Full Fall

i love this picture for so many reasons, not the least of which is the dog stationed between my legs.

sunday jorden and becky hosted their annual pumpkin carving party potluck. (look at all those links! how the years fly!) they have the perfect yard for it and it is the loveliest gathering of kids, pumpkins, snacks, and stories. their backyard was BORN for october, with vines and leaves and old stone walls and fireplaces and stairways. it feels like it's out of a charming ghost story.

lucy pretending to have a pumpkin ale :)
she loves pumpkins (buh-buhs!) and bats (eeee! eee! eeee!) and scarecrows these days.

as the evening unwinds, we head inside for a little feast and more baby wrangling.

Can't wait to see what this gathering's like next year!

if i don't see you before thursday, happy halloween everyone! i know a little someone around here is going to be off her rocker excited at all the costumes and fun. she has discovered candy corn, by the way, heaven help me.


AdieSpringB said…
Ahhh! Wish I'd been there! Looks super sweet. All y'all preggers ladies, ya gots to be NUTSO :)

But you're all in sync, so sweet, such good mamas. I can't believe I've never seen their backyard!

Love you bun!
Jenna E said…
Ooooh so much fun! Halloween, fall, beer, friends, bellies, food and babes! Lucy's little knitted cape is the greatest and boy oh boy has she ever gotten big.

Happy Halloween my friends xoxo
Rachel Weaver said…
Fall was made for traditions and babies in ponchos are pretty much the pumpkin spice icing on the cake.
Milla said…
Hey I remember that dress. Your pregnant belly has graced it more than once ;) lots of love and happy halloween!
regina said…
love that pic with jorden and the pregnant tummies :)

~their backyard *is* made for autumn~
anne said…
i remember this backyard from the years past :) it is perfect! looks like a fun evening and all you pregnant ladies are radiant :) happy halloween to you too!

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