the best thing about traveling with my family is that we are all a bunch of dorks, and when we are together many dorky things happen. it probably gets pretty downright obnoxious for those around us, but we do try our darndest to put the lid on it by quiet time.
here are some of our ridiculous exploits.

#1. at a gas stop on the road trip through nevada, i tried to toss darin the car keys and maybe, just maybe tossed them up on the roof instead. not just the first level over the doorway, but all the way up on the big rooftop. came outta left field. joey had to borrow a ladder and go up, then pull the ladder onto the rooftop of the entranceway and go up again another level to fetch them on the scalding metal roof. i looked on, chagrined.

#2. we seem to take a lotta pictures in front of bathrooms.

#3. when my three brothers get together, they are hilarious. they make fun of each other and do weird tricks with their bodies.

we got a kick of how freakishly ripped joey is here.

#4. as for us girls, taking a lesson from bella, we like to call everything a party. this particular campground party night we had leis, candy treats, and a ridiculous brand of fun all our own.

 #5. my pops' famous dive. no one knows what he was trying to accomplish with this amazing leap, but i am so glad i captured it on film. in our tent late that night we zoomed in and looked at darin's appalled face close up and had a laugh attack that woke everyone up.

#6. overall, we are known to wear pretty ridiculous hiking gear. addie, in particular, is infamous for her granny visor and fanny pack. she wears these without a touch of irony. usually there is a lone cold modelo inside the fanny pack, stashed away for some blissful trail moment. bella might wear sparkly ballet flats, a minnie mouse cap over side buns and a homemade princess crown, always the classy lady.

amy made fun of herself for her "mom shorts" but i thought they were really pretty darn cute.
now, emily has espoused a certain rounded bonnet cap for hiking. in it, she looks about eight years old.

#7. jarom nonchalantly walked away during the family picture. then nonchalantly returned. all caught on camera.

 #8. we take every opportunity at playground or swingset. yes, mostly the adults.

#8. we love cats obsessively. we about lost our shit when we met "snowflake," resident field-mouser of the camp at Kodachrome basin and an absolute lovey dove. we took our turns oohing and ahhing and petting and sighing blissfully.

dorksome #9. in general we romp, frolic and gallivant with gusto.

all this paints a happy, silly, funtimes picture which IT IS. but of course, another truth of it is...we are a big wild family and things get crazy sometimes. people get grumpy, greedy, needy, impatient, selfish, annoying, quarrelsome. people pout; misunderstandings sprout, people have to go off on abrupt walks, we grumble.

but when all is said and done, we are merrymakers extraordinaires and i am achingly glad to be a part of it all!
FUN and beauty and nature and love...all the best things about life!


how lovely that you all are able to travel together and stay a big crazy family. what a lovely post.
Teeny said…
Awwwwwwwwwwwww man, I'm all teary eyed here. Squeeking away at this gorgeous post. I totally zoomed in on Darins face in the dive photos to see his expression - and had a little chuckle myself. That is one craaaaazy dive by your pops... what the??. My dear, these moments truly are family, and you look to be an awesomely fun, mad with love bunch of peeps. Makes me want the sun and waterfalls and rivers and camping real bad. Can Spring come soon please? Still saving really hard to come over. thanks for sharing your adventures.xx
Amanda said…
That. Dad. Jump....

It totally made my morning. Close ups of horrified face Pleeeeeeeeease!
Celynne said…
That last photo of your dad juuuust about to splash in the water is priceless. I had to giggle too, just imagining Darin's shocked face, heh.

The idea of such extended family group activities really amazes me. I'm an only child and my parents were never ones to do group things with the rest of the gang. I hope someday I can find a gang of people to roam around with like this.
i want to go on vacation with this post and make out with it under a waterfall. that is how much i love this post, and your crazy family that i have never met. um, your brothers are all hot.
Amy Beatty said…
the brothers are HOT. one more than the others from my point of view. HEather!! I love you walking away in that gas station photo... totally cracked me up. Pops jump makes my mind crazy. standing there below like darin I totally thought he was a goner... so crazy. I thought he was going straight for that rock. I'm so very glad yo have captured all these blissful and enduring moments and are now blogging them for keeps. I need to publish these one day. I love them all sooooo much. Life is just pure amazing and grand. Love you xoxox .....i'm a little sad I missed snowflake but I'm glad I got to see em in that hat every day :)
ruby said…
wowee what a super time your having, what a great family, what and adventure and don't mind me saying but your brothers are rather tasty!!, let the fun continue and how awesome is your dad taking that leap!
Anonymous said…
I would dearly love to be a part of your family, Heather. So much crazy fun going on! And seriously, it should be illegal to be as good lookin' as you guys are. Really.
Hoodoo Voodoo said…
Love it. This makes me wish we took even MORE dorky photos!!!!!!!!!!
AdieSpringB said…
oh Heather. That pic of dad walking/landing/praying to the water right before he sinks. What in God's good name?????

I miss you badly right now. The desert sunk a hole in my heart. Too much drinking from film festival nights here in NC only leaves me feeling like poo in the mornings, instead of fresh up at 7am and making coffee under the open sky.

Ne'ertheless, what is life without laugh attacks and idiotness? Nothing. I hope the pioneers were able to do so, those poor old serious souls.
AdieSpringB said…
OH, whoops. Just hit me that they definitely weren't able to do so (laugh attacks/ the pioneers) what with the brazen and brutal stealing and ruin of land from the coolest humans ever. No wonder their hearts were so heavy.
Missa said…
Awww, the waterfall kiss! You two are right off the cover of a romance novel! Is that Calf Creek? It has to be. I love that hike to the waterfall. It's been way too long for us!

We're hoping to pack up our little trailer for a week-long Utah trip in mid-October though, so excited! Benton Hot Springs, Zion, and possibly up to Bryce and Calf Creek. Let me know what is not to be missed!
Elisheva said…
I think that you all being together is a remarkable achievement, and thats before all the amazing fun and frolicking about you have all done. What great pictures, and your Pappa's dive is quite surreal to say the least, brave pappa too!!!!! Its inspiring me to bring my family all back together again, its been a couple of years or so. Once all the children come into our lives, we have all been finding it harder to travel back together. But its precious to be with those you grew with. Ach and the romance of your last pic says it all.... beautiful.... and I didn't even mention the landscape, I will have to come back again. xx
anne said…
ok. that last pic is the best! so sweet!

there's nothing like being a dork! except having others to be dorky with :D glad you have so many in your life. beautiful scenery and photos!
Kelsie Lynn said…
I just think you and your family are the greatest.

(I replied to your comments on my comment board but realize that was sort of dumb and should have just wrote it on one of your posts but anyway)

the dive, the face, really great.
you're lovely. solovely
Milla said…
I love your family! The Beattys make me laugh, restore my faith in humanity, make me dream of being a part of a big family myself, and take life more and less seriously all at the same time. The Beatty's are amazing. Like you guys didn't know that already.

I'm all for ridiculous hiking gear and also, Kodachrome basin? Wow. That almost beats Mt. Humbug. America thou art beautiful and thy names are awesome!
Milla said…
Oh and your brothers are too cool for school. Man I wish I had me some brothers. Or sisters.
Milla said…
Oh and even your pops walks on water. Smooth.
Milla said…
Oh and Cat-a-log? Say it with me. A. Blog. About. Cats.

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