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Sweethearts in Strawberries

Just an itty bitty little Valentine post from me to you. This year Lucy and Polly and I were able to wear our three special vintage dresses again. These dresses belonged to my mom, my sister and I when I was a baby and there is a framed picture from probably 1977 or 78 of us together wearing ours. Now, sitting next to it, is another framed picture of the girls and I wearing these dresses last year. I'm so glad we got to squeeze in another chance to wear them now, as my baby is two and my big girl is three and a half and they're growing out of clothes like little wild weeds!

I don't know why I think of them as Valentine's Day dresses; they didn't necessarily serve that exact purpose when I was little and I think my mom dressed us in these for many occasions. Addie and I have passed the grown up one back and forth and worn it regularly since the 90s. But taken all together...well, matching this precisely with one's toddler daughters is not something that one doe…