Polly Turns One

My little Polly has blossomed so quickly. 
One year old! Already! 
Walking, kissing, hugging, joking around, playing with dolls, emptying the dishwasher, climbing, eating, looking at books, turning pages, and loving her family. These are a few of her favorite things.

We had a party for her today that has kept me pretty busy for a few days. Undoubtedly I'll be back with a slew of pictures from the party and a big celebration of this wonderful child I am beamingly proud to call my own. On this eve of her birth-day I remember so clearly what it felt like one year ago, what our family felt like, how peaceful and ready I was....even right now, at nine o'clock pm, entering transition, how right it all felt, how I felt her spirit inside me and felt us working together. I felt like that the entire pregnancy, like she could read my mind, our connection as strong as stars and bone. And then how quickly and beautifully we bloomed together, our little family, Darin, Lucinda, Polly and I, together forever. I am immensely grateful that she is ours and we love her to pieces. 
Here's to a glorious new year little one. May we treasure every single moment together.


Tera said…
What a doll! Happy Birthday, Polly!!!! She still looks so tiny. Now that August is 2.5, one year old is so baby-baby to me. Enjoy this lil baby!!!!!!!!! Love that first photo!

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