Little ghosties in the pumpkin patch

Darin had me dress the girls in vintage shifts the other day when we took them to the pumpkin patch, so he could capture some old-fashioned looking photographs.
I love these haunting little portraits.

Toot's a blur, but that's normal for her.

I really can't express what joy it brings me to sit in a pumpkin patch and hold in my arms my very own two babies. It's a sweet sweet life this October, no matter how high up into the 90s our temps are getting again ;)

Lucy did the hay maze too. It was more fun than I expected. There were little two-year-old sized tunnels sprinkled throughout that she could crawl through for a short cut, and pretend to get stuck like Winnie the Pooh. I wondered if she would be nervous running through the maze, coming to dead ends, not knowing which way was out, but she absolutely loved it. 

And in fact, she never wanted to leave. I had to tell her about the petting zoo to get her to leave the hay maze area.

That was the first day of October and I have about 500 more photos but I wanted to show Darin's ghostly ones separately. I love this month so much. I've made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies already, soup and pie. My yard is full of pumpkins and hay bales (more pics of that to come.) I don't even care that it's still hot; so much fun stuff is happening and I am trusting that the rains are coming in abundance to save our withering ghostly Californian souls.

How's your October so far?


Rachel Weaver said…
I know this is the most superficial possible reaction to your post, but the beauty you exclude in every single picture is almost too much to bear.
mary said…
ha ha ha, oh my gosh, polly!!! she needs a cigar in that first pic. all of these are so great. going to the punkin patch has been memorable every year, childhood really cements itself in those moments. i was just reminiscing with jeff today about a patch we took fern to when she was two. she was dressed up in what looked like a jazzercise outfit, and she did the hay maze like a boss, but then screamed the rest of the time. we're going back to that patch this year, hopefully there will be less screaming. ;) also, her kindy teacher has a farm, where the kids planted pumpkin seeds last spring, and in a couple of weeks the class takes a field trip to go harvest.

have you ever seen those vintage pics of kids in halloween costumes? how's that for vague? i'll see if i can scare them up for you. love to you and your little spooks. xoxo
Amy Beatty said…
mercy!! I love those girls. Darins photos are amazing of them. I love all the different effects he uses!! but that top one of polly had me smiling ear to ear!! miss that mug!! LOVE me some apple hill xoxo
Cel said…
Sweet photos :) I love October too, and the local farm here makes a really wicked corn field maze that even I got lost in as an adult, so much fun. My October is pretty hectic, my semester just started and I am swamped in homework and prepping to move at the end of the month, eeps!
Tera said…
I love their dresses! Polly has the cutest expressions, all her own, not at all like Lucy's. So wonderful!!!! We also have temps in the 90's but that is Texas, sigh, sigh....
Heidi Ann said…
I love all of these pictures! Having them wear the white vintage shifts was absolutely perfect! Your entire family is so gorgeous I don't think any of you could take a bad photo if you tried. I'd love to see that first picture in all black and white except for the pumpkins! That would look cool, don't you think? I love October, too - (my birthday month!) and Tina and I are taking a special little trip in a couple of weeks. I must admit that I DO mind that it is still hot, though I know better than to hope for October to be cool. My hopes have been dashed all too often. Sigh.....

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