Monday, January 31, 2011

purple poetry

first of all, thank you so much for the outpouring of sweetness about my last post.
this kind of loving talk and sisterly support is what makes the good world go round.

and by the way, they caught the guys that did it and a bunch of my friends and loved ones want to go to the arraignment to show that this kind of action is insoportable.
for animals, for us, for the world.

so, back to the sweet stuff.
here's what i wore to our writers' group meeting...well joey calls it the Poets' Collective.
so i guess i was channeling the poetess.

i rediscovered this lacy vintage violet blouse in my closet. yes it was right where it should be in the purple section but somehow i've been overlooking it for a long while. then i noticed that when you're craving romance and drama at a powwow of poets, some victorian style flair might be called for.

we've been meeting to talk about poetry and literature and to share our own writings and inspirations.
we're a small group, but quite impassioned.
here's darin trying to look "scholarly." (?)

interestingly, we are people who already do hang out all the time, we just felt like we needed a specific forum for more philosophical, artistic, writerly concerns. otherwise it's just all fun and games.
skip, below left, is a new friend and writerly addition to our group.
stan, on the right, is reading a harrowing dream he recorded.

les in concentration. wine bottles. big thick journals. yellow legal pads. kevin with a grin.

me n my clipboard.

even woody was prepared.

we even made time for a rousing game of Balderdash which was addictively fun.
and we learned such amazing words as "ferticled." go look it up. it's cute.

i'm hoping this group motivates me to do some "real" writing on a much more regular basis.
we want to cough up some crazy creative vibes my friends.
some of our topics thus far have been: dreams, the night, bukowski, the Savage Detectives, john muir, christ, animals, the underworld, the elements.

i leave you with a quote from darin (well, from Leonard Cohen but slightly misquoted)
"Good poetry is merely the evidence of life."

outfit way up above...
ruffly lacy lavender blouse, thrifted many years ago
gunne skirt, thrifted gift from ryann up in walla walla
black tights, from marmy for christmas
brown platform sandals, thrifted $4
black necklace, gift brought back from mexico from sara
purple beaded necklace, made by addie
white feather earrings, made by em
black velvet jacket, for sale in my shop 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

bright magic for a dark time

i wandered the stones and grasses and clovers of my yard, trying to feel magic spells creep up through the roots of my toes, my padded animal feet, my dirty hem...
i brought out all my magical tools, most of them gifted to me from the lovely claire with great perception and care, like a mother, like the earth.
a hand painted ceramic disc, a stone shaped like an egg, a wand with feathers, a bundle of fresh cedar.

but all these magic tools could not protect me from the devastations of this world. during my blissful ceremony i got a phone call. it was emily with terrible news that left us both gasping to breathe.

this is a pretty disturbing story; if you don't feel inclined please don't read it. here is emily's own description of what happened at her family home yesterday morning: To anyone who doesnt know, our family dogs were playing in our yard yesterday when 3 tweaked out guys came to our front door asking my mom if they could do any "work" for money (they wanted to get in and rob the house) my mom said "no, but ...I will pray for you". A few minutes later she realized she hadnt seen the dogs, so she went outside to find them unable to walk or stand (but trying) and one of them had a note safety pinned to its throat that said "AMEN".
She took them to the vet, and they had been drugged, crystal meth. Both dogs are dead. My heart is so broken for those innocent loving creatures and for humankind. the world is so heartless and dead and godless and I am feeling all of my faith in the good of this world draining out of me faster than I can save it.
Thank you all for your huge hearts and kind words. I love you all. You are the GOOD that I need in this world.

i look at my feathers, my incenses, my wand, my crystals. i know they are good and pure and of this wild weird world, and i know somehow we are all connected. i want to feel one with all, as i feel with my family and friends and animals, with cedar trees and driftwood, but i feel an awful disconnect when i imagine a young man capable of terrorizing a friendly innocent animal.
the dogs were two little pekineses, just the sweetest creatures around who love everyone.
the note had been pinned to her throat, her actual skin.
that fact makes my insides shivery with a terrible darkness. it cannot pulse with my heart;
it creeps like a fog.

i wanted to share these photos and tell of a bright magic,
a web i spin myself, prayers to trees,
moss and dirt i love, cats that burst my heart open with joy and sweetness.

i wanted to show this fertility charm that emily herself made me at christmas, which i feel blesses me.
i keep it near and moonstone lights my way.

i want to smile as always but i am haunted.
i am reminded that it is something of a battle, to be cheerful and kind and optimistic in a dark world.
i am not unaware of that schism, of the fraught nature of living, and i know i blog like life is just a bowl of cherries. and often it is, and beautiful, and the warming sun above all, and peace.
but i know the chaos,
even as i seek the magic of light.

