Music Saves

dancin in 2013...

Best idea of the new year? 
A mixtape swap, yes, a good old fashioned exchange of great tunes.
Anne at A Cup Full of Sunshine is hosting this exchange and partners will be chosen on Monday.

as my loving husband used to tell me back in our angsty mid-20s...MUSIC SAVES. Introducing new songs or combinations of songs to each other is a beautiful way to open up our hearts. 

It would be so fun if a lot of people participated. Maybe we could jointly share our playlists later and open up whole new worlds of music to each other...
Go HERE and comment!


dolly anna said…
Heather, I'm going to do just that.
Seriously, today I was thinking that I was going to burn a new sweet cd for ty.

Hope peeps wanna hear 'they might be giants.' ;-)

you're looking good!

anne said…
hey! thank you so much for the shout out! i think it's gonna be really fun :D i totally think we should share our playlists too because i really want to hear what everyone put on theirs. and yes, i second saves!
Milla said…
Love, I'm so behind in my blogs that I had somehow missed this. Thanks for the heads up. Love you.

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