california winter

but not to sound too gleeful about it, cause dry warm januaries are actually terrible. 
but hey, when the sun shines...enjoy it right? i would never deny that it affords us some serious outside time, so here we are...

doing backyard yoga:

Lucy is at a really fun age where she listens closely as I explain how to breathe and tries to get her arms and legs in the right position. It's so cute to see her trying and breathing, hold a pose for a few seconds and then she'll say, I'm done!

Playing at the school playground in a balmy dusk with Nana:

Polly is such a little climber. I read somewhere that not all babies have this urge. Hard to imagine; I'm sure I'd have a few less gray hairs if she were one of those.

Pretty little moonrise and it feels like early spring.

A spontaneous visit to the Folsom zoo sanctuary with Pops, Addie, Art and Utah.

Black bears, mountain lions, owls, rehabilitated eagles, red fox, coyote, hybrid wolves with mournful howls. I am pretty repulsed by zoos and wild animals in captivity but at least this one tells each animal's story, explaining why they are living here now. The deer and peacocks wander freely. There is even an exhibit of feral cats; I love that they are afforded equal standing with the more popular critters. 

I posted a little video of this dude's feather-quivering mating dance on my instagram. Follow me there if you have it, I'm moonshinejunkyard.

It's kind of a whirlwind with two year olds. They like the animals, but only for an instant. They are full of the kind of energy you wish you could bottle because you know it could somehow save the world.

Also, backyard peek-a-boo with Scout. Both our tots are walking now. Growing up together is such fun!

And playing outside the next day at Hannah's house with a bunch of friends.

Looking through these photos I think, so this is a mom's life. About three years ago, I couldn't even have fathomed this. My posts were full of pictures of me, Darin, drinking, friends. I still do want to bring back outfit posts and contemplations and poetry. At night when I have a little time to think and read, I daydream of parts of myself I'd like to share, things I want to write, films I wish I could create. I still listen to music and get teary eyed and work a bit of magic and make lists of places to go, things to see. I have a lot of growing to do. But for now, these are my days and as simple as it seems, the zoo, the friend's house, the backyard...they are sweet indeed and I am soaking in the sunshine of this time.

 I am happy mister groundhog saw his shadow though! If your days are snowy and wintry I'll admit I'm a tad jealous. But we have a rainstorm coming and I'm so ready. Happy February, and thank you for all your kind words about my dad.


Anonymous said…
Nice triangle pose, Lucy!
TheSteamtrunk said…
heeee! We have just had such a hot summer....and then it all but disappeared! Thinking about my babes growing from being such little squiggly bundles to these big children I have now....I am so glad I invested myself in them and spent a lot of that time moving slowly. I can tell from your writing and photos that you are enjoying those slow mama-baby days too, even though it is hard to find ourselves in motherhood sometimes. It won't be long before you will have more time again. As for children running through the zoo.....i think mine still do! x
Amy Beatty said…
aww it's all so delightful!!! love you girls!!!!and you look beautiful at the ZOO!! Polly that little dare devil flying down the slide!!!! silly girls!!!
Tera said…
Love baby yoga!!! Yep, that urge to climb, got one of those kids :)

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