Friday, January 28, 2011

winterlude winterlude my little darling

we had the perfect winter getaway.
our trip to utah was just too packed full of fun, and i want to write about it all at once, so here've been warned :)
we started out saturday with brunch at sammys.
it's a favorite provo spot; we adore for its cutesy punkrock vibe, walls plastered with funny polaroids, and super cheap grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato and onion.

oh and lest we forget...
sweet potato fries!

then we headed up into the mountains through the canyon past the half-icy winding river,
into a winter wonderland!

we dropped the kids off at amy's aunt's house in midway utah, which is a pristine little wild-west-meets-ski-resort place in the heart of the snowy mountains.

the "hot pots" nearby were worth checking out...
it ended up one of the highlights of the trip for me:
matt and i risked getting soaked (which we did) and took a brisk (freezing!) run through the snow over to see them.

met a little buddy warming his bum on the thawed ground near the springs.
he was so quiet and peaceful i thought he was someone's domestic rabbit, escaped.
but the minute i took this photo, he dashed away quick as a wild creature should be!
what a BEAUTY, mesmerizing.

the hot springs, out in the middle of that blizzarded landscape, just steaming away...
oh hello nature. for a second i almost forgot how dazzlingly intelligent and benevolent you can be.

my brother and i. the adventurous ones.
well, amy too but she had to keep addie company; addie was like NO THANKS i'm not running through snow and getting soaking wet and freezing and miserable.
we, on the other hand, well... we can never pass up a little adventure.

and then it got even more wintry.
this is where we parked to go to the sundance film festival; this is the deer valley ski resort and from there you get a free shuttle into the bustling madhouse of park city.
we stood out in this mini-blizzard with girls in thigh-high black leather skirts, all waiting for the bus, some more freezing than others!

no wonder our first stop was Java Cow Coffee for warm treats.
everywhere we go, we get to talking so much that we stay way too long and forget what other things we were trying to do. no wonder we didn't have the time/gumption to try to see an actual film.

but, amidst the throngs of people all staring at each other to see if they are someone famous, we did get to pose in front of the Egyptian Theater, where so much of Sundance goes down.

and then on to the bookstore, one of those bookstores that only has new stuff but seems to stock the best selection of everything, from nature books to literature to biographies to that you want one of everything and you could spend ten thousand dollars...

with the bonus of having the sweetest old cat in the world, mister Che, who loves to snuggle.

and the extra added bonus of being attached to the candy store, where amy bought an entire bag full of atrociously delicious goodies, luckily we all get to share!

we couldn't leave without checking out our favorite western trading post.

how cool would it be to have a real bearfur coat from the 1890s?
did you see True Grit? the old grizzled tangly bearded fur trapper dude? loved him. i want to be his bride out in the wild wild woods; reminds me of milla's story about the girl who married a bear.

we picked up the kids late at night, drove home on crazyslippery icy roads, and stayed up till 3 in the morning talking.

next day we got a very late start and made it to Crystal Hot Springs just before dusk.

this is the place that supposedly made jarom's wound feel so much better.
actually all of us were feeling pretty great after our soak.

we do think it was extra crowded, possibly due to the sundance peeps in town for the festival?

 apparently it is the most mineral-rich hot springs in the USA!

a lady in the dressing room said, "excuse me, miss? i love your style, all of you! are you sisters? please wait till my daughter gets out so you can show her your outfits, she's gonna love this." she commented on each one of us, even bella. so we had to get a picture afterwards in the lobby.

we headed to squatters brewpub in salt lake city for the most delicious dinner and beer. if you like the double ipa you have to buy it bottled because utah state law limits draft beer to something like 4%. but their "hop rising" is definitely worth drinking from a bottle.

also, they make a damn fine yellow thai curry with tofu.
we were in heaven.

our last morning, we got up just in time to see these cuties off to school.
can you tell which one loves it and which doesn't? :) (even though they're both brilliant)

and this cutie tike gets to stay home and play with mama.
"this box of play-do is SO STRONG" as he carries it upstairs.

amy shows off her cute new thrifted embroidered jumper right before we make one more stop at DI (felt like we were there for 20 minutes, it was actually almost 2 hours ?!)

we met matty for a nice lunch and then headed home, making it across the vastness of nevada in record time
with a million sweet new memories in our hearts.
if you made it this far, thanks for looking so long! i have to make this scrapbook count especially for such a whirlwind trip!