in all things give thanks

soooo much to be thankful for this year! 2012: for me, as you all know, the year of the baby!!!
that made thanksgiving extra extra sweet.

here is lucy meeting great grandma georgie who is 100 years old...soon to be 101. she loved her, must've been all those cool wrinkles ;)

nana came over to spend thanksgiving morning with us.

addie, 34 weeks pregnant, was super thankful for monkey bread this year. she'd been looking forward to it for weeks, calling me up repeatedly to make sure we had enough ingredients for two or three, hell, four pans of it! do you guys make monkey bread? it's our t-giving morning tradition. stupid good.

pops enjoying some gooey goodness. we may have a vegetarian thanksgiving but i won't claim it's "healthy."

these boys did most of the cooking, artie's specialty is veggies of all sorts and joey's specialty is breads.

see what i mean?! 34 weeks and looking GOOD.

thankful for bounty, life, green things growing, tofurkey :)

family and friends, near and far...

happiness, love and each other!

this little tot sat right on mama's lap to be up close and personal with all the goodness. she loves to watch people eat, so much it makes everyone feel guilty for eating in front of her. don't worry, she's well fed too!

what a day! lucy even had her first sip from a cup, after watching desperately as everyone drank beer and wine and coffee and water and soda all day, she just had to try it too. she had some breast milk in her cup and boy was that fun for her!

sorry this is such a quickie, but i wanted to finally share a glimpse of our thanksgiving feast which seems so long ago already as the holidays are thick upon us. now i've got a snuggly babe waiting for me to jump in bed and cuddle her so i must run. wishing you all the sweetest joys in the world. 


Hoodoo Voodoo said…
what the heck, heb!? I need to get better at stealing the camera from you so you'll actually get some pics of YOURSELF!!!

Love this blog, love that pippy girl of ours, love you.
Milla said…
Lucy with her GeegeeMa is so sweet! The Beattys are the best. I wish I could be adopted into such a clan of merrymakers! Monkeybread? Never heard of it, but if it makes Addie happy, bring it on! She looks so radiant, a beautiful round Mama. I can't wait till there's two. I'm thankful for you and your family and all your adventures.
Amy Beatty said…
Lots of love!! Luc loves that great grandma of hers. that profile is so perfect and sweet. Im with em. I caught a glance of your sleeve but never got to see you or your outfit :( the feast and day all looked so warm and fuzzy and makes me hungry. Ade is so cute. I want to see that belly in person! Love that lucy is such a quick little whip drinking out of a sippy. do you know how many parents I've seen struggle to find the "right cup" and what not because their kids can't or wont do it. Lucy is just loving life and nothing is holder her back. love that baby girl xoxo
Geny said…
Now I need to make monkey bread!! And Addie is such a beautiful pregnant lady...just like you were!! Lucy is as ever the cutest thing!! Happy Holidays!
Violet Folklore said…
So sweet Heather! Especially Lucy meeting Grandma Georgie, that brought tears to my eyes. Y'all are so blessed to have your extended family nearby (and cute boys who cook!).
Andrea said…
You've got such a wonderful group of close friends and family :) I have been so happy for your following your journey to baby Luci this year. She is so blessed to have such fantastic parents and many who love her around to watch her grow. Much love to you and yours :)
Jenna E said…
Such beautiful snapshots of your loved ones! I have never had this monkey bread you speak of. I better look it up and give it a go. Nothing is better than fresh bread. By the looks of it, it's sugary, gooey, high caloric bread. Heavenly!!!!
Heather said…
Looks like you had a wonderful celebration!! Look how cute Lucy looks with her sippy cup I remember what a big deal that was!! It took my kids a bit to get the hang of it they would always have this super surprised look when something actually came out of it hehehe...Have a great Holiday Season with your beautiful family enjoy the winter Love Heather
Tera said…
I LOVED your Thanksgiving, thank you for having us over in a cyber sort of way, so to speak, through your photos. AWESOME!!!! Lucy is so adorable xoxo
I've never heard of monkey bread, but these photos are absolutely adorable! You have such a precious family -- love all the different generations coming together!
Nichole said…
looks lovely and joyous! can't wait to see your winter holidays as well!
mo marie said…
I love the picture with Lucy and your grandma! What a special memory to cherish. Addie looks so cute in all the pics and how exciting another baby is coming into the family.

Happy holidays Heather~
love mo
Andrea said…
I had to post again because I thought of you yesterday Heather. D. and I had to go to the mall while we were waiting for our car to get an oil change. In the food court bathrooms I noticed this really adorable nursing room that they had made in the women's restroom. It was really something! It was 3x as big as my own bathroom and it had big comfy chairs and animal characters all around. I thought of you! Had to share!

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