo many happy days.x
lena said…
Hi Heather,
You two ARE really cute walking and sleeping! The light and love and colors and cozy gnomey hats are tweaking my heart and joy.
I also wanted to ask what wraps and carriers you've liked best. We might have a babe soon and have limited money, and I hope to be able to walk walk walk with the little one on front and back.
anne said…
sara's hats are the best! and you two look just about as cute as possible in them :D
lena - we were given a moby wrap which i really loved when she was a tiny baby and i still use now when i want her to be extra cozy. i have taken long walks with her in it and never get sore or anything, although she might slip a tiny bit downward now that she's big. the other carrier we use ALL the time is the ergo baby; we love it and it is so comfy with a big padded hip band (so vital.) only problem is, she can't face forward in the ergo, although she could ride on our backs now and that way see out, which we haven't tried yet. we have a baby bjorn (borrowed from friends) that she can face forward in, and she loves that, but it hurts your shoulders after a little while so i can only use it for brief chores around the house.

my sister got a Beco which is a lot like the Ergo but the baby can face forward (out) or in toward mom or dad. i used it for walks with lucy when i was staying with her and it is very comfortable. so i might even recommend that above the ergo.

sorry for such a long answer! i don't want to overwhelm you with information, but i love to walk holding my baby and it is a very good way to get her to take a nap. best of luck to you. becoming a mama is the most intense, fulfilling, rich experience of my life.
oh and lena, the ergo and the beco are both expensive! but so worth it. a very good "group gift" to ask for if you have a baby shower or some kind of party, people could pitch in. it is more important than most other "big" baby items in my opinion :)
dolly anna said…
whoa whoa whoa!!!

hood portrait of you?

beautiful. radiant.

where is this picnic taking place?
it looks wonderful!
and little lulu in her hat is too adorable. i haven't seen her in quite a while, i'm sure she is super jovial!
Anonymous said…
I meant to thank you sooner for this. Heather it is so so so useful. I really appreciate your taking the time to write it out. When I read your blog I feel hopeful about life and family and motherhood and sunshine. Hard to explain but the richness and warmth in your life is the kind I value most.
Thank you for this and the carrier info.

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