a snow day

we had a swirly little snowstorm start up in the middle of the day tuesday, the first snow of the winter here! we get really really excited when it snows since it's a pretty rare occurrence around these parts. it was so beautiful and peaceful watching the cold rain turn silently to snow. lucy was so excited when she noticed the snowflakes fluttering down outside the window by her changing table. 

we quickly got her bundled up and jammed out to let her experience SNOW!

(a little vintage snowsuit borrowed from jorden and becky)

she was so excited!
the snowflakes would land in her eyelashes and on her cheeks and she would giggle with this shy little nervous grin. she never fussed or cried, just smiled and smiled and gazed around with wonder.

darin had to leave for work at 2:30, and by the time he left the whole yard and street were covered in snow. lucy and i took a little walk.

our house:

looking down the hill:

and up our hill:

it seemed like we were the only people home in the neighborhood. everything was so quiet, even the birds. some deer were gliding by across the street without a whisper.

the backyard:

home from our walk, she loves to sleep on mama:

 next morning dawned brilliant and cold, and we went out to enjoy our sparkly white yard.

Tutti got to touch snow and eat some! Will wonders never cease?!

mmmm, that's pretty good! i'll take some more please.

although i loooovvve springtime for all its warming sun and balmy eves and the way that everything turns green and blossoms, i will sure enjoy some winter wonderland when i can get it! february brings a nice mix of both.

hope you are all enjoying some beautiful days!


Teeny said…
Hey darling girl! This post is so happy and smiley! Do you guys normally get snow? We had it once a couple of years ago, only for a few days, and were in complete wonderment. It transforms the landscape right! Lucy is such a sweet looking little peach, and so are you. Love ya. xo
Tina Dawn said…
Such a wonderful experience to see the snow through those little eyes. And your eyes too! When Darrin was leaving for work Lori was getting stuck on Cedar Ravine coming home from work! I hope he didn't have any problems. Love that snowsuit, and I could feel that great snow chill while I went for a walk with you two. Love T
Milla said…
Lucy's first snow! Oh man I can't wait for more snow in my life. It's such a magical thing. The best is to watch how kids and animals react to it when it happens. They're just so puzzled and delighted. The other day C was saying that he was bummed it didn't snow here this year when Kettu's still a kitten. I don't know why but i thought that was really cute.
anne said…
oh wow heather! what a treat for you all! it's so pretty and your little snow bunny sure looks curious about it all. i have only been in the snow once this year and these pictures are making me long for more :D
Anonymous said…
yay snow! snow falling in places where it is a rarity is so so magical. i love how she took note of the snowflakes and that mama knew to get her out there pronto. and how adorable is that snowsuit!! also, when i saw her blue hat i was like, "that looks like a sara hat" and then i saw your hood! yay!!! aren't they the best things ever? your part of the country turns even moer amazing under a dusting of snow. snowflake kisses to you all!

p.s. i LOVED your telling of realizing that dolly and i were hanging out...and i felt our circle of friendships weave in a little tighter when she told me she knows you. this is real, magical stuff, these connections. xo
Amy Beatty said…
i just can't get over that perfect bundle that is your daughter!!!. she is too darn sweet in every way xoxo living life with your love and your baby by your side is heaven.
Celynne said…
Having been buried in snow since about November, I'm a little less enchanted by the stuff, but even I can admit it has a certain magic to it. Especially when it's fresh and falling and lays that blanket of hush on the land. I'm not surprised your wee one took to the snow like that, considering how much you enjoy it too :)

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