windstorm christmas tree

it's never all that windy here, so it was very exciting on thursday to go out christmas tree hunting on the windiest day of the year!

the whole household went together: darin, me, joey and emily, in search of the perfect, slightly-charlie-brownish-but-still-nice-and-bushy-comfy sweet tree.
we headed to Sacred Paths organic farm, operated by our friend stephanie sorenson, a place of good vibes, rustic outdoor fire pits, medicine wheels, herbs in abundance and all sorts of wild growing things, and love.

ahhhhh, fresh cedar and fir trees, radiant oaks, wind blowing all the leaves and pinecones around, cool and lively, a madcap swirly day.

all the power was out from the east side of placerville on up the hill, including all the tree farms and apple hill businesses.
luckily, you only need man power to cut down a christmas tree.

we got a real cutie.


there are all kinds of goodies at sacred paths, from dried lavender bundles to the raddest outdoor kiva, to rustic wooden chairs for tots.

miss stephanie herself, such a wise and wonderful earth mama soul. 

evergreen hair decor:

we couldn't resist a stop for some fruit and goodies at Boa Vista orchard on the way home.
their stands and goodies were literally blowing away! they had no power and were only doing cash transactions. there were only a few other customers and a nice darkish feeling of comraderie as we bought our goods during the windstorm.

then back home for an afternoon of tree trimming.
i can't imagine much else cozier.

awwww how i love december!
happy holidays to all of you.


ashley said…
Uhhhh is that Fern and Woody? Too sweet!

Yes, these winds have been magnificent! I feel winter coming in fast, and I am so excited to cozy up and welcome it. Cheers to the beautiful tree you found!
Andrea said…
those kitties are too much cuteness for me to handle :) if you look quickly it sort of looks like the one is giving the other a big round bear hug! love! Looks like you all had a wonderful day and I'm jealous of the amazing Christmas centerpiece one could conjure up with those glorious persimmons and poms! They come much earlier for us here....
Teeny said…
Lady. Wind. Say no more. I swear I'm from the windiest city in the and Emily look so happy in that windswept photo of you both. I love Christmas, and Christmas tree decorating, and Christmas music, and red and green....and I could go on, but I'll bore you. Take care. x
yay! jealous. we have no christmas tree farms here.
anne said…
sounds like a perfect day! windy days are my absolute favorite!
Nichole said…
Oh my goodness, I met Stephanie at the farm I stayed at with my cousin, the stay that inspired my blog! We shared a giant meal together and I wanted to stay an extra week to go to her harvest festival! Her teas are amazing. It such, such a small world!
Cat said…
at a lovely day! i miss the christmassy feeling and the harsh winds, the christmas trees and all the decorations...i moved to israel (coming from germany) and here it is kind of warmish and as everyone is jewish you dont have any christmas feeling or decoration or anything.... going to germay on the 23.12 though, so at least we'll have christmas =)
Celynne said…
We used to go into the forest to pick a tree when I was a kid. I have memories of wandering around under moonlight, up to my knees in snow. Of course I was probably only 4 feet tall at the time but still hah. Getting a real tree, even from a farm, is sooo much more awesome than a plastic one. There's nothing like that tree smell!
Violet Folklore said…
I'm trying to tell if this is the same Stephanie Sorenson I knew growing up in Tahoe! (You know, the cool older girl who I thought was mad at me at the bowling alley in 7th grade so I told her her hair was pretty?).

Heather, what a perfect early December day. I swear your life story should be titled "How To Live in Harmony with The Seasons in the Temperate Northern Hemisphere (And Look Fantastic Doing So!)".

Your double breasted red ass pea coat is killing me.

Will I see you on the 18th!?
Missa said…
Sacred Paths sounds like the raddest Christmas tree farm ever! I wish there was a place like that here. We got lazy this year and just went to the tree lot down the street. We did find a lovely tree though, now we're just having to be very vigilant (spray bottle in hand!) to keep the kitten out. You'd think it was just a big kitty toy that we put there just for him ;)

So glad to see you all looking so adorable and festive and joyful! What Christmas fun! Also, I got to spend a couple of hours with Amber in Napa last weekend and it was like a little teaser that made me want to see all my moon sisters together again!!!
Milla said…
How is your life so amazing always, sister? Most be 'cos you yourself are amazing...Thank you for sharing this perfect December day. Happy tree month!

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