an announcement:
emily and i have joined forces in a brand new vintage shop on Etsy! 
we are now Cat House Vintage and our little trove is bursting over with treasures.
both being large with child, we have a model named jenna who is a doll, and hopefully we'll get some cassie in here real soon too. 

we have done two cemetery photo shoots so far in a bustling attempt to post some fall and wintry items, as well as some just plain old crazy fun stuff.

our lovely jenna is a natural redhead. she also happens to be an incredible photographer and creative fashionista; check out her beautiful blog

some pretties:

some cozies:

setting up amongst the gold miners' headstones.

our assistants:

 and of course i couldn't do it without one fine nana!

woooo hooooo!!! we are so excited for our little joint endeavor, and we sure hope you'll like all our new stuff. check it out in the shop, with new updates daily!


Rachel Weaver said…
I'm so excited for you Heather. The shop is wonderful. The sweater/ coat might be making its way to a Christmas wish list.
aha! i noticed cat house when i went to link to your etsy shop for your guest post...hellooooo, what's this? it's perfect. and putting the two of you together, now you are unstoppable eh? the road is so much more fun (and business so much easier) with a companion. congrats and can't wait to oggle your treasures.
Sadie Rose said…
nice! i saw that you had changed the name. what a cute crew of ladies. XO
ryann said…
i so love your new shop!! i check it every day and am seriously saving up for that poncho you just posted!

love both you cat house ladies!!
Teeny said…
oh yeah! I've been checking back in on your shop regularly; some great pretties in there Heather and Em! xo
Milla said…
Oh yeah! I love a good sisterly collaboration. Hot house ;)
Amy Beatty said…
I have been loving it!! expect for one thing. when you favorite something I have no idea of who favorited it!! NOt really a big deal but is since you are both having babies. one or both of you have favorited some real cute baby things that would make perfect gifts. And I know your husbands would be very little help if i asked them and I cant really ask one of you. Other than that it looks amazing and rocks!! between you two - thats magic!!! love you all xoxo ps you might both end up with those baby fox leggings!! :)
Jenna E said…
AHHHH congrats on your new venture. I found many treasures that I need to put on my Christmas wishlist. Jenna is an absolute stunner and makes everything look so good!
Jenna Opsahl said…
Oh my goodness I hadn't seen this post! Oh this lovely. I am so excited to be working with you guys. I promise to get better soon so we can do more shoots!

Loooove, Jenna

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