early mornings with the toot

mornings are so sweet. lucy wakes up in best mood and smothers us with kisses and head bumps. she even wants to topè bobey the cat. sure this ranges from 6:30 to 9:00 a.m, we never quite know what to expect, but we can always expect that cheery mood. usually darin gets her up and lets me rest a little more but some mornings he goes to work early so i accompany her on our morning activities. the other day i was brewing coffee and doing some dishes in the kitchen and it got awfully quiet in the living room. i came out to find her quietly playing with her new favorite toy, a babydoll that was mine as a child, with clothes homemade by my momma.

my girl does not like to play alone for very long so this was surprising and heartwarming for a momma. she likes to pull the baby's bonnet and dress off and hand them to me with a flourish so that i'll put them right back on. she likes to kiss her baby and move the arms and legs back and forth. she seems to marvel at the little toes and stare into the funny plastic baby face. i wondered if she would be a babydoll kind of girl, it looks like she might be.

8:30 a.m. the sun is still gentle, the light pouring in, the coffee brewing, the whole bright day awaits us.


Anonymous said…
oh my goodness, that second pic, taken from your perspective from the kitchen, is seriously melty. i remember those moments with fern...watching the personality and independence emerge...and it's nothing short of amazing. that's it, right there...the meaning of life. she's growing into such a wonderful kid. i can't wait to see what happens next. xo
aw, the light on her face only serves to illuminate her joy.
she's becoming..
Heather said…
so beautiful ...I love the individual rhythm of a family. Sounds like a wonderful morning ~Love Heather
Sadie Rose said…
what a beautiful child you have created. xo
dolly anna said…

that's too cute, seeing the sunshine on her face, feeling the coziness as you watch her. i love watching linky light up when we put tiny beanies and shoes on his bear...he has us put them back on over and over again too!

i think she'll be walking soon!

i love her little ruffled romper. i'm glad you could just capture share -one- moment like this. :)

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