Hey little apple blossom

Since we actually have a REAL FALL this year,  and we have a toddler, we've already been to Apple Hill three times. And have many more excursions planned...a ride along train, petting zoo, and hay maze never sounded so fun!

Lucy loves everything. So yeah, it's fun.

A visit to High Hill ranch always means an apple fritter for the grown ups.
Lucy could see fish in the pond, which makes her do her kissy face and get really excited.

Just wandering around the orchard, taking bites of rotten apples...you know.

The next time we went was for my mama's birthday September 25; we stopped for apple doughnuts at Boa Vista Orchards and Lucy got to pick out her first tiny pumpkin. It seemed fitting, given my last post, that my mother's birthday fell on a perfectly autumnal day. And that I was with her, and my daughter, whose first beginnings took place in my own mother's body, was with her, and my future daughter as well. And by the way, thank you for all your beautiful and inspiring comments about my ramblings. I felt such sisterhood, whether across the oceans or across the plains, to you wise and wondrous women. Anyway, the pumpkins...

She had just woken from a nap, the wind was in her hair, and she was trying a doughnut....lots to process.

my lady-folk.

Then an impromptu trip up the hill to get apples for my next pie. I think I'm becoming a pie baker. But I'll only do it on cool days, so I'm crossing my fingers for rain Wednesday!

When I say, "let's go bye bye," she runs to the door now.

wearing a maternity top my grandma cherie made for my mom in the 70s. the eleusinian wheel keeps turning. (and addie's famous white maternity shorts. she had a hard time letting these babes go)

it was a strange afternoon. lucy was (of course) absolutely gleeful about everything, which often makes everyone around us smile, but people were downright grumpy. one lady literally looked at me, looked down at my cheerfully toddling child, and frowned. i shrugged it off, and of course you never know what's going on in someone's world, but still. look out or i'll cast a spell on you!
(or this happy little sprite will.)

waiting in line for blackberry pie.

this is how she does a ghost sound. she has little sounds associated with all the typical halloween figures: a witch has a wild cackle (my pops taught her that one and it's hilarious) a ghost makes a warbly "ooo ooo ooo" and of course the owl says "who who" but in her raspy-ish voice it's more like a low pitched OWH OWH.

Isn't October the dreamiest? Hope you've all got a place like Apple Hill to whisk you right into the cozy arms of autumn.


Milla said…
Owh owh! Lucy's toddlin' times sound hilarious! What a little love pumpkin! Apple Hill still looks like such fun and I'm really really happy you're having a real ol' fall for once, see why we all love it so? Happy pie making, Happy leaf kickin' season!
Jessica said…
We were just wishing the other day we had some apple orchards to visit...we'd have to drive across the mountains to the western slope of Colorado :) Maybe we can at least find a good corn maze!! Sounds like a beautiful October is unfolding!
Andrea said…
Wow! Fall has come early then, yes? Loving Lucy's little mohawk, what a cutie. Thank you also Heather for your kind words on my blog post. Really-- in those few days after when I sent you that "down in the dumps" email, your words were so helpful to me. It meant a lot. PS: I "friended" you on Facebook. Didn't know if you were open to that, but I'd love to keep in touch since I'm the world's worst blogger.
anne said…
Looks like good times! Lucy's voice is raspy? So is Marianne's. She sounds like she been smoking and drinking for a couple years ;) We have a local farm with a huge pumpkin patch but no apples. We usually go apple picking around this time when we go visit my sister. It's always really fun and really gets you into the new season.
dolly anna said…
i hardly recognized darin's lovely clean shaven face! it's so funny how facial hair is such an illusion of gruffness. (or at least that's how it is in my eyes.)

oh, apple hill. it really is the best. go to o'hallorans and take lucy through their apple trail and pumpkin patch. it's my favorite beautiful stop. i think us who grew up near apple hill love the place so damn much because it does mean fall.
nothing more means fall to us than visits to apple hill.
and i, being a dope, made the rookie mistake of driving up carson on a sunday!!! yikes!!!!!!!

it's fun to see "apple hill apples" at the roseville whole foods.
Amy Beatty said…
such a fresh fall post full of all my favorites!!! Luc walking all round and running to the door when its time to go bye bye just melts my heart. I miss my babes being little, there is constant joy and amazing discoverys that always made me smile and just love life. Apple hill is the greatest place and just magical for babes. Those are prob some of my favorite pages in my scrape book is when we would take jare and bell there as wee ones. I also had to do a double take for darin!!! he always looks good though. it was just startling :)I love that you have been blessed with ades shorts and nanas old top! such a sweet treat xoxo love you xoxo
Tera said…
AWWWWWWW wwhat cuties and you looking so radiant!! Love Lucy's lace socks. I had to order them for August. Okay, stink eyes for cheerful toddlers, ugh! It is hard to take. Just this past weekend August was saying hello, waving her hand, at a woman with her twin baby girls. She just looked at August, no emotion, no smile, no joy. It sort of hurt me but then her little girl waved and smiled back at August. So her daughters just made her look bad and I did think yeah, who knows what is up with her, EVEN THOUGH, I have never in my life looked at a child and not smiled. I LOVE LUCY! She is adorable and just so happy!!!
vindiebaby said…
Love those pictures :)

Catherine Vargas
Vintage Girls
Tina Dawn said…
I love the photo of you and Lucy under the apple tree. I wish I had saved my maternity tops I made in the 70s. I have a picture of one of them. I cut them all up and made patchwork pillows. That fabric is around somewhere! What a wonderful tale this was of the three visits. I could feel the crispness in the air. Your mom, you, your daughter and the one to be, all beautiful ladies, and I am happy to be allowed to share in your loving spirits. Love Tina
Nichole said…
i know i say this all the time, but it's wild because this was my life growing up! apple hill, pumpkin patches, bright warm autumns. wild.

I'm curious if you'd be interested in contributing to an open-call on my blog? My latest post is about fears and what I would do if they were going. I'd love to know your list, if you're willing to share!

Rachel Weaver said…
Holy smokes, your family is the cutest. it looks like you are enjoying fall. i'm so happy for all of you.

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