A Holiday Stroll through the Mall

December is flying by! I thought life was fast before having a baby, geez. My head is spinning. 
And all I want to do is scoop up this sweetness into my arms and breathe her in and just love love love her.
Meanwhile we are staying quite busy with all manner of holiday fun. 
Last week we went to the mall, yes, the mall. I go about once every year or two, at Christmastime of course.

 We rode down with Nana and Lucy got to hold her Christmas bracelet in the car, such a treat:

Side note: by the way, Sadie and Anne, I have now mastered "ninja nursing" and thanks for the tip.

Met up with Addie and Art there...look how cute she is!!! Can't believe her little guy is almost here, four more weeks. They were our galleria guides.

I wanted to thoughtfully compose a post about consumerism and shopping and the holidays, but instead I am just writing about a trip to the mall. Haha, the irony! I even found a skirt for $2.99 at Charlotte Russe. Gross huh. Just don't  stop to wonder how and why it's so cheap....ugh.

Lucy liked looking around at everything. Another thing fun about the mall, which I have not encountered yet, is how baby-friendly it is! I'm not kidding. They have a huge family "lounge" with comfy changing area for babies with sinks and soap nearby, huge bathrooms you can bring your stroller in, and comfy couches with a kids'movie playing on a flat screen tv. I am used to trying to nurse on a bench outside a grocery store and changing a baby on the seat of my car, so this was quite inviting. 

I realize I sound like a real hick. I am a bit ambivalent about shopping malls, they've almost come full circle for me...from fun (early 90s) to abhorrent (mid 2000s) to kind of sweetly nostalgic in 2012. They remind me of a time when a pair of earrings from Claire's made my heart pitter patter. Although I am more critical now toward rampant consumerism, I can't help but hold a soft spot in my heart for Cinnabon and the crazy loot at Hot Topic and the joy of recharging in the food court. It almost feels retro to me now.

Don't worry, I still unabashedly look like a country bumpkin.

Addie's happy cause of the real reason we are here.....

See's Candy!!! 

Another classic that makes our hearts pitter patter.

That pretty much sums up our mall visit. It is kind of an exotic place to me and I get overwhelmed and have no idea where to start as far as actually shopping. Throw me in a thrift store anyday. Too bad we couldn't afford $40 portrait sessions with Santa Claus! We posed in front of the giant tree instead.... 

What about you? Do you shop online, shop local, go to the mall, make all your gifts, or abstain from the frenzy in general? Whatever the case happy gifting, making, baking and decking the halls to you all!


Heidi Ann said…
I love going to the mall, and nowadays I seldom make it more than once a year. It truly does become a very special treat that way. I have my favorite stores, but I am much pickier - not to mention more frugal - than I used to be! I will look at things and think "I would never pay that." - because I am too accustomed to the fabulous deals I find at thrift shops!
I really enjoyed seeing your pictures. And I got a kick out of the See's Candies part! I am a HUGE See's fan - it simply wouldn't be Christmas without it! You always look so beautiful, Heather. And don't even get me started on adorable, sweet, Lucy.......
Andrea said…
Heather, just when I thought you couldn't get any braver, you go and take a baby to the mall! At Christmas! Hahaha! I share your musings on malls... and my middle school heart kind of swooned when you said Claire's. you forgot the browsing in Spencer's and the ogling at boys:)
Amy Beatty said…
Lucy is such a dream boat. I adore the one of you and her and she is in the stroller looking over. everyone is looooking reaallly good. arty seems so fit and ade is just a beauty queen. I can't wait to hang with you all. we took the kids to the mall like a week ago and it was a wee bit crazy but it just fits with christmas and it made us all very happy. we also never go. xo
Jenna E said…
We go to the mall twice a year. A huge shopping splurge for my little family ( a couple of shirts, pants and usually a dress for me. And then at Christmas time. We have to go to the mall in a couple of days and the thought of the crowds is giving me anxiety
Tina Dawn said…
My good friend Karen wants to go to Sunrise Mall (I haven't been there in so long I can't remember when) on Friday because they have a See's candy store. I have been trying to decide whether to go, and your blog just decided for me, I will go with her and enjoy the heck out of it, hick or not. I am just loving reading about your family and baby. Merry Christmas! Love Tina
Tera said…
You both look lovely! Okay, $40 for a photo? lad we took advantage of every Santa pic we found, both were free. Now, where did you get that pram, vintage stroller? LOVE IT! You must tell me.....Thought of you when I was successful at finding August her Christmas dress thrifting. It was exactly what I had in mind too, a real 70's or 80's Christmas dress with smocking and plaid! I even found one in size 18 months for next year, it is corduroy!!! Oh boy!!!! Oh an I am going to post a Christmas post and I want you to note the photo with Santa and see if you spot something familiar! Marry Christmas, Firsts Christmas Lucy, such a doll!!!!!!

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