Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ode to the Stretch Pant

Do you remember the stretchy knit pants that were rampant in the 80s and early 90s? 
Often floral, but really sporting any number of print or pattern, perhaps a little buffalo check or a geometric design, sometimes with stirrups, sometimes with pockets, sometimes skintight, sometimes a little more baggy. Moms wore them in solids with sweatshirts or tiger print. 

I had plaid ones and rose print ones and cream stirrups. And now I want them ALL BACK!

This desire is new for me. I admit, it just miiiight be related to my growing tummy and a need for extreme comfort. I'm talking nice stretchy waistband that can be pulled ABOVE the bulge comfort. None of this low waisted, hip-hugger, sliding-off-the-hips biz. Also I'm talking nice soft cotton, kind of thick, not sheer like tights.

So the other day I caved and went leggings-shopping at Target.  It was my first time in Target for probably a year, and I thought I'd be overwhelmed by an array of adorable leggings, tights, jeggings, etc. Imagine my disappointment to find they only had black and gray, and in the cropped style (I like the long ones, more like pants). Although in the little girls' section there was an array of cute printed soft little elastic-waist pants; why can't them make those for grown ups? I found some at American Apparel online but still not a lot of cute printed ones, mostly just solids. Plus, I like how the 80's ones were actually stretch pants, not just leggings. They had a little more to them. I wasn't shy to show my butt in them. 

If you search "leggings" in flickr or google you come up with some pretty interesting images. I guess there is a fetish for "vpl" or visible panty lines, among other rather grotesque images of women in leggings.
But in between, you still find the cute girly romantic ones. 
The soft jersey knit rosebud prints, the turqouise and cable knit and cream and stripe.

Meanwhile I really started appreciating legging style...all the many ways they can be worn. I love their versatility, how you can wear them under skirts or with tunics or your too-short dresses or skirts. Under shorts. As pants. Whatevs. How you can wear them with knee socks and boots on cold days, or flats or huaraches on warm days.

So anyway. I did order myself a vintage pair (early 90s I think) from this adorable shop on etsy. and i'm majorly loving them; i've already worn them twice this week. even darin has noticed. i love their nice soft 80's palette of cloudy blue and earthy peach.

darin and i went for some exercise on the bike trail (i walk, he runs). I felt bright and chipper, power walking in my blues and yellows, dorkily smiling at all the passersby.

i was proud of my braid crown. cause i seriously almost never do my hair. which is a crying shame.

(sorry for the crazy sun flairs but...gotta show the bump)

and then today. i am sick with a cold and the sky turned cloudy again.
so i may look tired and worn, but the truth is, i have almost fought that cold off and i was cozy as can be in my special leggings and this little sweatshirt material gray skirt i thrifted. it even has shorts underneath. 
i confess, this is a brigit inspired outfit. i love how she always pairs plaid or some flowy top with tight little stretchy skirts and leggings and wham, totally looks cute and put-together. it is a new look for me and i'm INTO it.
(sorry for that trash behind my foot, my yard is so ugggghhhh right now)

below, just to explain. that little bump-on-the-bump is not my belly button. although i am excitedly awaiting the distant day that it pops out like that. alas, that is only the drawstring i tucked inside.

and lastly, to truly do the leggings (and bump) justice...i give you...the most AWKWARD picture on earth!
clearly i haven't quite mastered the cute-baby-belly photo yet. i can't even believe i'm showing this here. just keeping it real folks. at least you can tell i'm not faking ;)

SO ANYHOO. anybody else with me? On the full-on 80's style stretch pants? Would you wear stirrups? My favorite outfit circa 1992 was a long pink cable knit sweater with these romantic toned floral stretch pants, just a little more baggy than leggings, in maroon, pink, and purple. I want that outfit back, I tell you.
And I will stalk etsy until I have it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

blossoming bliss

i love wednesdays. 
i have the day off and darin has to sleep during the day because he works a graveyard shift overnight tuesday night. so i usually have a quiet morning to myself, doing whatever the hell i like.
this is what i wore yesterday for a trip to the thrift stores in folsom.

i will be sixteen weeks tomorrow! i think my little belly is really blossoming. at night it even looks much bigger than this. my regular clothes still fit though, which is nice. but really that just shows that my regular clothes are built for comfort, not style! i do think that soon i'll have to pack up my fitted-waist skirts, and probably my gunnes too.

