Saturday, June 30, 2012

Teeny in my Town!

next one to be blessed with teeny and her family's radiance? 
lucky ole me!!!

tina, steve, oscar and mia came to placerville and i truly feel more lucky than i could have even guessed that across all these miles we got to meet in real life.
she was exactly like i thought she would be, funny and sunny and smart and wise and thoughtful.
but on top of all that, she just has a certain radiance and magnanimity that encircles her rad little family and everyone she meets.
it was so great to be around them for a day and show them our little town. 

they got to check out zack's little art shop and each kid even picked out a print. placerville artists represent in new zealand, wahoo!

we had snacks and coffee in the shady plaza. we could have sat and chatted for days. there is so much to talk about and so little time! 

and the kids fell for darin just like they did for another certain papa
maaannny many hilarious portraits happened and i can't stand to delete a single one of them. (turns out oscar's a pretty great photographer)

just like mary wrote, of course a woman as rad as tina happens to have an equally rad man by her side. steve was so interesting to talk to, game for any adventure and just a wonderful and warm person.

we came back to our house, showed them around and hung out in our backyard for a little while. i wish i had taken close-up shots of every aspect of tina's outfit. she had a beautiful sky blue sundress from crimson and clover, a guatemalan belt, red vintage sandals, the most gorgeous handmade-by-nicole bag with leather fringe and embroidery, a delicate scarf in her hair and it had to be a milla leaf tucked at her temple! plus an array of amazing jewelry like a big button ring and some flaming hag folkwear pendants. seriously, for a hot and sweaty day in the hills, this woman's style blew me away. she was pure refreshment to look upon!

new besties: 

i seriously missed them already the minute they drove away. it was hard to say good-bye and one of the last things they said to us meant a lot to me; they told us we're gonna be great parents and that having a baby will be good for our relationship. no one ever says that! they were the best example of parents who work well together, support and respect each other, and have tons of fun doing so! 
teeny, steve, kids....thank you for coming to our town and gracing us with your presence. i hope the big dreams come true and that you'll be back, or we'll make our way over to your side of the sea one day. 

 (i look like a quack in all these pics, but just look at teeny, that delightful and magical woman. seriously.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Full Bloom

fully ripe solstice mama.

being a summer girl, through and through, i celebrated summer's beginnings for a few days in a row!
a lot of this:
(still love that view. she hangs out a lot on the right, so belly is kinda lopsided)

and then some of this:

got some flowers planted, and our little garden greenies are doing pretty well.

an overnighter to my sister's house in nevada city to take care of their cats and garden while they were away. addie left me a hand drawn map for watering the garden; it felt like a treasure map:

 her garden is prettily bewitched by butterflies, wildflowers, busy bees, and little treats sprouting up everywhere:

grabby-cat with the flowers i picked for my milla-inspired crown:

mine turned out rather slapdash, but what else would you expect from me?
i wore it all day until it wilted away into nothing. people thought i was coming from a festival or something and i got all sorts of sweet compliments.

i can't believe i'm showing this next picture but i can't resist because it was one of our main summer solstice activities: out on addie's deck overlooking gorgeous creek and forest, we made a full bloom belly cast!

back at home, next afternoon, a little more of this (beer, music, golden sunlight, cats, and my lil pool):

i wish you all the most magical summer ever!
i know it is going to be a very special one for me :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

36 weeks - tarry here with me awhile

now i understand the expression "big as a house." i AM a house, for this little baby who rolls and shrugs and shimmies and shakes inside me!

at 36 weeks i am still feeling great. i feel lucky and joyous to be able to report that.
i love love love being pregnant. my sturdy legs feel so capable carrying me around. my round face and arms don't bother me because they are signs of nice supportive weight (translate: strength and energy) to help me birth and mother this child (my friend rebecca says it is healthier and more helpful all along to gain a little extra weight rather than restricted weight gain). the muscles in my back are holding strong, i sleep well and so cozy at night with my two fans and body pillow, and i get lots done all day long. i feel like this baby inside is giving me the best productive energy in the world and i am soaking it up like my bright california sunshine.

now people look at me differently.
"you must be so hot," they say...or "wow, you're really out there." (that one came from an older gent, it was kind of awkward)
"i bet you are READY!" 
but honestly, i haven't had that desperately-ready-to-get-this-baby-out-of-me miserable kind of feeling at all.
it's a little less than a month to my due date, july 13, which i know is just a number and can be fairly arbitrary, but i feel like it is just about right.

i can't believe how the time has flown. now it is june, perhaps my favorite month of the year, and our tiny garden is growing prettily in the sun, and our clothes hang on the line, and i put up my little pool and the grass is green. last year i wrote about hildegarde of bingen's idea of the greening life....i couldn't feel more in tune with that than now.

