Kids and Bodies

If you know our family, you probably know that our parenting style is not very restrictive. I don't try too hard to restrict much of anything because I know it just draws attention to that thing and makes it seem desirable. We're not super overboard about candy or cuss words or plastic, you get the point. But there are two things I care about keeping away from my kids. One is personal screen time. I don't mean watching tv shows or movies (especially good ones!) as a family. We are wide open to that. But ugh, I reject the small personal screens that draw kids in to their own little worlds and away from togetherness and quality activity. But that's a topic for another day.  The thing I least want my daughters to witness is negativity about body image. I don't allow weight talk around my kids. I would never make a disparaging comment about my body or any other body; in fact, I would only offer praise and positivity. At a glance, this might seem disingenuous, but it'

Be Sure to Touch the Ground - Ramblings While Staying at Home

Thanks Cole McKenzie for reminding me about the new Waxahatchee album , of which I'd heard three songs and loved: "Fire," "Can't Do Much," and "Lilacs," but yesterday the whole new album dropped and today I listened to its entirety. Incidentally, I listened while on a five mile treadmill run, building back up to where I was at the beginning of this month, after a short period of taking it easy due to the current situation with the Covid 19 scare and a brief cold-like illness. I read that building up your natural immune system means working out but not overdoing it. I am still "taking it easy" but finding it imperative to push myself a little, because that's when I feel most healthy. It felt good to be out of breath and to pull beautiful air deep into my lungs and to appreciate that in a way that makes me want to cry. Another side note is that I am now able to run to all kinds of music, and find running the best time to really take i

Cozy Nooks and Christmas Books

Have a cup of cheer! Obviously the best thing to do in midwinter is to find a cozy nook and read a good book.  The girls had their last day of school before winter break on the 20th, so we're about to do a whole lot more of that. So far, though, we've found some moments to revisit our favorite traditions and create merriment. Part One: Children Laughing, People Passing During the annual Placerville Christmas parade downtown, we gathered with friends and family in front of the Bookery. I was technically working with Darin that day, which made it convenient to watch the parade too! There had been a strong chance of rain, but the sun came out about an hour before the parade came down the road. I think for that reason, it was less crowded than usual, and just about perfect as far as I'm concerned. The girls took their chance to get cozy in the kids' section at Bookery and read for a good long time. I love how comfortable they are