winter brights and vintage toys

happy new year!
today's post is brought to you by the brightness and cheer we felt at the start of the year...and not so much the next day when we were hit with this flu bug going around that pretty much knocked lucy and i flat.
we're back at it today though, and just in time, because it looks like we're driving cross the canyon to help deliver a new baby cousin for lucy! more on that to come, of course.

for now, here is a little bootd for you. the second day of this charming new year, lucy wore these bright turquoise overalls with a big pink rose, totally 80s, totally awesome, and totally thrifted for like $1.

cozy outfit for all her favorites, playing with em:

trying some apples:

and playing with toys.

my sister in law amy did a good thing for christmas. she neatly packaged up some of the coolest toys that her kids used when they were littler to pass on to addie and i now that we are finally having our own babes.
the toys originally came from us or my mom, either gifts to the kids (nice wooden puzzles, books) or hand-me-downs that are now vintage. 
like these little cabbage patch dolls: some came from my great grandma nelle, who collected dolls, and some came from my own childhood. tutti loves them!

this little cabbage patch baby in a crib was my own as a girl. babies were my favorite toys.

and now i've got the real deal!

for a nice long afternoon walk, i wore some brights of my own.

batwing sleeves don't really work with a moby wrap...oh well.

a long walk in the wrap in a good way to get the toot to finally take a nap. she is a very busy girl this new year.

friends, i hope one day to be able to sit and thoughtfully compose a post of my dreams and plans, thoughts and ideas. for now, it's clothes and photos of my baby.
i've got bags to pack and a laboring sister to attend to!
much love, peace and adventure to you all!


Anonymous said…
i have been cherishing all of your posts lately, but i've been finding it hard to comment. i get so filled with emotion and my baby goggles get put on and all that wants to come out is a bunch of cooing. but i know you understand, and will appreciate any comment, even a lot of ohmygoshgoooolookatherooohmamasosweetguhhh.

i love her overalls with the flower! although i'm stumped how you're able to go thrifting with a babe. and i am such a huge fan of reusing vintage toys. fern has all of mine, which my dear mom saved, and we buy em whenever we find em. sometimes i fret that fern will be annoyed that we made her retro and weird to all her friends. hopefully all her friends will have vintage lovers for parents too.

i've been thinking of you a lot, a package is starting to come together for you, and maybe i'll send along an email soon...just loving you, mostly. :) xoxo
Anonymous said…
also, baby spittle FTW
jenny said…
Oh my cuteness. She looks so happy and cozy. My mom saved several of our things that have now been passed through 4 boys (!!) GI joes were a big fave. We dragged them out the other day at her house and we were all playing with them :) And Transformers. My sister used to have the Cabbage Patch Kids. Her favorites were her Strawberry Shortcake figures and Rainbow Brite. Man, I can still remember the smell of the Strawberry Shortcake figures! I love to see Lucy in all her girly glory. We have only boys here. Even the babe. Speaking of the little miss, what are her favorite colors? I have a little package coming for the wee lass :)
jenny said…
Just re-read my comment. Sheesh, it comes off a little ADD!
Amy Beatty said…
your legs look so stinking cute in those purple tights!! Looking good momma! Little toots fills out her outfit so perfectly. What a snuggle bug. And I love the colors. Most exciting thing is ADE though. I'm dying with too much crazy joy jumping through my veins. sending happy calm soothing thoughts!! love you girls xoxo
Teeny said…
Cabbage Patch Kid minis! I remember those! I'm sorry you got the flu, that really stinks, and Lucy got it too! Well, you both look so adorable, purple tights, stripey blouse and floral skirt = gorgeous you. I like Lucy's little knitted bib too. Pass on my love and care to Adie although she may not know who i am! Much love to all of you xo
Trish said…
Hand-me-downs and vintage... they are the best. Your daughter looks so gorgeous in that outfit!
A laboring sister, now that is wonderful. Wishing her a quick and easy labour surrounded by love.
Heather said…
Well don't you both just look so cute!! Makes me want to sew up a bright colored dress or skirt maybe this weekend. It helps make the winter feel less drab to dress so cheerful ...those toys are so cute I love the cabbage patch! My mother saved all my brothers legos and gave them to my children. We still have them and even though my kids are older they still play with them!! How exciting another new baby in the family !! safe travels ~Love Heather
anne said…
you both are adorable! and toot is just about the cutest nickname ever!
Jody said…
I have about 5 of those cabbage patch dolls too from my childhood, and my 16 month old loves them! My family has also held onto to many toys and clothes from past generations. It's so fun to pass it down to our children now. Many blessings to your sister and her babe.
Tera said…
Thrifting is grossly lacking in my life for lack of thrift stores! I noticed your baby Cabbage Patch sitting in a Fisher Price Little People play pen :) Yay to vintage toys in the hands of new babies!!!!!!! I played with baby dolls until I was 13, pushed it to 14 because they came up with Baby Soft Sounds and I so wanted that doll :) But actual playing stopped at 13, Barbies until 15. Yep, love my own lil babydoll xo
Mrs. Habit said…
she is getting so big, and those cheeks so healthy and sweet. I love the age she's at now. just keeps getting better & better :)
Saeed Zia said…
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1950s Toys said…
Some Toys From The Past still are very much as popular today as they were back in the 1950s for example. The quality of toys back then was second to none and I don`t think they make toys as good today.
I had one of those little cabbage patch toys when I was younger. I thought it was great and always wished for a whole bunch more. That's quite the treasure box full of them you have :)

Loving the outfit too. The pattern of the skirt is beautiful, love the color of your cardigan, and those look like great boots!
Jenny you are not going to believe this but I JUST discovered the "reply" option for comments! Not sure if you still need the info but all colors are her favorites! :) she us a rainbow of a girl! Particularly turquoise, reds, yellows, pinks, violet, and orange. Circus gal. Anyway I love your comment and it immediately invokes that strawberry shortcake smell, oh yes, classic! Also I loved rainbow brite and I'm thinking costume for Lucy this Halloween?! Do you remember Herself the Elf? Another favorite of mine. My brothers loved GI joes, transformers, and Battle Beasts. And He-man! So fun to remember all those 80s toys. Hope you and the boys are all well and blooming this early spring!
So cool when our parents and grandparents hold onto old treasures all these years! Thank you for the sweet wishes.

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