my secret to health, happiness, and a wonderful pregnancy? 
WATER. (have i said this before? i feel like a broken record)
it is my secret to life. i have my glass jar of ice water with me at every moment. hydration, hydration, hydration! it got me through my cold, it gets me through the night, it puts a skip in my step.

today it is going to be over 100 degrees here.
i woke up darin early (i get up early every day now! early for me that is, between 7-8 a.m...) and we went on a wild goose chase seeking garage sales. no major scores but it was kinda fun and we stopped for bagels on the way home.
yesterday i organized and cleaned out back patio and got it ready for outdoor life. 
i plan on being in the backyard with my new baby all summer long. there is a hammock and a picnic table and my pool; there are shady spots for morning coffee and sunny spots for sunbathing, and i put up new twinkly lights along the patio and plan to fill the brick planter boxes with herbs.

they say couples should spend the last month doing things you love that will be more difficult to do once the baby comes. we went to the movies the other night and we've been going out on dates and out to eat.
so my question is:
mamas out there, any recommendations on things we should do now that we won't be able to do for a while? 
i know everyone says your whole life changes with a newborn, and it is soooo hard, but could you be specific? what is the hardest thing? what is the priority? what do you wish you did more? 
i want to plan as well as possible for our early days together.

again, i am sorry if this feels like a "pregnancy" blog now, lately especially. i have to remind myself to talk about normal things even with darin, to watch a documentary or discuss his latest conspiracy theory ;) 
this baby and pregnancy experience are constantly forefront in my mind. 
i am deliriously happy with it all and i send tons of love and support out to other pregnant mamas right now!

dress: free from rebecca at a clothing exchange years ago
necklace: star card tarot made by darin
flip flops: thrifted
bump: handmade by darin and i :) (haha i'm such a cheeseball!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

prettiest lil picnic you ever did see

on saturday we had a june picnic to celebrate our coming baby!
the weather was perfect, the lavender lemonade was flowing, the cupcakes were scrumptious and everyone was in a whirlwind of baby delight.

we had the baby party at Jack Russell Brewery because they have nice grassy picnic grounds, great fresh brewed beer, corn-hole toss games, plenty of room, and a brand new winery/meadery... plus they're kid friendly during the day!

here's the general scene:

 people brought the yummiest food ever, pesto potato salad, cheese platters with dried apricots, fruits, breads, homemade hummus, pasta salad, artichoke dips, melon slices, organic salsa. i had a hard time leaving the food table ;)

monique and chelsea brought an organic apple pie that just killed me.

addie planned the party for me and made the most adorable invitations.

rebecca, doniella, and carolann also showed up early to help set up.

and of course, em made the famous fresh strawberry cupcakes! people were saying they were the best cupcakes they'd ever tasted and i had to agree.

mary's husband ben of mama earth farm donated most of the flowers from his farmer's market booth that morning  :)

so many adorable guests showed up, young and old.
becca with milo, and chelsea:

ruebi and alissa came all the way from santa cruz! goddesses of the anthro department :) i LOVED having them here for the celebration.

doniella and carolann:

me and mama:

monique and bridget, always in the most delicious frocks!

here are some of our most adorable special guests: 


sylvan (playing pregnant!)




darin gets in a little practice with tiny lincoln:

my friend sara is training to be a doula. she just attended her first birth, so we all gathered around to hear the beautiful story...

and chelsea got hold of the biggest strawberry in the world:

which we fed to zill...

 later, addie led us in a couple of the classic baby shower games....she couldn't resist!
but only the cute ones....we had everyone guess my belly circumference with a piece of yarn.

most people went waaaaaayyyy over! i must look enormous :)
rebecca won with just a 1/2 inch difference from my real measurement.

even the boys got in on it... 

and addie's personal favorite...the "bubble gum baby" game. pretty cute little papooses, don't ya think?
the red one in the bottom left corner was our favorite, but it was addie's! so 2nd place went to the little rounded green bundle, which was alisa's.

meanwhile some of the girls crafted me homemade prayer flags to take to the hospital with me. after i get them all strung up, i'll show the results. they are really lovely and special to me and i think they will bring me great energy and comfort during my childbirth experience.

monique hard at work in her darling hat:

needless to say, we got a bunch of amazing gifts...both of the organic, thrifted, handmade, and just purely thoughtful variety :)

we stayed past closing time. we just had way too much fun. i felt like a blessed queen, surrounded by the joy and beauty of these amazing spirits i call my friends, who joined me from near and far.

 the boys were happy too, with rousing games of corn-hole along with plenty of beer and good company.

and this is about how i felt by the time i got home that evening:

 after all the emotions and energy of our epic dust night and then this sweet gathering, i just could not feel more incredibly lucky and happy to live in such a great little tribe, and to (so soon!) be raising up a daughter amidst these crazy, creative, kind and wondrous souls!

thanks for following along, sweet bloggy friends.