i want to live on a farm

i'm really glad for diversity and that plenty of people want to live in cities since that keeps things balanced.
but for me, it's the country life all the way. 

darin and i live pretty close to town but eventually we know we want to move to a more rural area. i'd love to have chickens, goats, a donkey, a horse. cats galore and a barn and old rusty farm equipment.

or maybe we would like to run a pear orchard with a little pond and wild turkeys and shaggy sheep.

or we could grow and harvest organic sunflowers, or run a salsa farm like ellen meloy and grow tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

all i know is i have always had a dream of wearing long calico dresses with pinafores, a baby on one hip and kittens in my apron pockets, scattering seeds with sun on my cheeks.

my dad kind of lives on a farm. he lives on the property of my brother in law art's grandparents, if that makes any sense, and they have a bunch of animals and a huge vegetable garden and all kinds of interesting outbuildings and lively growing things and farm equipment.

last sunday pops left church early to take lucy and i to feed the donkey. she is the sweetest thing in all the world and her name is Pumpkin.
i wish you could hear her wild bellowing hee-haws come quavering as she hurries over for her treats.

maybe farms are especially enchanting in the fall when all the land is green and bright after rainfall, the nuts and seeds are falling from the trees, the wood is stacked mile high and the sun falls gently all around. you get a safe and cozy feeling of being tucked away into a perfect corner of the earth to wait out the winter in comfort and plenty.

What about you, are you a city mouse or a country mouse?


lasophia said…
OH MY GOODNESS! Look how your baby girl has grown! Do you get sad when she goes up a size in diapers? I do with Sochi. We live in the San Bernardino National Forest and although its lovely, we waste a lot of money on gas getting in and out of civilization. Thats the only drawback. I'd prefer to live in Los Angeles and hope we can move soon. It's a great place to retire though. I literally live in a cabin.
Teeny said…
FAR OUT I'm a country mouse all the way. Seclusion and space and fresh air and GREEN goodness. Not that I'm un-lazy enough for farm work (i'm not, i'm terribly lazy) - but living in a small rural village attracts me. We are semi-rural, and still close enough to town, with lots of privacy and trees and yard. Your place and Placerville are pretty awesome though too huh. How cute are you in your blues mama, way cute. x
dolly anna said…
beautiful pictures, i love seeing you and lucinda....and my new friend pumpkin!

teddy calls himself a country mouse, and that linc is a city mouse because he was born in roseville. ;)

ty and i dream of milk goats, alpacas for fiber, pomegranate trees, creeks with blackberries, and a touch of manzanita. you get the idea.

mo said…
must say I'm definitely a country mouse! never thought I'd say that in my younger twenties but there is something to be said about being out on a piece of earth that is out from town. You get to really hear all the sounds of the birds and swaying of the trees. hard to hear those things in the city. I do enjoy the excitement of the city though and it's nice to get away at times to get a taste of the other world. Oh yeah and there is a pear orchard for sale here in Covelo on a pretty good size lot, maybe 20 or 30 acres. Sometime you'll have to come visit round valley. I know you and Darin would love it. and Lucy too! : )
Tera said…
I'm with you on that!!!!!! I want chickens and goats, sheep and a garden. Had chickens for awhile in the middle of a city. Lucy is looking so cute with her chubbs!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Country mouse is my middle name! I've never lived any place but the country, and I'm sure I would develop an ulcer if I had to relocate.

Donkeys sing opera 'round these parts, and sometimes my white unicorn Lakota joins in with his yodel. Y'all would love it.

kerttu said…
I'm City living country mouse. Dreaming of living at countryside:-)
Nichole said…
Farm farm! It was about this time a year ago when I had just come down from the mountain, from spending a week on a farm that changed my life.

That little dumpling of yours is growing up so cute!
Andrea said…
me too Heather! I can absolutely hear the donkey hee-hawing... ours make sooo much noise :) I must admit its a nice life for a child to grow up on a farm. My niece and nephew and are learning and growing to appreciate nature in a way that I'm not sure I did. It's a lovely process to watch. Baby Luci looks absolutely mesmerized!
Missa said…
Sunflowers and Salsa! I can totally imagine you on that farm Heather :)

I'm pretty happy where we are right now, in town with touches of farm life, you know garden/chickens and such. It's especially nice for Clover being surrounded by little friends and cousins.

We do imagine ourselves living a country life one day though. Lucas is actually kind of obsessed with cruising the internet in search of our dream property ;)

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