Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clashing Calicos

"Rare is the day, that my mood is not buoyed by pulling on a favorite sweater, or slipping my prettiest earrings through my lobes. Dressing well, comfortably, warmly, brightly and wildly, is a cheap and easy form of self-care for me and I really hope more people would embrace style as that."

I love this quote from Milla's pineapple dress post. I too think of getting dressed as a magnificently simple form of self care each day. I like to wear something that has a memory or that engages my imagination. My style hasn't changed much in about twenty years, but the (very many) pieces of clothing in my closet have! I do have a few old favorites that I've had since my teenage years, and my daughters wear a lot of dresses from my own babyhood, so it all goes round in circles.

Floral calico prints put me in mind of old fashioned days, rustic places. I feel pretty and strong at once in a good calico dress or skirt; I want to hoist babies and gather herbs and chop wood and hold up my skirts to ford a stream. This particular skirt came from Andrea several years back, and I wore it on a cold cold trip to Utah with my sister. Memories, stories, fun little daydreams carried in its pleats and pockets.

Polly doesn't care much about clothes yet, but Lucy is becoming quite assertive in her sartorial choices. She loves her Dr. Seuss shirt, was thrilled to find it at the thrift store, and would probably wear it most days if I let her. She chose to pair it with these velvety hand-me-down pants, and increasingly she eschews socks. 

I got this cut up vintage thermal shirt from my friend Rebecca years ago at a clothing exchange. She had already made wild memories in it and I decided to make more, although I can't say I've followed through sufficiently. But my girls sure thought that bit of shoulder peeking through was intriguing and suggestive. They go wild about bare skin. Lucy was especially excited and even kissed my shoulder. 

And of course a coffee cup with summer Big Sur memories never hurt any outfit or early springish morn. Oh yeah ,and I realized long after I took these pictures that my vest was buttoned inside-out. Not at all surprising. 

Well my goal for these upcoming warmer months is for my clothes to bloom into stories every day. Little adventures tucked into every buttonhole like daisies.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Little Tiny Carnival

Our sweetest babydoll cousin Scouty just turned one and she threw a bright little carnival party for everyone to come celebrate with her. 

Emily and Joey made all the decorations and homemade veggie chili. Em's mom made roasted beet hummus and festive red velvet cupcakes made with beets as well! 

Birthday girl and her mama ready to party!

It was a much needed cozy rainy day! Scout, that little magic-maker-sky-crier, brought the rain last year when she was born as well. The girl knows how to make a great impression.

Woody and Fern stayed curled up in all the best spots as long as possible.

Scouty with her grammy Liz.

Em made party favorts of  little chevron-printed bags of circus animal cookies, each tied to a helium balloon which were HUGE hits with my babes. Polly calls them "ball" and was excited to bat their wilting bodies around for days. 

Em had a suitcase full of homemade props for funny photos. The kids were so cute with them but I had the idea a day too late that we should have done an awesome straight faced old fashioned portrait of each child who came. 
Lucy is a pretty big fan of masks and funny faces.

My mom made the most delicious lavender lemonade I've been daydreaming of every since.

Guests beginning to arrive; their cozy little cabin was brimming full of sweet fun faces to celebrate this amazing little girl.

Everything about Katie's outfit was perfect: rainbow striped dress, yellow appliqued sweater, teal tights, red tennys. What could be better than an outfit full of circussy color?

Polly was really fussy and needy through a lot of the party (I could not put her down or turn away from her for one moment) so I had to take her on a walk to try to get her to nap. She didn't, but gray clouds moved back in and it started raining while we were walking up the hill (my dad had come to join us and we were watching the neighbor's finches flock and bicker and scatter) and we had to scurry home through the cold pelting raindrops, laughing all the way. She loved it and was in a much better mood the rest of the afternoon, and it's a memory I'll cherish.

Pops' birthday gift for Scouty looking dubious about the rain. She's ready for sand and babies and summer!

Scout was such a trooper during her whole party, just the picture of genial hostess. We missed her cupcake during our walk, but got to see her curious interest in her presents. And that bod! My word!

Polly loved Scout's new toy wolf and threw back her head and howled a cute little "Ooooh!" 

The bigger kids played outside a while, undeterred by wind or rain. Lucy's new fake smile reminds me of Elaine.

Finally sneaking in a cupcake, with my little pickpockets lurking close at hand.

Such a happy day, to play a little make believe, to banter with friends, eat some treats, curl up and watch the rain, and romp around a bit, and most of all to honor Joey and Emily's first year of parenthood and Scout's first wonderful year of life. She had somewhat of a rough start, plagued by colic for several weeks, a very trying time for her parents, stressed and new and so loving but so tired and anxious and overwhelmed. But ever since then she's been an absolute angel, seriously the best baby on earth, (much more easy going than my own little rascals, and people think they're good!) and our whole family could not be more blessed with her presence. Scout is a lucky little charm and she and her mama are quite the enchanting duo!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

california winter

but not to sound too gleeful about it, cause dry warm januaries are actually terrible. 
but hey, when the sun shines...enjoy it right? i would never deny that it affords us some serious outside time, so here we are...

doing backyard yoga:

Lucy is at a really fun age where she listens closely as I explain how to breathe and tries to get her arms and legs in the right position. It's so cute to see her trying and breathing, hold a pose for a few seconds and then she'll say, I'm done!

Playing at the school playground in a balmy dusk with Nana:

Polly is such a little climber. I read somewhere that not all babies have this urge. Hard to imagine; I'm sure I'd have a few less gray hairs if she were one of those.

Pretty little moonrise and it feels like early spring.

A spontaneous visit to the Folsom zoo sanctuary with Pops, Addie, Art and Utah.

Black bears, mountain lions, owls, rehabilitated eagles, red fox, coyote, hybrid wolves with mournful howls. I am pretty repulsed by zoos and wild animals in captivity but at least this one tells each animal's story, explaining why they are living here now. The deer and peacocks wander freely. There is even an exhibit of feral cats; I love that they are afforded equal standing with the more popular critters. 

I posted a little video of this dude's feather-quivering mating dance on my instagram. Follow me there if you have it, I'm moonshinejunkyard.

It's kind of a whirlwind with two year olds. They like the animals, but only for an instant. They are full of the kind of energy you wish you could bottle because you know it could somehow save the world.

Also, backyard peek-a-boo with Scout. Both our tots are walking now. Growing up together is such fun!

And playing outside the next day at Hannah's house with a bunch of friends.

Looking through these photos I think, so this is a mom's life. About three years ago, I couldn't even have fathomed this. My posts were full of pictures of me, Darin, drinking, friends. I still do want to bring back outfit posts and contemplations and poetry. At night when I have a little time to think and read, I daydream of parts of myself I'd like to share, things I want to write, films I wish I could create. I still listen to music and get teary eyed and work a bit of magic and make lists of places to go, things to see. I have a lot of growing to do. But for now, these are my days and as simple as it seems, the zoo, the friend's house, the backyard...they are sweet indeed and I am soaking in the sunshine of this time.

 I am happy mister groundhog saw his shadow though! If your days are snowy and wintry I'll admit I'm a tad jealous. But we have a rainstorm coming and I'm so ready. Happy February, and thank you for all your kind words about my dad.