have a holly jolly christmas

all kinds of goofy celebratory festivities are going on round here....
solstice night i baked. the perfect long-winter's-night cozy activity. 

it rapidly became clear what my favorite baking ingredients are...
butter, coconut, chocolate, nuts, more butter....

it is widely known that i love aprons, so naturally i have a collection of vintage or homemade christmas aprons. they remind me of being a little kid and helping my mom bake plates of goodies for our neighbors. in fact, i use her old one all the time and it makes me feel just like mrs claus! for baking night i pulled out my Holly Hobbie christmas apron, sorry i didn't get a good picture.

while i baked away, darin made a fire and stayed busy doing this:

next day we finished up our christmas shopping on main street. i decided (following a similar holiday dressing rule as sasha) to throw on everything green in honor of winter and the evergreen.
clashing shades welcome!

i just got this wonderfully festive patchwork vest in a surprise package from brigit!
just in time, and soooo cute, thanks b!

the wrist warmers were an early christmas gift from my mom and i love them.
although it was sixty degrees out...i just like to pretend its wintry here...

down on main street, some high school kids were playing music.
the shops were jam packed. there was nowhere to park.
and the merchants were smiling.
i love holidays in a small town.

we visited zack at his shop, which is doing quite nicely through the holidays.
i think artwork is the perfect gift if you know someone's tastes.

for example, wouldn't a Zelda lover go nuts for this giant map printout from the original nintendo version? 

rebecca and sylvan were also getting decked out for some holiday shopping.

we met my dad for lunch at Old Towne Grill, home of the famous Earthburger, mmmmmm.

darin left us and my dad and i finished out the afternoon shopping. i am helping him discover the joys of shopping local :) 

success.....it's a hit! he found everything he needed, santa filled all his lists, and the elves are now busy wrapping up packages.

hope you all are having a marvelous countdown to the big day.
i am wishing you the merriest, most joyous, peaceful and magical holiday ever!


i officially need glasses, because i was like "ooh that's a cute vest!" and then i read it was the one i sent you. i've been sitting here all week denying that i need to wear glasses, but i think that seals it. ha! you look really lovely in greeen. all the different shades somehow totally work. and the red jacket is pretty nice, too. i love red jackets more than any other color jacket. glad you liked the vest! happy winter!
Teeny said…
I find it funny that we're a day ahead over here. Today is Xmas Eve...everyone is coming over to ours for the big day, for a cooked brunch. Looking forward to it. We're just debating whether to wander down to one of the churches around here to listen to the Carols. unsure. Your wintry outfit is soooooo cute! i've said before i adore that coat, but hey, also, what a sweet dress. Christmas shopping is fun isn't it. xx
Heather said…
You look super cute!! and I love aprons also they are so fun to wear!! You have made me miss my small town I am a long way from it this year....Have A Wonderful Christmas and A Happy New Year ~Love Heather
Tina Dawn said…
I love shopping on Main Street for Christmas. One year in the 80s I bought Christmas books for all our nieces and nephews at the Bookery and it was a lot of fun wrapping them and then reading them later to the little ones, one of which is now expecting her first baby, she was due on 12/20 and now maybe she might have a Christmas baby? We will see. My sister went to the Bookery yesterday in search of my copy of Dogs on Main Street calendar because I am not walking right now, so I got my special Placerville present. Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice to your and yours Heather, and may you have a wonderful 2012. Love Tina
theequinebovine said…
happy holiday sister! i miss living up there this time of year. my favorite was the xmas trees along hwy 50 and the light snow we used to get when we lived near the airport.aaah, some day . some day. xox
whit said…
Heather, you're beautiful!

PS... Butter is my best friend.
Nichole said…
Again, Placerville is looking great! It is so so so great to see the sleepy little town I grew up near is flourishing! I hope you're continuing to have a great holiday, and here's to a happy new year!
Anonymous said…
Those first pictures of you had me thinking, "She'd make the coolest, sweetest mom!"

Fun fact: I remember very clearly my parents bringing out the original Zelda on my third Easter (mostly for them, but I got to play too). All day while I was in pre-school, I obsessed over how I was going to play when I got home.

I hope you and your family have the most wonderful of holidays! Much love, Heather!
Merry Christmas!! Oh my, baked goodies are the best and you can never go wrong with a ton of butter!! Love your outfit and your big ol' infectious smile, as always! :)
Astral Boutique said…
okay, first of all, YOUR OUTFIT RULES! i am all over the green green green. second of all, yes, putting on an apron in the kitchen just sets the mood. there is no other way to properly go about kitchen witchery! too bad i can't bake like you. dang. third of all! oh my gosh, i DO love doing my Xmas shopping in downtown Grass Valley and Nevada City... aren't we lucky duckies? there is nothing like small town Xmas shopping. NOTHING! happy new year beautiful girl! xoxo Sasha
April said…
Your Christmas outfit is ADORABLE. Looks like you had fun shopping, and baking! :)
oh my goodness, i am impressed with the volume of treats you were able to produce! and i hope you had the coziest, placervilliest christmas around. xoxo
Nicky said…
You are stunning in your shades of green, and I love the small town closeness that you portrayed here :D It's why I'm still in a smallish town and go to a small church- "cause you wanna be where every knows... your name- doo doo do doo doo...." hehe
xoxo and blessings to you!
Milla said…
I got a vest-laden package from Brigit too for this christmas! Whaddya say we bring 'em together for a vest-ive party? No but seriously you look like a little elf from Christmas land. I miss you, girl.
Celynne said…
Adorable vest! Love the super-green outfit :D And I don't know what it is, but every single photo of you smiling at the camera makes me want to pounce and hug you. I'm not a fan of winter, but I looove all the baking I can get done in the cool weather. Plus how many more mouths I'm suddenly in proximity to for feeding. A single gal cannot eat a whole cake, but a bunch of friends and family together can!

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