supposedly my baby can hear my voice now, and can make facial expressions and stretch out.

i was thinking yesterday about how i love my alone time. after taking these photos i packed myself a little snack and got in my car. i had my ipod on shuffle and the best songs were coming on, from cat stevens to bon iver to nina nastasia to joanna newsom. the sun was shining; i had the windows down and i was singing along and my heart was soaring. 

i thought about how soon i won't be alone much at all. at this point, the idea thrills me. having my own little baby along with my on every adventure sounds like the best thing in the world; it will be like alone time plus. i think about how much fun we're going to have and how lucky i am to have a little sidekick that i have the honor of helping to shape as a human citizen during the time we spend together. how every single moment will become more visible, more palpable and pure, because of that new life's discovery of it and new immersion in time. 

but still, it is weird to imagine that all this time i have to myself, right now, and for the past, say...15 years...purely to myself for nonsense or whimsy, will soon whisk away into the mists of the path.
it makes me glad. my bells ring. i had it all, and now i have even more. 
i think that's why i experienced such bliss yesterday, realizing things like this.

i've been in such a good mood lately that i even allowed band practice saturday night...in our living room. they usually practice in the stuffy little back room, but this way they get to spread out and can really hear themselves. they had a blast doing this while i was gone in utah, but when i came home to a slightly rumpled, rearranged living room i kiiindda put my foot down. not for long. i'm a pushover. i said as long as they didn't move the couch, go crazy.
and they sounded so good! i couldn't help but dance along like a big dweeb a little bit as i had my late night cottage cheese snack in the kitchen :)

to top off my series of happy days, i received a parcel of sweet magic blessings in the mail yesterday afternoon. herbal love, a baby book, flower essences, a valentine, and a gorgeous dress from the amazing, wise and wonderful mary of terralectualism....

look how cute she looks, pregnant in this perfect dress! i am incredibly honored to continue that circle of belly love.

mary included a note filled with inspiring words, kind and true, moving my heart to unknown places and new beauties that fit in so perfectly from my thoughts of earlier in the day. she writes: "i thought of you, how stillness will find itself in your heart, but soon, rarely outside of you. the way you swirl through life, in a swirling skirt, will include the rhythm of your babe. forever, i think." i love that so much, and she perfectly captured in words that ephemeral lovely thought i'd been tripping round. 

mmmmm, now i just drank a homemade fruit smoothie with blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. i hope i'm not spiking my blood sugar but dang, it was worth it.
hope you all are having bliss filled winter days!!!

oh, and guess what?
our new nephew was born down in los angeles to darin's brother dave and his wife ashley...isn't he adorable?
i had to steal this from fb, sorry the quality sucks. his name is jackson cruz and i think he looks an awful lot like his daddy. can't wait to have tiny cousins to hang out together!

my outfit:
hat, just thrifted  this week $1.00
vintage purple tee shirt, thrifted $2.50
turquoise sweater: thrifted during recent utah trip, $2.00 (do you like the many missing buttons?)
pink floral skirt, handmade: free, clothing exchange
gray floral leggings: thrifted $2.50
brown boots: thrifted a long time ago
triangle necklace: christmas gift from mom
moonstone earrings: made and gifted by em two years ago

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wizard King Video

here is a little video i made in celebration of darin's birthday back in november, with footage from the trip we took to joshua tree and the coast.
it's a little late :) but with all the me,me,me lately i thought i'd give my man some airtime!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"In canyon country, you pick your own path."

all together on saturday morning we left the hustle and bustle of provo and struck out with our wild adventurous hearts for the desert canyonlands of moab, utah.

couldn't resist a stop in the weird dusty little town of green river. it was fill-a-bag for $2 day at the thrift store, and we made quick work of the place.

we had a big laugh at this next picture later - - thrifting is serious business for these two!

arriving in our beloved red rock country. i am glad i just finished another Terry Tempest Williams book, An Unspoken Hunger, so i can return to it now for echoes of these places that invigorate and inspire our souls.

