Monday, May 28, 2012

33 weeks and feelin good

this was the day of my doctor appt last week...a couple days shy of 33 weeks pregnant.
wish i was still feeling so great! 
now i've come down with a nasty cold. 
after all my bragging about pregnancy boosting my immune system ; ) 
any tips from you other mamas or pregnant gals? did you get sick when you were pregnant? what kinds of natural remedies helped? at this point my main efforts are rest and hydration.

my baby is so big now! i love thinking of this belly not as a belly, but a baby. our baby!
she is probably close to 4 pounds or more, and gaining almost a pound a week at this point.
her heart sounded great and strong and i can still feel her moving a LOT. some people say it starts to slow down at this point but my little roly poly seems more and more interested in making herself known to the outside world.

at the doctor's office the ladies up front were soooo sweet to me, oohing and ahhhing over my dress and "tan" (?!) and long hair. i felt so special. and even though i've already gained as much weight as i pretty much wanted to gain, i feel good still and healthy (besides this dang cold!) and the doctor was very pleased with my progress.
i can't believe how fast the weeks are flying!

spent the last week housesitting for my boss, taking care of all her pretty little plants:


and of course, most importantly, these babes.
life is pretty different taking care of a dog 24/7! luckily abbie is the sweetest dog in the world, and darin was a huge help with her walks and running around playing with her.

joey and em were out of town on their honeymoon, so i was in between two houses all week, making sure that our own loved ones also got the care they need!

these kids thought they were running their very own cathouse, having the full run of the place for a whole week! look at the mischief in this rascal's eyes!

well there are about a million fun things coming up this week and beyond, so wish me luck with this cold!
hope you are all feeling vigorous and happy and full of sunshine.

dress: 60's vintage, thrifted
hat: thrifted
sandals: bass outlet years ago
earrings: gifted and handmade by amber

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pretty baby

have you all seen the 1978 movie Pretty Baby? 
addie has been telling me about it for years and finally darin and i watched it.
i directly fell in love with the lush new orleans ambience, and you all know i fancy old brothels.
the hats, slips, corsets, bloomers, petticoats, stockings, eyelet lace and cleavage...i was dying.

the subject matter is somewhat difficult. brooke shields plays 12-year-old Violet, growing up in the brothel with her mother's (a glorious Susan Sarandon) nonchalant guidance. 
saucy young Violet is over sexualized and objectified, and the film doesn't seem overly concerned about that fact. i kind of appreciated that indifference, as if glimpsing some other world with a completely different set of values, without judgment. however the scenes are shown with such grace and beauty that you get the feeling the director Louis Malle was somehow getting off on the whole thing. i guess that's what i found a tad disturbing.

if you've seen it, did it bother you? they say it was meant to be shocking in the 1970s, but i don't really think so. it is too dreamy, moves too slowly through its thoughtful and provocative scenes. more like the filmmaker didn't find it so shocking at all, just a portrait of a (highly romanticized) bygone time. 

i was interested in the photographer who comes to stay at the brothel (even though his character totally creeped me out and disgusted me). E.J Bellocq was a real turn of the century New Orleans photographer and some of his images of the Storyville prostitutes survived.  

following are a few of his real portraits. storyville was bellocq's pet subject, the red light district of new orleans from 1897 to 1917. i love to think about these women, the real women, their lives, the moment of the photograph, the babies being born and their grief and struggles, their cats and ruffles and breasts and men, all different kinds of men, rough and kind alike.

prostitution is such a strange and complex piece of human history, a tormented crossroads between sex and commodity that leaves behind scars and stories.
i am interested in art that dares to take on such haunted histories.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mama parties

 my very first mother's day! 31 weeks pregnant and LOVING IT.
i am surrounded by amazing and inspiring mamas and love. we are so lucky to both live close to our moms, especially as we enter the parenting phase of our lives.

it was darin's mom's 60th birthday on friday so we hit the town. 

debby's birthday always falls very close to or right on mother's day, so each year we have a chance to shower her with lots of extra love and gratitude. she has always been the most incredibly loving and generous mother for darin and all three of her sons, which is no surprise if you know them. 
a man like this has got to have a good mama.

then this morning we met up with my mom for the best country breakfast at the diamond springs hotel.
of course, she comes bearing gifts...the rascal!

you ever wondered where we get our excitability?!

i wore her 1970's dress which i fill out rather snugly now :)

came home later and got comfy for some relaxing, housecleaning and errands around town. 
as big as i'm getting, i still feel cute. i can't believe it!

 another inspiring mama i got to hang out with this week, my friend rebecca, who has the most unique and genius eccentric little son. we went to sylvan's open house to support him in his role as alexander graham bell in the second grade play. yes, this is the child who is obsessed with antique telephones, quite apropos.

the kids engaged in a bit of square dancing as well. sylvan took it all very seriously.

the dads.

sylvan shows mom his self-portrait.
in which he describes his afternoon activity of being a teacher and playing school and yard duty with his dog siri.

i am soooo excited to become a mother. 
this baby inside me grows and grows as the sun shines and shines,
at night she dances. i feel like she's singing. 
i can feel her rhythms and she is our baby and she lives inside me and everything in the world is full of light.