spirit will fly

We're going on a trip!
It will be a good way to unwind from the mayhem of October, which included:
thrifting galore,
working galore,
red wine galore.
those three things pretty much defined my month.

this was my outfit last week on a thrifting day.
i felt pretty frolicsome in my bold fall colors.

then it was time to dress up in costume for festivities of all hallow's eve.
reading about the skeleton woman in Women Who Run With the Wolves, the most provocative text gifted from milla last year, (yes i am finally reading it and LOVING it)
i was in the mood to embrace the dark side. the death side, that united with life create this eternal-return cycle that turns our universe.

i love the way that dia de los muertos celebrates the spirit world, its joyous ties to life. milla wrote about it beautifully here and i was so pleased to see yet another connection in this little bloggy corner of the world.

emboldened suchwise, i encountered these other fearsome souls:
the ghost of charlie chaplin.

a lovely caveman.

queen of the fairies:

her mama kelly and boyfriend todd, gory chicken farmers, with their very own cute little chicken in tow:

unbeknowst ghosts:

a wily sperm with his own seed :)

a nostalgic mermaid.

a pink flamingo:

al swearengen himself (ah my dream man haha)
let's just call him Darengen...

the list goes on and on. i was amazed at everyone's creativity and self-expression; what a crafty bunch of folks who appreciate the sheer exuberance of costumes. emily and i realized, getting ready, that we have already been to so many themed costume parties this year alone that we are starting to exhaust our repertoires  ;)

i worked all day on halloween and passed out candy to thousands of little (and big?) trick-or-treaters in their proud costumes. such a fun time of year, but i am breathing a bit of a sigh of relief that it's now passed....

and i am off on a peaceful journey with my love!

i'll be back on the 10th. wishing you all cozy days!

red skirt: thrifted
boots: thrifted
yellow tee shirt: thrifted, little boys' section
hat: thrifted


Suki said…
I love your Dia de la Muertos costume - it looks amazing! And I also love your swirling red skirt - you look pretty & full of energy!
Amanda said…
Enjoy yourself!
Teeny said…
happy happy. you've got it. Enjoy your trip lady. x
Missa said…
Ha! Darengen, I love it! And you my dear make an amazing skeleton bride, not to mention a damn adorable frolicsome thrifter :)

Well, you two love birds enjoy your peaceful journey, I'm so curious now, can't wait to find out more!

Oh right, someone has a birthday coming up don't they ;) Have fun!
dusanabotswana said…
What amazing face painting jobs, def tops mine up! Fun seeing all the diff costumes. Love the pumpkins below too. Looks like you had a great Halloween : )

Celynne said…
What great costumes! I wish my friends were more willing to dress up all year heh. It's just so much fun.
Milla said…
You look so beautiful and spooky m'dear! And as always, you guyses parties rock. I wish I could go straight trough the screen and pop out amongst you, fabulously costumed and surrounded by so many merry faces.

Happy journeys and safe travels wherever you venture and lots of love!
ms.composure said…
loving the pix!!!! loving the diff costumes!

Amy Beatty said…
those outfits are out of control - i'm in heaven staring at it all and taking it all in. you are AMAZING. it is so perfect. You had it down to the tiny little details. love your eyes!! lucky darin xoxo

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