away we go!

lucy is learning to walk! she is a careful little thing, but finds that the fun of practicing standing up and stepping outweighs her innate sense of caution. she likes to take one step, maybe one and a half, then fall gleefully into mama's arms. she thinks this is hilarious.

in other news, we are going on a trip! we leave early tomorrow morning for WYOMING. the whole beatty clan will be road tripping and camping throughout Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park for ten days. we will be cavorting with bison this time next week. wish us luck travelling with our little wolf cub. awwwoooooohhh! we'll howl at the moon and stars to you all, good night!


Amy Beatty said…
bell and I are loving this sweetie! she is so fun!!! love the chub right above her knee when she stands. cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica said…
Yay Lucy!!! What a milestone! Have a wonderful time in Wyoming...I just love the open plains :)
Teeny said…
SHE IS SUCH A BUTTON! I love your house Heather, and have a good trip. Stay cool. xo
have a safe and wonderful trip, sounds awesome!
lucy is completely adorable in that last photo, like a tiny dancer :)
Jenna E said…
Wooohoooo go Lucy go! The pictures are too sweet! Have another fabulous trip, again I am pretty envious!
Maralah said…
So adorable! Watching their own little process in learning how to do these things is so fascinating. My little sister did this taking one step then sitting back down again thing, and then one day out of the blue she just took off running and ran around laughing in circles for hours. From the look on her face I couldn't tell which one of us was more surprised.
Crystal Lee said…
Oh my goodness - I love Lucy’s darling denim vest. Have fun in Wyoming! I really wanna get out that way too.
Tera said…
WOW!!!! Standing and walking transforms Lucy from baby to toddler! Bittersweet, she is the last of the 2012 babies I know to enter toddlerhood, no more babies :) Yay!!! Lucy, go, go, go!!!! I love her outfits, so stylish and adorable!!!!!! Safe travels xoxo
dolly anna said…
look at that face, just look at it!

she is full of joy and wonder, her little body taking her on her first steps!

hopefully she'll master the skill whilst away in the wilds!


i hope she's doing good on the drive! :)
it has been too long, lady! your little one is working on walking...and you have another on the way! so good to know that you and yours are thriving! and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my oft-neglected blog (it is a true compliment given you always kick such butt on documenting your travels). our trip was awesome (though food gets tough the farther out you roam from morel liberal cities/towns...i know you know). i hope the adventure you and yours are on now is as much fun and magic as you hope--and more! xo

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