All Hallow's Festivities

i thought i might just let it pass without posting anymore halloweeny stuff, but i couldn't do it. it was too sweet a day, it's too fleeting a month, and making new traditions with this spunky enthralled girl is just too much fun. posting it here is like singing it out: it was fun! some days are hard, but this day was perfect :)

first off, and most importantly, darin had the whole day off. it's kinda rare to have a whole family day together nowadays, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. from a late big breakfast to some "Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" in jammies in the morning.

later we went on a drive (tootie napped) to buy the sweetest best mandarin oranges from fausel ranch and then i showed darin five strings farm that i mentioned last time. he immediately fell in love with this huge old oak. we bought a whole bag of those incredible winesap apples and a lovely fat bundle of kale. 

later we walked downtown with our little monkey for the annual halloween festival. lucy calls out "more more" (moo-a, moo-a) and does her little hand-sign to things like a swirl of falling leaves, to daddy's games, to costumes, and of course to candy. she just can't get enough, it all thrills her. she got her first tootsie roll pop, saw lots of friends, and by the walk home she was even attempting to say "trick or treat."

that night we had a few friends over, greeted a few old-fashioned trick-or-treaters who will brave the walk around our hilly neighborhood, had veggie chili, homemade cheddar garlic bread, and watched some david lynch to keep it nice and creepy after the kids went to bed.

i will leave you with this pretty hallowed vision. emily at 25 weeks.

hope you all kept your spooks and shadows and spirits lively!


Rachel Weaver said…
It's the best season to be a mom, or maybe any sort of living thing, but there's something about motherhood and fall that feels extra perfect.
Milla said…
Dude girl! I love your stroller, just the other day I was pushing one of those all-terrain-ugly new ones and was like "does anyone in the New World even have a cool old stroller or a pram". I mean I know they're not practical but practical schmactical! I love your portraits by the oak too. Family of three (plus cats) soon to be four (plus cats)! Happy Bday to Darin!
Amy Beatty said…
i love it all!! such a magical time for little babes. To see that glow in their eyes. Its all so darn exciting and im soooo glad you posted about it. What a treat! a tootsie pop. Love you guys!! you look so amazing btw! xoxo
Teeny said…
I LOVE your pregnancy outfit, big long red floral skirt belted up high over that pretty cotton blouse! Pyjama days are Mia's favourite. We don't get them often enough. xo
dolly anna said…
oh, yes, that part of pleasant valley fits it's name very very well, especially this time of year. :)

your outfit is glorious. you look so alive and vibrant, you're like a forever vibrating and swirling galaxy of life.

laura ingalls wilder says it best, "oh, these happy, golden years."
What a Happy Halloween we had this year! It was such a beautiful Fall day and I love how you memorialized it!! Our little Toot brings us such joy. Thank you darlin girl, and as you used to say when you were a teeny one "Happy Hallowink!" ;)
Tera said…
Why does it seem like this pregnancy has gone by so fast? From my pov that is :) I think when they happen within the year they seem faster than when split between two. Maybe :) Happy photos!
red moon arrow said…
heather, you are just gorgeous darling! Loved that sweet colorful belt you had on. Little Lucy is cute as can be. I can't believe how big she is getting. I especially loved the photo of her and Darin on the couch. So sweet! I love being able to keep up with the Placerville life I so long and miss. Hope to see you when I come for a visit this holiday season. Happy pregnancy! love mo
red moon arrow said…
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Lauren Knight said…
Heather! I haven't checked in on your blog in a while and was smiling ear to ear looking through your pictures. You look just radiant, mama! Cultivating quite a beautiful family, you two!
Happy Autumn!
I love reading your blog, it makes me want to go on more outings around the area and your maternity wear can't be beat, super cute! I have a 28 month old daughter and yes, most days are great, but some are very hard. It has helped me become a more understanding person. We just moved to the Placerville area from the Santa Cruz mountains and looking for a good mother's group to join. My daughter really needs some friends to play with besides my husband & I. Do you know of any play groups I can look into?
We also went to the Halloween trick-or-treat extravaganza in downtown and enjoyed ourselves. There were a lot more people than we expected, but everyone was plesant. Now that my little is 2, she is much more excited and curious about what she sees and her surroundings. I'm excited to see the enchantment she already has for the Chritmas Season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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