The best thing happening in El Dorado County right now.

A random Wednesday. 
Jack Russell Brewery. 
School's out. Straight As. 
Baby Cousins.
Warm breeze and a few clouds.
Singing songs. 
Martin.That is, MARTY!!! 
"Tongue kissing" baby style.
Old stories and new. 

Scott said my favorite thing ever when he stated, "This is the best thing happening in El Dorado County right now."

Yes our babies like to french kiss.

That, my friends, pretty much says it all for me.
If it ever feels like drudgery I just have to remember that there will be afternoons like this.
Forever and forever,
the best things happening.


Heidi Ann said…
It looks like a wonderful time!!
Rachel Weaver said…
Hell yeah of the best thing. I imagine that wherever you and your family are, there the best thing also is.

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