Tuesday, January 29, 2013

sister wives

joey and emily, my brother and his wife, have lived with us for almost two years.
we love living together and have even started the search for a bigger house (kitchen) that would accommodate us better for communal living, especially if they eventually have a baby too. however, in the meantime, they've found a tiny old fashioned miner's cabin that suits them perfectly and they're moving out march 1. booo-hoooo :(

so in honor of my housemates, i figured i'd let you in on my biggest parenting secret: having a "sister wife!" we are home a lot together while our dudes work, very 1950's, so emily and i like to joke around about being housewives. 

this means my baby gets two mamas in a sense! emily is by far one of lucy's favorite people in the world. she makes her smile immediately no matter how tired or fussy lucy's been. she witnessed the first laugh, helps lucy learn to "talk," holds her while i eat, gives her special names and shows her how to dance.

if there is one thing i can't stress enough about parenting, it is the importance of having a good support system. i am really lucky to live close to both my parents who stop by regularly to hold the baby, bring me a treat, take a movie back for me, etc. especially since darin and i share a car, so oftentimes i am home without wheels.

but best of all has been sharing these first several months with joey and emily right here in our home. when i had to call for an ambulance while lucy projectile vomited at five weeks old, it was joey and emily who made the call and helped me see if she was breathing. i never get scared at night when darin works late. there's always someone to share a cup of coffee with, and a story to make me laugh. 

plus sometimes she's just so cute, it's nice to have another witness!

okay my co-mama emmy...i just can't wait to one day share these same joys with you. 
maybe by then we'll build our dream house, a two story on lots of property, with two or three bedrooms on each floor, and one huge kitchen to share. a housewife can dream, right ;)

while i look forward to having the extra space to make an etsy studio at home, i will truly miss living with them. we will see each other every day, that is one thing i know for sure!

i'm curious: would you ever consider co-habitation? does it seem surprising or crazy to you? what would be your boundaries or guidelines?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music Saves

dancin in 2013...

Best idea of the new year? 
A mixtape swap, yes, a good old fashioned exchange of great tunes.
Anne at A Cup Full of Sunshine is hosting this exchange and partners will be chosen on Monday.

as my loving husband used to tell me back in our angsty mid-20s...MUSIC SAVES. Introducing new songs or combinations of songs to each other is a beautiful way to open up our hearts. 

It would be so fun if a lot of people participated. Maybe we could jointly share our playlists later and open up whole new worlds of music to each other...
Go HERE and comment!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

in matters of cosmic import

having a baby is a climax of unimaginable proportions.
this past week has blown our world open again over here with the entrance of a brand new human.
my sister had her son, Vyvian Utah Everson Spark, on a cold snowy night at 12:41 a.m. January 10, 2013.
He was 7 lb 14 oz and 21 inches long. 
A beauty unprecedented in this world.

her labor was relatively short for a first-time mama. we arrived around 5 pm as she was getting checked into the hospital. her contractions were coming regular and strong, and by 9:30 pm the doctor thought her pushing would start soon. (ended up that it was a few more hours than that - poor girl.)

taking a quick break to nurse my own babe. she did so well with daddy and relatives in the waiting room, being entertained and eventually rocked to sleep.

massage duty:

addie had a really difficult birth. maybe because things happened so quickly, her body didn't quite have time to adjust to the incredible process it was imposing on itself. myself, having had an emergency c-section there are parts of childbirth that i never experienced, as many times as i've imagined them....transition, pushing, the crowning, the "ring of fire,"the baby's body slithering out. let me tell you, in real life, it was absolutely earth shattering to bear witness. there were moments of intense crisis, moments that i did not know how my sister could go on, moments that we worried for the baby...but in the end, this ultimate catharsis.

with his daddy, soaking up the magic of this tiny new person.

meeting uncle joey:

addie and her team. the doctor said it was the best birthing team he'd seen in years. 

i was so proud of my sister. i have never seen such raw brave energy before. 

next day, getting acquainted and learning to nurse. he latches on perfectly and is a very good little nurser. 

such a crazy transitional time in life...leaving the hospital:

and now we're at home, a whole new life begins.

next morning it was just ade and i. art had to get back to work, just for the weekend because it was the busiest weekend of the year for the wild and scenic film fest. and the rest of the family had gone home. the hospital scheduled vyv's first pediatric appointment at 9:30 a.m. the very next day. addie was too debilitated to carry her own babe so i got both these critters in their carseats out the door and safely into the car and drove us all there. it felt like quite an accomplishment, i tell you.

our first meal on the meal train was provided by zack and rebecca and sylvan who came across the canyon from placerville to meet the newest addition. they brought the yummiest homemade macaroni and cheese with braised greens, roasted carrots and brussel sprouts.

darin came back with my mom on saturday to help out with the toot while i helped with addie. sadly some complications have made her recovery extremely difficult. 

but at least this tiny guy is doing just fine! 

nana made the next night's dinner. it is amazing how everyone comes together to help out so tremendously during these great transitional times.

did you know it hurts to laugh after you have a baby? cruel trick of fate. i'm sure she'll be back to laughing as much as possible any day now.

meeting the new cousin. for an almost-six-month old lucy seems very interested in this new little baby. i have to be careful because she's at that age where the hands flail and grab incessantly. i really think they like each other though.

we are all smitten.

sunday was pops' birthday and he spent the day here helping out with odd jobs as needed. although it might not have been the most traditional way of celebrating, i'm sure he'll never forget this year!

i'm still here at addie's house with lucy trying to help out and be supportive as much as possible. her recovery is making it hard for her to be up and about caring for her newborn to the fullest. i can't believe her vaginal birth led to a recovery so much more difficult than mine. i feel more and more content with my own unexpected method of childbirth after this experience. i'm sure every woman's experience is difficult in its own way, especially with the first, and there are so many varied complications that can arise. i am just so grateful that we sisters have each other and that there is enough love to go to the sky and back for this beautiful new soul.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

winter brights and vintage toys

happy new year!
today's post is brought to you by the brightness and cheer we felt at the start of the year...and not so much the next day when we were hit with this flu bug going around that pretty much knocked lucy and i flat.
we're back at it today though, and just in time, because it looks like we're driving cross the canyon to help deliver a new baby cousin for lucy! more on that to come, of course.

for now, here is a little bootd for you. the second day of this charming new year, lucy wore these bright turquoise overalls with a big pink rose, totally 80s, totally awesome, and totally thrifted for like $1.

cozy outfit for all her favorites, playing with em:

trying some apples:

and playing with toys.

my sister in law amy did a good thing for christmas. she neatly packaged up some of the coolest toys that her kids used when they were littler to pass on to addie and i now that we are finally having our own babes.
the toys originally came from us or my mom, either gifts to the kids (nice wooden puzzles, books) or hand-me-downs that are now vintage. 
like these little cabbage patch dolls: some came from my great grandma nelle, who collected dolls, and some came from my own childhood. tutti loves them!

this little cabbage patch baby in a crib was my own as a girl. babies were my favorite toys.

and now i've got the real deal!

for a nice long afternoon walk, i wore some brights of my own.

batwing sleeves don't really work with a moby wrap...oh well.

a long walk in the wrap in a good way to get the toot to finally take a nap. she is a very busy girl this new year.

friends, i hope one day to be able to sit and thoughtfully compose a post of my dreams and plans, thoughts and ideas. for now, it's clothes and photos of my baby.
i've got bags to pack and a laboring sister to attend to!
much love, peace and adventure to you all!