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The party goes on and on...

(I wrote this post over a month ago; I just found it again and I thought, hell, I'm going to share it.)
My two favorite shirts at the annual Pangbroehrn Holiday Party (which returned to its traditional date of Dec. 28):

A Christmassy geode cake made by Aiko:

Rebecca always serves up a great array.

 It's almost the only night of the year that we get a nighttime babysitter. My mom is not a night owl and hates to drive after dark. We had Polly asleep and left Nana to snuggle and watch movies with Tootie on the couch, but of course it's never that simple. But meanwhile... Grown ups gathering!

Mikie and Marisa basically bounded into town (from LA) and straight into the party.  Therefore, in this picture is the sum total of the chidlike energy at this party ;)

This party's White Elephant is a gripping occasion; people get SERIOUSLY invested, and Zack's presents (usually rad artwork) come with enigmatic instructions to the receiver, to be modified as the gift is passed al…