Back with a Bizarre Bang!

Spent another magical day at the Nevada City Winter Bizarre.
A perfect welcome back into blogging, and by the way, sorry for my unintended absence. Lots of wintry Christmassy goodness has indeed been happening, and this event takes precedence on my list of fun stuff I've been wanting to post.

Becky and I were back in our corner booth, flanked by outrageously stylish and cool neighbors vending things like colorful hoods and the raddest crochet pants.

I got to spend the day with the cutest fam on earth....

Surrounded by gorgeous vintage goodies....

And meeting up with all kinds of friends old and new.

We were just a hop and skip away from Amber, yippee! Always the purest delight to catch up with a kindred spirit sister.

And to see heartfelt individualism on so many levels....

I love these dear ladies. They make my spirit glow.

This year a lot of my Placerville friends set up booths of their own. 
Here are Chelsea and Jen, who were just around the corner and passing out homemade cookies along with their vintage frocks.

Zack actually closed down his own shop to come set up here for the day...

it was a family affair...

and Sylvan got to do a little shopping of his own; as a curator of interesting odds and ends he found many a bizarre ware to strike his fancy.

cmon, look at this kid. so rad.

Another sweet Placerville friend is the lovely and talented Monique, who came all the way down from Covelo, California where she has her own amazing little shop called Red Moon Arrow. You can read all about its beginnings here

She is such a crafty creative soul. She came up with the idea for her racks, shaped like teepees on the ends with the rustic wooden bars ending in arrows. Her boyfriend Gus is a builder extraordinaire and helped make her lovely idea a reality!

She also makes amazing handcrafted jewelry and accessories.

It is so fun to see your own creative friends and comrades in action with their beautiful wares!
Amber discusses the obvious benefits of the perfect red crochet dress:

Check out her festive signage:

How could you not be joyous surrounded by faces like this?!

Some of the fun in our own little corner included beer drinkin:

a wild dance party next door:

playing in Violet Folklore's sale bins:

and lots of rapid-fire crawling action, with a breakdance style turnaround that would blow your mind.

All this entertainment equals happy ladies.

not to mention trades that involve the most exquisite vintage afghan dress:

I got to take a wee break to see my own sis perform!
Coal Beautiere was lovely as usual even though she thought it went terribly. She's just dramatic ;) Or maybe I only got to witness the three best songs, all I know is, I was swept away into a world of swirly cocktails and daydreamy housewives and 60s innocence and desire. Her songs tell the most delicious stories.

After which, she hung out in our booth sipping whiskey and getting tipsy.

Warms your heart right up, you know?

Twas truly a beautiful day and this is just the tip of the iceberg my friends. There were sooooo many other amazing women, and men, and booths and handmade items and creative innovations and stories going around that I could tell. I didn't even get a photo of some of my favorite ladies, like Sasha or Suuzi or Kerry who I finally got to meet in person tho it felt like we go waayyy back! It was all around inspiring to be surrounded by such amazing sister souls in such a fun environment with good food and drinks and live music...what a day. What a perfectly festive and joyful day!


Teeny said…
Hey there girlie, looks like you've been busy doing what you do best. Making happy times! looks like way too much goodness and goodnessgraciousclothing...i wish i could be there. Doesn't your sister look absolutely majestic in that second to last photo of her. You look wonderful toots.
much love
oh wow how fantastic, I want to be there sharing your amazing time, as I was reading I could feel the atmosphere and almost hear the chatter, it looks my kind a place, you look so beautiful in the photos, really fresh and happy, it was great to read you have been having a super time, have an awesome christmas xxx
ZombieLace said…
What a fun inspiring bunch of people you got to be surrounded by! And you got to hang out with Amber!!! How did you resist buying everything in sight? So glad you are back, can't wait to see the heart warming wintery goodness I know is in store from your blog xoxo
i had all this stuff to say and then i saw your sister's coat and i went stupid dumb with envy. i love that coat so much! what a great find. when i was in highschool, my best friend and i had a black coat like that and we shared it, because neither one of us would give it up completely. i always wonder what the heck happened to that awesome coat. anyway, that looks like so much fun. i wish there was a place here like that, with all those vintage clothes for me to sift through. i'm glad your back. i missed you!
oh, and you look so cute in that outfit. could you hair be any longer and shinier?
Violet Folklore said…
And I sure did sell the shit out of that amazing red crochet dress! (It helped that the girls considering it were more than a little tipsy...)

Fun. Fun. Fun. This event is just so energized with creative and festive spirit. It's become one of the highlights of my year.

So glad Becky got Suuzi's Afghani dress! We looooove that thing.

And so bummed I missed seeing Art & Adie play.

I love seeing you Heather, whenever I can. And I get to again this Thursday, yay!!!
anne said…
how fun! those crochet pants are sooo rad!

glad you're back, i missed you!
Nicky said…
Holy Crocheted Man Pants Batman!!!! hahaha. The bizarre looks like so much fun- I've been really wanting to set up shop at a place like that, especially since I've got so many items to list in my shop that I'm not gonna get around to for a while!
You look amazing (as usual)!!!
And those tipi racks are such a smart idea- congrats to red moon!
Celynne said…
Holy crocheted pants! Those are wicked. And funnily enough I know someone who would totally wear them. I seriously need to get my butt out to your end of the world in time for one of these Bizarre's.
whit said…
So many cute things! Love it.
Missa said…
AmazingAmazingAmazing! I so want to make it to one of these one day. All you ladies look gorgeous and Kama with her white snow angel wings and fuzzy hat, I just can't get over it. So nice to see you out havin' a blast and lighting up the place with your glowing smile Heather :)
mo marie said…
Heather! Thanks for posting some pics of Red Moon Arrow! It was great to see you at the event. I wished I had been able to come check out your booth more. Next time, I will bring a helper for sure. Would make all the difference. And looks like you guys were having all the fun in that corner with that dance party action! Oliver is the cutest thing ever. You looked lovely in your cute dress as you always do. Hope to see you again soon in the new year. Love and sunshine~
it was so good to see you! my son adored his yellow hat--he's taken to calling it his "hat of destiny" and he wore it during the chillier parts of our roadtrip. i plan to post about treasures gleaned from the bizarre, and will be sure to include the generous goodies you shared with my kiddos.
hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday week!
Milla said…
I so so badly want to go back in time and be there! But then again these pics make me feel like I was. So many lovely, talented, amazing ladies. I can just feel your energy beeming out from these shots.

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