Trick or Treats

We met up with Addie and Art and Utah last week to go to Apple Hill together. 
See how cute they are? 

Tootie and Tata (what she calls Utah and how he refers to himself as well) ran around holding hands. It was too cute for words.

apple pie:

Climbing into "the spooky old treeeee!"

pumpkins galore:

pops and toot at the pond:

and us girls:

At the end of the afternoon it got cloudy and cold which made me shiver with joy and then Addie presented us with a little Halloween goodie bag! I wanted to share some of the loot.

Both girls love the wiggly skeleton straw!

(also, notice that no-hands action? my strong sturdy little polly!)

There's just nothing as nostalgic, spooky and charming as vintage Halloween stuff. Here's a little tin noisemaker.


I didn't know that these 1950's Rosbro plastics were worth pretty good money. I love this sweet little witch!

Addie had it all in this cute little favor bag.

I just thought it was such a fun idea, to put together little treat bags for a Halloween party or just as gifts. I loved that Addie thought to do this and we've had so much fun with our prizes. 

Addie has an ebay shop of her collectible items, mostly sheet music from the 1920s and 30s with the coolest artwork on the covers, but also some vintage Halloween stuff and other trinkets.

How about you, starting to get your spooks on?


Milla said…
That pic of you and the girls <3 I'm not big on holidays, but I do love halloween. I think this year we're even gonna carve pumpkins and I have a pretty good costume idea for myself. Can't wait to see what you guys are gonna be.
Rachel Weaver said…
You have a good sister on your hands. And some freaking adorable babies.
mary said…
aw, the vintage halloween stuff makes me so happy, what a sweet idea from addie! i love seeing tootie and tata together, how much they love each other. she will grow up to think of him as a brother, what a special bond. so happy "to spend" another apple hill year with you, how nice for you to have it cool for a change! happy spooks and hallowed eve to you. can't wait to see how the girls dress up. xoxo
Amy Beatty said…
I love ade and her awesome style!! those babes are too cute!!! looked like the perfect fall day and NO CROWDS!! amazing! xoxo

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