Baby Outfit of the Day - Rainy Day Digs

her outfits are pretty much always cuter than mine these days. so if you will indulge me, i might occasionally post "baby outfits of the day"aka BOOTD. 

this outfit brought a little brightness and cheer to a very gray and blustery day.

it was the perfect comfy outfit for some of the activities lucy likes best: reading, practicing scooting,  napping, grocery shopping, and hanging with friends.

(luce loves bearded men. and cats, naturally.)

stay cozy and happy friends!

outfit deets:
red and white striped hat: hand me down from juniper daughter of jocelyn
red vintage granny sweater: thrifted by mama
seattle tee: thrifted by emmy
black leggings: osh kosh b'gosh
colorful keds: hand me down from juniper


Amy Beatty said…
Oh YES!!! I love that girl!! She is so darn rootin tootin cute! I would love to have a matching outfit and lay and round around with her and books all day. She has got the life! And I LOVE Love loved your last post too. You REALLY never could post too many photos of her. I love how her checks hang when she is up-side down. That darn little body is all too loveable. You and darin just brighten soul seeing you guys just being amazing parents. best job out there, now if we all could do it as well as you guys...
what a fun trip and pretty pictures and I love lucy in her little beanie.
dolly anna said…
bring on the baby outfit posts....i figure she's got to have some pretty unique and adorable outfits, like her momma.

she looks so happy and fun!
what a special little pair you are!

anne said…
the t shirt is almost as cute as lucy!

Missa said…
Aw, Lucy's face always makes me think of a big round bright full moon. This is the cutest rainy day baby outfit ever and that tee is soooo adorable, what a find! Yay for BOOTD, keep em comin'!

That pic of her "reading" the book cracks me up with her little sideways glance, great shot :D
Kelsie Moore said…
The most beauuuuutiful baby :)

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