Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i want to live on a farm

i'm really glad for diversity and that plenty of people want to live in cities since that keeps things balanced.
but for me, it's the country life all the way. 

darin and i live pretty close to town but eventually we know we want to move to a more rural area. i'd love to have chickens, goats, a donkey, a horse. cats galore and a barn and old rusty farm equipment.

or maybe we would like to run a pear orchard with a little pond and wild turkeys and shaggy sheep.

or we could grow and harvest organic sunflowers, or run a salsa farm like ellen meloy and grow tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

all i know is i have always had a dream of wearing long calico dresses with pinafores, a baby on one hip and kittens in my apron pockets, scattering seeds with sun on my cheeks.

my dad kind of lives on a farm. he lives on the property of my brother in law art's grandparents, if that makes any sense, and they have a bunch of animals and a huge vegetable garden and all kinds of interesting outbuildings and lively growing things and farm equipment.

last sunday pops left church early to take lucy and i to feed the donkey. she is the sweetest thing in all the world and her name is Pumpkin.
i wish you could hear her wild bellowing hee-haws come quavering as she hurries over for her treats.

maybe farms are especially enchanting in the fall when all the land is green and bright after rainfall, the nuts and seeds are falling from the trees, the wood is stacked mile high and the sun falls gently all around. you get a safe and cozy feeling of being tucked away into a perfect corner of the earth to wait out the winter in comfort and plenty.

What about you, are you a city mouse or a country mouse?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bounty from the Northernlands

here we go, the height of all fall's bounty: 
we got our bioregional swap package!

in case you aren't familiar with the delightful project i speak of, mary from terrallectualism has hosted this swap for a couple years in a row and it is mighty fun. you gather items that you feel represent your bio-region and send them away to an assigned partner who, in turn, sends you a package of goodies from his or her own land.

my partner was sweet Tracy from northern Michigan and oh, the goodies she sent!

 birchbark, acorns, a trivet of beach stones, hand-tapped maple syrup, homemade blackberry and blueberry jam...

and even crafty decorations to get my home thanksgiving ready...look how talented she is!
Tracy says she has made a bunting like this for each season for her home, such a great and festive idea. i plan to use it year after year.

have you ever seen a stone like this? it's called a Petoskey stone and it lived on Michigan's floor underwater about 350 million years ago! it was alive, ate plankton and had tentacles and was moved via glacier millions of years later to its scattered resting spot.
quite the pretty maple leaf there too, eh? straight from tracy's backyard.

and now for the handmade knitted goodies she sent Lucy!
is this pumpkin hat the most adorable thing you've ever seen? you should touch it! it's also the softest, made from wool that is grown, spun, and dyed at an organic farm near their home.

Lucy loves to wear it and her daddy loves to dress her in it. He thought it was a carrot! either way, adorable.
there's a cute story behind it too. tracy's own twin boys were born very early and missed halloween dress-up during their stay at the NICU. so a nurse knit them each a little pumpkin hat, and now Tracy carries on the tradition and knits one for fall babies :) so sweet.

also some tiny little warm toasty socks for cold November mornings.

mama got treasures too....

Tracy made this gorgeous set of earrings and necklace from beach glass from Lake Michigan; i've gotten about a thousand compliments and love telling people where they're from. Not to mention the colors seem to go with every fallish outfit i have so i've been wearing them every day :)

another note: if you have never tasted REAL maple syrup freshly hand tapped from michigan's trees, in a mason jar and not a store-bought bottle, well...i highly recommend it. darin and i had it on french toast just this morning, and the flavor is still haunting my tongue. it tastes exactly the way autumn should taste.

participating in this swap was such a fun and inspiring experience for me. it got me thinking a lot about where i live and where other families live and how we build our lives around a sense of place. and it got me interested in michigan, a place i have never been that has always been a little mysterious to me...it has two parts? it has a lot of lakes around it? it has colleges and cold, cold winters? i have heard it is insanely beautiful, and tracy's town is styled as a little alpine village. i almost feel like i've been for a homey visit to her craft-filled, kid-filled cozy life :)

Thank you so much Mary, for hosting this swap and Tracy, my gratitude knows no bounds for your incredible generosity and the spirit of home that you infused in this amazing package.

Did you participate? How'd it go? How I'd love a detailed glimpse into everyone's package, to get a whiff of all these places we call home.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

if you like babies in bonnets...

  then here's some eye candy for ya....

here's a whole slew of pictures of my babe last week on a warm fall afternoon.

nothin left to do but smile, smile, smile....

I LOVE FALL!!! i know everyone is saying this right now, but the cooler temperatures, fluttering leaves, gentle sunlight, pumpkin spice candles, caramel lattes, sweaters, warm socks, ghostly moons, leggings, apple crisps, long shadows and even a bit of rain, well all of this really puts a sparkle in my eyes and a big goofy cozy happy grin on my jack-o-lantern face. 

happy november, and happiest 35th birthday to my magician, daddy extraordinaire, my own personal spooky mulder :) love-o-my-life!