Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pumpkin moonshine

it's that time again!
jorden and becky's annual pumpkin carving party.
always such a deliciously fallish gathering...the pictures speak for themselves.

becky and jorden's house and yard are perfectly charming and cozy nestled in ivy and fluttering fall leaves.

with cinnamon apple doughnut pieces straight from apple hill.

juniper fell in love with lucy's halloween kitty, and luckily lucy is a very good sharer :)

she watched all the goings-on with delight. it was the first time i tried putting her in the moby wrap facing forward...i know, i know, you're not supposed to but she LOVED it so i think it will be okay for once in a while.

i hope you all have fun with your spooks and spirits, goblins and ghouls and treats.
Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lucy's Quilt

Do any of you quilt?
It might be my most favorite fabric craftsty activity....
mostly because the results are so beautiful.

Lucy recently received a very special gift...our dear friend CarolAnn made her a quilt. 
CarolAnn is the leader of the group of my friends that makes quilts for each others' weddings, me being the worst quilter in that group. I mostly just contribute cute thrifted fabrics and drink wine and gab during quilt making sessions. But CA is a true quilter.

This particular quilt began with a vintage thrifted quilt top that she found and repaired. The best thing about quilting is the variety of amazing fabrics and the endless ways you can put them together. 
Do you love fabrics as much as I do?
...these seriously make me swoon...

Maybe the unicorn is one of Lucy's spirit "animals", albeit a fantastic one...it keeps coming up in her young life...

 CA quilted a sun pattern and made a vibrant colored backing.

Lucy enjoys checking out some of the different prints and colors:

Fall is the perfect time to get cozy on your favorite quilt.

I think it will be a special belonging for my baby all of her life; I picture it folded at the end of her twin bed, hanging over the entrance to rainy day forts, and wrapped around late night teenage shoulders. Someday I think it will go with her, maybe to college, or on travels, or to her own little apartment. It will always be a cozy reminder of home and truest self.

CarolAnn also gifted Lucy two adorable vintage dresses...we are in dress heaven over here!
Check out the detail on these homemade cuties.

It's so nice to receive such bounty of the heart, the kinds of treasures that are timeless and creative, invoking sweet and simple rhythms of life. That is what a patchwork quilt is to me, a rich emblem of time and spirit and love.

Monday, October 22, 2012


lucy and i finally had the pleasure of meeting mister axel t the other day!

in case you aren't familiar, he is the baby boy child of radiant suuzi, violet folklore cohort, yogi, farmer and all around inspiring woman. amber was one of the first to know of our pregnancies for both of us, suuzi and i were due just a couple weeks apart from each other, and we have been on parallel paths all along. see amber's little video of us talking about our pregnancies here, and she posted a little tribute to suuzi's growing family and their rad sartorial choices here.

amber and suuzi drove across the canyon with their delightful offspring to pay us a visit and explore some of the best placerville haunts. 

suuzi and axel at the craft booths in apple hill:

cider sippers.

mycie contemplates the pond and the view.

apples apples everywhere.

it was so great to talk to this mama. it is such a huge project to embark upon when you birth a child and become a parent: every day there is something new to experience, think about, decide, or stress about. we had so much to talk about that i feel like we barely touched upon each subject!

best of all, the babes loved each other! 
it was the first time i've seen lucy take such interest in another baby. maybe because he was her perfect match. just the right size, just the right coos, makes all the right moves....

he reached over ....

grabbed her hand, and they held hands awhile! 

we had a blast with them and can't wait to hang out again!

they also came bearing the raddest sweetest gifts.

lucy absolutely loves her antique doll from suuzi. per amber's suggestion, she named her saffron.

isn't she lovely?

and check out the dreamy array of vintage calico little girls' dresses from amber and mycie:

plus we are honored to receive some of this bounty that amber so lovingly harvested and handcrafted.
can't wait to use it for some baby massage magic.

hope you all enjoyed the meeting of these two babes who we all anticipated with such glowing excitement!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

all american

we pulled out the ole red, white and blue for debate night.

as a side note, it's hot again, so bye-bye to the beanie by midday.
we tried the little bow-on-the-head trick using a bit of karo syrup. it looked cute but i felt kinda bad about the sticky spot on her head and the bow didn't stay put for long. so it might be lucy's one and only sticky-bow experience.

after a little afternoon outdoor nap.....

she wakened to her favorite people in the world...

i decided that having a baby to raise up as a thinking and active citizen is actually a very patriotic thing to do. that's central to my version of the red-white-blue. this is the country where my baby (and maybe someday her babies) will grow up. that makes me more interested in politics and activism than ever.

what is american style to you? to me today it was vintage levi's denim shirt and soft printed 80s tee, spiced up with a bit of fringe and batik. multi-culturalism if you will.

well lucy was pretty stoked to head over to rebecca and zack and sylvan's to watch the debate with our friends...

and no wonder....so many friends to greet, legos and trains and books and walkie talkies to check out.

sylvan's door notice: "Welcome to Room 6. Mr. Pangbroehrn. I teach Math. I am a janitor too. NEW: Swimming Free 3:00 pm."

she already loves sylvan. 

and with good reason, after all he has a fraggle doll.

oliver patiently awaiting pizza.

pizza, beer, wine and presidential debate. with lots of eruptions of laughter and indignation and fact checking from our little crowd.

lucy loves sociopolitical gatherings. they invigorate her. when we got home, daddy was zonked but she was ready to keep up the party.

It's a party in the U.S.A!