Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nevada City Bizarre - Summer Edition!

Guess who's back? Back again? Becky's back. Moonshine's back. 
(i really want to launch into the words, "i created a monster...."
emily sang that song, or should i say rapped it, at karaoke last week. it was pretty damn hilarious.)
 i guess this means i better include:
two trailer park girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside.
(darin's favorite song lyric ever.)
anyway i am getting off track here.


my point being, of course, becky and i came back to the summertime version of the  Nevada City Bizarre to set up our vintage wares and meet up with all our lovely friends from across the canyon.
This time with baby in tow!
Oliver was a fine, fine boothmate let me tell ya.
It only takes one thing to make him happy:  food! mama-food. 
ok and some daddy playtime. lucky boy had both in scores.

i got to see some of the wisest, wittiest, prettiest women in the world.
nicole of flaming hag folkwear and amber of violet folklore. (see their lovely posts about the bizarre here and here....looks like my own blogging has fallen behind, sorry lades)
it feels like another world when we were all together in february tromping through these same streets in sweaters with our gals missa and milla and sadie and addie.
now it's hot and sticky, we are busy with our wares and changes and stories in a summertime whirlwind.
so much fun to reconnect.

sasha and pal visiting our little corner of the world.  (we got the same corner booth as last time. we love it. it feels like home)
goddesses are all around you when you are in nevada city.

we had amber on one side, and then on the other side of her...our placerville friend zack and his amazing intricate fantastical artwork.  i felt surrounded by friends and loved ones. i guess that's why my day felt so full i could hardly stop spinning. my senses and heart were absolutely overwhelmed.

it is fun to see which items interest shoppers. the ladies aren't as into long dresses this time around...probably because it was too hot to imagine trying on anything with extra fabric! i do love me some maxis....

addie and chris over at sasha's Astral Boutique booth...o so much to many pretties...

darin was a great hubby. he built me a rack for my clothes which we painted pink. he also made me my sign (top of this post) with which i am totally in love. for that i let him leave with the boys to go to the river, drink beer all day, watch music, and go out to our favorite pizza ever at the end of the night.

one last note: i love the Miner's Foundry. (the venue of this event) i wish placerville had something comparable. it has stories and history contained in its wood and stone. i love the way it looks inside and the feeling of being there, surrounded by hand crafted goodness and vintage beauty. i loved meeting more nevada city friends and seeing people's summer frocks and lit up smiles. twas a special day indeed. i can't wait till winter; we'll be back again!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what kind of world do we want to create?

it is nearing the end of august; i can't believe it. every day there is fun stuff happening compounding upon more fun stuff happening; so much so that time rushes by even more quickly than i ever imagined it could. the world feels big around me. and i am small and i can't keep up tho i thrust forth my spirit with love for it all.

since i got back from utah (with a busted-up heart confused and nostalgic and lost in love with the desert and hungry for more travels) there have been:

bookstore days,
camping at silver lake,

waterslides and hidden pools and

stargazing in the deep quiet mountains,
photo shoots,
trivia night,
moving celebration and jorden and beck's big fitty-cent vintage clothes sale (!)
massive dance party (wiped me out)

conversation upon conversation,
park romps,
play practice,
wine tasting,

through all that, our friend ida, the amazing performer, artist and teacher extraordinaire, has been visiting from norway (staying with us since our roommate jamie is her boyfriend) so all around there is inspiring talk of theater, art, motion, emotion, creativity, youth, rebellion, beauty, all the time.


and also, my sweet girl ryann left to go back to school in walla walla, and it never seems that we have enough time for all the dancing and rivering and vintage-loving and adventuring that we want to do! i missed her immediately. she's just that kind of friend.

people going back to school. long talks with my sister, missing the red rocks. and also through all this august goodness, my heart has been oddly heavy. it feels like the full moon, or your belly right before you start your period...empty and full at once, strange and laden and voluminous. like being underwater, or under a huge vast starlit sky in a canyon. it comes from a knowing, some secret awareness of grace and sentience, the "unbearable lightness of being" or maybe just plain old melancholy. except really it is the bittersweet and sublime feeling of life itself, of living it and being in it and knowing all the while that all is ephemeral and loving with all your heart anyway.

i want to learn every day to observe, protect, and cherish this beautiful earth we live upon. i want to learn from prairie dogs, hummingbirds, cliffs and wildflowers how to know and participate in our wild world. if by chance you've been thinking about that kind of thing a lot lately too, please read mary's enlightening post about the Tar Sands pipeline and how we can oppose this destruction. because the feeling in my heart lately reminds me how we human beings need community, respect for our planet, and deep sensible love and thoughtful decisions. 

i just keep thinking about Terry Tempest Williams' questions:

"Is economics the only standard by which we measure society's values? Or is it possible to adopt another ethical structure that extends our notion of community to include compassion toward other species?

How do we wish to live and with whom?"

 good night and sweet love from a dreamy little corner of the earth tonight.

Friday, August 19, 2011


the best thing about traveling with my family is that we are all a bunch of dorks, and when we are together many dorky things happen. it probably gets pretty downright obnoxious for those around us, but we do try our darndest to put the lid on it by quiet time.
here are some of our ridiculous exploits.

#1. at a gas stop on the road trip through nevada, i tried to toss darin the car keys and maybe, just maybe tossed them up on the roof instead. not just the first level over the doorway, but all the way up on the big rooftop. came outta left field. joey had to borrow a ladder and go up, then pull the ladder onto the rooftop of the entranceway and go up again another level to fetch them on the scalding metal roof. i looked on, chagrined.

#2. we seem to take a lotta pictures in front of bathrooms.

#3. when my three brothers get together, they are hilarious. they make fun of each other and do weird tricks with their bodies.

we got a kick of how freakishly ripped joey is here.

#4. as for us girls, taking a lesson from bella, we like to call everything a party. this particular campground party night we had leis, candy treats, and a ridiculous brand of fun all our own.

 #5. my pops' famous dive. no one knows what he was trying to accomplish with this amazing leap, but i am so glad i captured it on film. in our tent late that night we zoomed in and looked at darin's appalled face close up and had a laugh attack that woke everyone up.

#6. overall, we are known to wear pretty ridiculous hiking gear. addie, in particular, is infamous for her granny visor and fanny pack. she wears these without a touch of irony. usually there is a lone cold modelo inside the fanny pack, stashed away for some blissful trail moment. bella might wear sparkly ballet flats, a minnie mouse cap over side buns and a homemade princess crown, always the classy lady.

amy made fun of herself for her "mom shorts" but i thought they were really pretty darn cute.
now, emily has espoused a certain rounded bonnet cap for hiking. in it, she looks about eight years old.

#7. jarom nonchalantly walked away during the family picture. then nonchalantly returned. all caught on camera.

 #8. we take every opportunity at playground or swingset. yes, mostly the adults.

#8. we love cats obsessively. we about lost our shit when we met "snowflake," resident field-mouser of the camp at Kodachrome basin and an absolute lovey dove. we took our turns oohing and ahhing and petting and sighing blissfully.

dorksome #9. in general we romp, frolic and gallivant with gusto.

all this paints a happy, silly, funtimes picture which IT IS. but of course, another truth of it is...we are a big wild family and things get crazy sometimes. people get grumpy, greedy, needy, impatient, selfish, annoying, quarrelsome. people pout; misunderstandings sprout, people have to go off on abrupt walks, we grumble.

but when all is said and done, we are merrymakers extraordinaires and i am achingly glad to be a part of it all!
FUN and beauty and nature and love...all the best things about life!