Cabin on a Hill

It's always fun to peek around someone else's home, right? 

After Joey and Em moved out a couple weeks ago, I knew for sure that they (Em) would immediately set up their new house to be all cozy and inviting. But going inside was even better than I could have imagined.  They live only a mile or so away so we walked over.

They painted the living room walls this pretty soft mauve and every little detail is just perfect. It is part desert sunrise, part Stevie Nicks, part forest hideaway.

Lucy hadn't seen Em in almost two days, gasp! They were overjoyed to be reunited and started dancing immediately.

She tested out their new thrifted chair: yep, pretty comfy!

And admired the peep-through shelving leading into the bedroom (before the cats knocked the books down for the thousandth time.)

the house is a little old cabin for the lumber mill workers up in camino from years and years ago. It matches several others in the neighborhood; they were all carefully transported downtown in the sixties when the highway was put in. so i call it a miner's cabin but really it is a lumberjack cabin, either way, dreamy.

woodstove heat only.

books and records everywhere. owl, pinecone, photographs, wood.

tiny treasures on display.

joey is proud of his avocado green stove. as a baker and cook, he was really excited to get his own kitchen.

he made his own sourdough start and has made several tasty loaves already. here's a fresh one a-risin.


I plan to walk over there a few times a week. There are two giant hills that are really good exercise when you are pushing a stroller with a large babe and a bunch of gear. And it is just too fun to be around our besties.

Oh did I mention that our cats are grieving for each other? My Billy Bobey is lonely all day because now his only playmate is shy introverted little Daphne. Joey and Em's cats were Billy's best friends and daily playmates and they all yowled and cried for a few days during this transition. Side note: we took Bobe over there in a duffel bag to visit. That might have brought closure and shown him where his friends went, but he wasn't too stoked about traveling. One day we'll get all these loves under one roof again.

Okay and coolest thing ever about the cabin on a hill? It is right next door to the oldest cemetery in town. 1850 folks. We're talking goldminer ghosts roaming these oaks.

I like to think the good Dr. Cohen, who died in 1851 just a couple years after the goldrush started, was a lot like this other badass sawbone.

Protecting from spooks.

A babe with a bone. Just kidding, it's a stick. Does that make you feel better?  ;)
(no sticks or babies were harmed in the making of this blog post)

Thanks for coming over to Joey and Emily's house with me. By the way, I usually just call it "Em's" for some reason. Why is a house always the woman's?


Equine Bovine said…
can i please squeeze myself, my annoying mulitple collections of nothingness , my husband , my cat, my two dogs and whatever foster animal I have at the time with you and your gd beautiful land. I can't believe at one time I was apart of it, and It is harder to believe that I have such a hard time trying to get back to it. I don't often comment on your blogs because blogger sucks a donky dong and my comments never go thru. hell, this might not go thru either. I love watching the babe grow, and all the beautiful pictures you take..take care xo kerry
rebeccaroehr said…
Ummmm.... You didn't mention the other best part. They're only 4 doors down from us!
Milla said…
Adorable little home. Can Em come and redcorate my house pls? I love that Lucy and Em are so tight, what luck to have your cool auntie so close. Of course, Lucy seems to be surrounded by cool people.
Tina Dawn said…
Enjoyable reading and loved the pics as usual. Love T
Trish said…
What style... I love that beautiful chair.
dolly anna said…
sweet is their little pad.
it reminds me that i have little/no house-making skills. it's something i'm working on?? i mean, i'm pretty good at finding things from the gutters and sidewalks and re-purposing them. :)

that must be hard on your kitties. i hope their little hearts are quickly soothed.
annalouise said…
Love the posts Heather, keep them coming :) x
Amy Beatty said…
Awe man! that happy toot loves emmy way too much!! so not fair. their little love affair is so cute!!! emily has such a gift for making any place so magically comfy and bright!! i love her style sooo much! that little place is so adorable and perfect for them. I love joey in his kitchen! i can't wait to try some of his goods! and that cemetery is the sweetest. I can remember cleaning it one time with the church youth and have the greatest memories of it. is emilys other cat much more happy though? i remember feeling so bad for it because it was so afraid and lived in her clothes drawer. I wonder if she still does.. thanks for giving me a peek into their comfy abode. Can't wait to see it just next weekend yay xoxo
Hoodoo Voodoo said…
Amy, you absolutely kill me. Your compliments are too sweet, for one thing!! But the fact that you know about Camilla's hardship at Heather and Darin's and that you would even think about how things are for her now...I have no words. but YES!!!! She is free and excited and in love! Pussyfoots around the house real proud and even plays (and CUDDLES) with her brother and sister a little bit!

The other two, however...we have gotten three nights of sleep so far in this house (thank god they have been IN A ROW). Other than that, it is YOWLING, HOWLING, searching, bounding, on and on. poor babies want their big fuzzy cuzzy back.
Teeny said…
Hey Sweetie, thanks for the tour! Aw Lucy and her big smile! I love how happy she is with Em. I have to point out how adorable you are in pastels....i love your whole outfit, floral socks, layered floaty skirt, pastel print blouse and pinky cardy. And poor cats, hope they feel less sad about their faraway friends soon. xo
Amy Beatty said…
oh my goodness em!! that makes me so happy for her. I really felt so bad for her before. sorry about your cry babies though. they will settle in time. i couldn't help but chuckle though when heather wrote how they knock the books off over and over again :) little trouble makers. warms my soul!! and you my dear, are just filled with the purest of love. I couldn't love you more xoxo
Nicky said…
That lil one of yours is just plain crazy cute!!! I'm jealous of the well put together home. I constantly feel the need to "put stuff up" but find that I'm a minimalist in decor (aside from the stacks of paper n crap that accumulates!!!). Em's new home is fantastic, thanks for sharing! And hi! I know I haven't been around for a long time- new job freak out :D
Tera said…
Love, love, love their new place!!!! Left me feeling happy :) Cool stuff, cool decorating with that stuff, great stuff!!! Both you and Lucy are radiant too :)
Celynne said…
What a sweet home! There's something so peaceful about cemeteries, I never found them spooky myself. Your daughter has such a bright smile too, I never tire of seeing it, probably because it looks so much like your beaming grin :)
AdieSpringB said…
Heather their home is so so LOVELY! Oh my gosh the colors! Of course Em makes it that cute, she has such a knack for the colorful...

I absolutely love this post. In my crazy state it def cheers me. I can't wait to viz- let's walk there on Monday with our babes in tow :) I love you bun.
Rachel Weaver said…
i love house tours and i love this house. so well done. cozy and perfect. hope you're not missing your sister too much.
i love their new house! such great decorating. careful with that wood stove and the baby, my oldest burning the bejesus out of his hands when he was about 15 months old. it was so awful.
This little tour warms my heart and soul. What a comfy, cozy, bright, cheerful and delightful little home for Joey and Em. I am happy they have their little slice of heaven right close to us all! These pictures and descriptions, graveyard and all, are so wonderful. You should start a magazine Heather!! Love all my family so much.

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