The raspin' of the tangled leaves

There are days in October that are perfect. Days when friends visit and rains come.
Sometimes they are not whole days, but moments. Pulling a chunk from a fresh, hot apple-cider doughnut. A rosy cheeked little daughter poking into the soft fresh earth with twigs. A nursery rhyme sung askew by a baby just learning to sing. Curly heads and calico. October breaks the whole dry, hot, parched world open and pours in whiskey, water, wine. Feeds us and quenches our thirst and whispers poetry on the winds. When were there ever winds before? Every storm feels new.

On Wednesday morning Amber and Milla stopped by for a visit on their way up to Tahoe. It was refreshing to sit and talk with these moonsisters of mine. In my heart, always a little warm comfortable bonfire in their presence. 

Milla brought us a pretty treat, her handmade salve that smells and feels good as it looks.

We had to wave good-bye for a long time.

It started to rain as we drove country roads and Polly fell asleep in the car. Lucy and I spent a little time visiting the chickens and picking out our favorites; kale and chard and winesap apples and Isis Candy cherry tomatoes at Five String Farm.

I set up the camera for a little self-timer shot of the two of us but the setting was on two seconds instead of ten, so this was what we got. Then a car drove up and I was too embarrassed to try again, so we'll take it.

Our crepe myrtle out front is in full color. I know from every year we've lived here to enjoy that view out the window because it will be gone in a week. 

The rain stopped, the sun came out, there was a cold bite to the air and the girls were glad to put on fluffy sweaters.

And we made homemade pizza for dinner and snacked on our harvest bounty.

And then today, Darin's day off, we took the chance on a not-too-busy weekday to head to some of our favorite Apple Hill spots. 

Apple Ridge Farm has our favorite hay maze. 

And we picked out a couple jack-o-lantern pumpkins at Rainbow Orchards just down the road.

Prettiest gnome garden next door.

Waiting for our apple-cider doughnuts, they make them to order: hot and fresh. 

Before heading home we paid visits to all the crazy scarecrows and wandered amongst the hay bales.

Lucy wore a vintage dress gifted to her when she was six months old by her auntie Addie.

Most perfect moment of all: bringing dinner to these sweet friends tonight and meeting their new little October 24 bundle. I think a Scorpio hanging in the basket of Libra's balance is a pretty much perfect combo

 I hope that Halloween weekend brings plenty of tricks and treats, magic and spooks to all of you! 


Rachel Weaver said…
That little flour cover hand perched on her thigh. My goodness.
And your opening words are full of poetry.

Happy fall.
anne said…
beautiful! those dresses the girls have on are just so sweet! your October seems like it's been a good one!

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