for the past few months we've been renting a little studio space on main street for etsy stuff and music recording. we just moved out, since joey and emily are moving out of our house we're going to make a studio here at home.

lucy always had fun down at the studio. it was especially great for me lugging her in her carseat up two flights of stairs :) she always enjoyed the ride. 

here she is on our last day there being a little fashionista in the midst of the chaos.

her white dress was homemade by a family friend when addie and i were babies. its print features characters from disney's snow white. my favorite part is the purple velvet trim.

vintage baby dresses are so short! were they meant to be blouses? in any case, she wore it with black leggings and double socks.

i forgot to mention in the last post that the little red and white dress she was wearing for valentines day was my own as a babe. my mom and sister had matching ones, here is a picture of addie and i in ours when i was probably a little older than lucy.

well i'm off to visit addie and baby utah tomorrow. she's still been up and down, so wish me luck :)
hope you all had a magical weekend!


Jessica said…
My mom brought over a pair of my pajamas from when I was a baby the other day. Seeing my daughter in them made me so happy!
anne said…
she is just too cute heather! that first pic kills me!
Teeny said…
Yum she is scrumptious! Be back to comment on your previous post later, am off to school now!
Heather said…
What a cute fashionista, sorry to hear Addie is still having a tough time will pray for her and baby!! just the cutest pictures made me smile thanks Love Heather
Tera said…
Awww Lucy looks so much like her beautiful Mommy! I noticed that my old dresses cover her tummy and that's it ,so the matching, ruffled diaper pants must show :)
Amy Beatty said…
golly o dolly!! she is the cutest little thing ever!! your blog just melts me EVERY TIME! those dresses are the best! give Ute and Adie all my love. I have been thinking of her non stop! I just know she is going to do wonderfully as soon as she feels better. just wish I could hold ute and her burdens for a bit so she could just rest and enjoy her new bebe. I love you so much!! and your little pudgy dumplin xoxo
dolly anna said…

she's so stylin' in that top one. :)

Andrea said…
She's too darn cute! Good luck to you Heather on visiting your sis!

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