"Hands on the earth, I closed my eyes and remembered where the source of my power lies."

addie is especially enamored of these lands. it feels like the very heart, the center, of her body she says.
"Each of us harbors a homeland, a landscape we naturally comprehend. By understanding the dependability of place, we can anchor ourselves as trees."

bursting out of the car in some of his weird thrifted finds, my brother matt couldn't help but do a jiggity figgity dance with wild abandon. crazy coyote soul!

we hiked to Corona Arch. you have to cross these train tracks that go straight across the wide empty desert landscape. i wonder if the train still runs? i can feels old songs in those rails.

red sand, sage, yucca, saltbrush. even in january the desert is a rusty sunlit wash of color and texture.

as far as the eye can see....

when we arrived at corona arch, there was a bald eagle soaring up over it, white head shining in the late sunlight.
"In these moments, I felt innocent and wild, privy to secrets and gifts exchanged only in nature."

we had sunset at the arch all to ourselves. amy and matt did a little photo shoot for their etsy. they like to take photos in all the beautiful and varied spots they visit, to give their shop a little pizzazz. 

 "As women connected to the earth, we are nurturing and we are fierce, we are wicked and we are sublime. The full range is ours. We hold the moon in our bellies and fire in our hearts. We bleed. We give milk. We are the mothers of first words. These words grow. They are our children. They are our stories and our poems."

i have said it before and i will say it again. so many times that the words are truths that echo through each of my footprints in red dirt or mossy floor, swing out through the tips of my fingers...it is so good to hike in nature with those you love. under the sun, or clouds or the moon, through the trees or canyons or snow. laughing and glowing like every thirst is quenched.

after a good hike, you get to have whatever you want for dinner ;-)

i had the best veggie burger of my life at Eddie McStiff's.

i am NOT a food photographer, nor a foodie for that matter, and the pictures never come out looking as appetizing as real life. but let me tell you, this hit the damn spot!

next day was a cold one in Arches National Park. this handsome raven seemed to be enjoying some winter peace, and was making the most quirky talkative noises.

we hiked to sand dune arch, through a wide sandy canyon that the kids could play in like a giant sandbox.

"There is no defense against an open heart and a supple body in dialogue with wilderness. Internal strength is an absorption of the external landscape. We are informed by beauty, raw and sensual."
to be in a place like this, hours at a time, looking up, stretching your neck and your bones and your heart, cracking like ancient rocks, letting light in, you become more alive and full, full of a raw bleeding  pure love that cycles through dirt and skin, cloud and rain, fire and sweat and back again.

we had time for a little etsy shoot here too. i modeled a rad crocheted afghan-sweater for matt and amy.

the vistas in arches are so incredible. there is no real capturing with a camera, even a nice one. it is all around you, like a tornado of beauty.

we left arches in the afternoon and headed to another area in the very center of utah, a strange and magical little land called Goblin Valley.

hooray!!! it might be cloudy, but the sun hasn't set yet! the kids were free to roam and play to their hearts' content here where the strange and ancient hoodoos go marching in neighborly groups, in shapes resembling giant snails and bears and aliens.

wearing about ten layers, but some exploring and climbing brings the warmth to your cheeks. 

cool tiny tunnels and cubby holes for kids to make forts in, ambush from, or slide through.

"What most humans really desire is really something quite different from industrial gimmickry -- liberty, spontaneity, nakedness, mystery, wildness, wilderness." - Ed Abbey

as the sun set, the clouds parted a little and the land was bathed in the most heavenly rosy glow.

you go dizzy from the beauty. you get goofy. you run and dance in that light and you know you and everything around you is pure magic.

amy and i had matching coats, which we were more than happy to show off!

we ended up witnessing the most spectacular sunset you could dream of. so fresh and vibrant it stings the eyes. cold winter sun so alive and pure that every cell vibrates to its song.

i think the road trip gods were with us.
we even had the luck to arrive just barely on time to a brewery in Price, utah for dinner. on a sunday in utah it aint easy to find a good place to eat, especially in the tiny towns dotting the remote roads up through the center of the state. Pinnacle Brewery, aka Groggs, provided big fresh salads, pizza and beer and all the other goods to a hungry, happy, desert satiated family. plus, rustic old tools on the walls and a fire blazing in a stone fireplace and a cheerful server who didn't mind our tardiness, well what more could you want?

thanks for sticking with me! it was a long one i know, but those rambles always stick in my skin for a few days after and haunt me awhile. D.H Lawrence writes, "In every living thing, there is a desire for love, for the relationship of unison with the rest of things." i carry my wilderness love with me, i share it here, and i invoke it for the tiny child inside.

again, many of these photos are addie's and can be found here.