Millview Ranch

The early trips to Apple Hill always just make me long desperately for fall. It feels wrong to be sweating in a tank top at a place selling pumpkins and gourds and hot apple cider.

Millview Ranch is up the street from my sister's house. It's my favorite apple ranch to take the kids because of the big old-west style playground. By the time we leave, they are brown with dust from head to foot.

But first, the girls each had a dollar to spend on an apple doughnut.

Lots of deliberation for the big choice.

After devouring our treats, the girls hit the playground, all homemade structures that lend themselves to wild little imaginations.

Lucy is choosing most of her own outfits these days, and she has some real pizzazz.

The girls played "Little House on the Prairie." Polly likes to be baby Carrie, while Toot is always Laura. It pleases them very much to go by pretend names, and they call out exuberantly to each other. They gathered bits of leaves and twigs, and maybe some litter, to make a stew, and ran in from the "rainstorm" which evolved into a blizzard. 



Maybe our next apple doughnuts will be eaten on a cool day! And maybe that dust will even have been tamped down by rain. A girl can dream! 


likeschocolate said…
By the looks on their faces, it looks like they had a good time!

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