if you ever check this, don't forget me!

my creative juices are dry right now as i've been writing nonstop for the last six hours to finish a paper for tomorrow. three more to go and then i've got a summer to myself! in the meantime, i am definitely planning to write more stories and more creative stuff here in this blogspot but for now that is a promise yet to be fulfilled.

for now, here is a celebration of my beautiful momma and some mother's day pictures.

having a margarita!

with the painting emily made for her:

homemade tortillas at los hermanos...

beatty girl laugh attacks:

photographed by joey and emily:


spring said…
Heather, thank you for that. I can't wait until you have the time to write more of your stories. I know how intense it has been for you finishing up this semester of school. The papers you write are so scholarly that it must be refreshing to write your beautiful, heartbreaking stories of Matilde. There is a time for all things. You'll have a wonderful summer and I know you'll enjoy having Joey and Emily living here. They are so precious and it makes me feel good knowing they'll be with you. In the meantime I will be looking forward to more of your beautiful writing. All the precious little books you used to make... I hope we have every one. I would like to gather them all up like precious memories and tie them with a velvet ribbon. Let's do that this summer! My dream for you is that all your dreams come true. I love you honey, Momma
mooncowboy said…
You two are both awesome. Heather, I check and read but haven't always commented. Sorry for that . . .

I love you anyway! I'm excited for you, to hear that the scholarly-ness, though missed, will be put on hold for a while. Mine's been put on hold for some times now--I miss it too! It shall return though.
Amy Beatty said…
whoo hoo, you are alive. I check your blog everyday!!!!!!!!! And thats no lie. Sometimes more. Love you. Can't wait for this weekend- the count down is ON!

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