Monday, November 29, 2010

Staying Home Sick and Motherpeace Tarot

I decided it is not fair to only write when I'm feeling good, energetic and healthy. But sadly, there's nothing much to report, since I've basically been stuck inside in my pajamas for days on end. One day I did get dressed:

but still felt like this:

SO! I thought I would take this quiet-time opportunity to show you something I am totally in love with lately: the tarot deck that I've been studying. I got the Motherpeace Tarot deck at the used book store where I work (amazingly still in their box in perfect condition) and I found the accompanying book in our goddess section. This is the kind of thing I was totally into at 19 but haven't taken much time for lately. I needed it.

On our recent trip to the hot springs I finally took the time to really begin to read the book and look at the cards. First amazing thing about them: the cards are round! Big round smooth circles with colorful art depicting empowering scenes from tribal and communal feminine life. Alice Walker calls them "a wise and loving oracle." I love holding them in my hands and gazing at them. I am still learning to clumsily shuffle them, but that's okay.

Reading and studying the Motherpeace tarot has reawakened my interest in ancient history, Goddess and tribal cultures, mythology, and natural healing. These are things I am passionate about all along, every day of my life, but I find that sometimes I let them slip into the background of my consciousness. Now, just drawing one card for myself at the end of each day and reading about its meanings and symbols, I feel more connected to a vast body of spiritual women that resonates through time and space.

And just in case you think this is all totally weird...I like the way Vicki Noble puts it: "visionary (or shaman) art lies at the root of human culture and functions as a base for any leap into the future. If we would heal the body, we must first imagine it well. If we would heal the planet, we must first envision peace." I like the way she sees tarot as "visionary art," and the way she describes her own creative process of drawing and designing them in the late 70s. I love thinking of the tarot deck as an imaginative game that I can use to access some place of light and timelessness and healing and creativity inside myself.
As a game it is fun for me, but also I think it is communicative and transformative, entering a space out of the ordinary and into the magical.

Last night I read a fascinating article by the same author: Letting Nature Take its Course. I was inspired and thinking about how I would love to regularly get together my community of women (and men if they were so inclined) to celebrate spiritually in a group for purposes of healing and ritual.

This was the card I drew, the 3 of cups, perfectly illustrating my idea...

And this one, the ten of discs, which I absolutely love, I have drawn twice since starting all this... fertility blessings hmm?! a circle of loving women holding baskets and surrounding a birthing woman as a wisewoman catches the baby...heaven.

On Thanksgiving night I drew the Fool, a card that I identify with easily.
maybe it was saying, don't worry, you'll get your spunk back soon!

The first one I drew, that night that we were in the lodge at the hot springs, was the Empress.
She embodies everything I strive for: the Great Mother. Harmony, Community, Growth.
The ancient sensual nature. Communal life, peace, children, love. Manifestation, positive imagination.

For me, that is what this tarot is all about.
I hope you are all having peaceful journeys of your own. I'd love to hear about them!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

from my family to yours...

instead of hanging around feeling sorry for myself because i am missing out on festivities due to being sick,
i decided to be thankful that the one day i actually felt better was thanksgiving day.

we spent the morning at my house having monkey bread and watching the parade while momma did baking:

then headed over to darin's mom's house for dinner #1.

had a cozy visit with his brother dave and his wife ashley, up from LA.

and then at sunset, headed up to my sister's fairytale house in the snow for dinner #2:

addie and art were busy preparing 3 tofurkeys, all kinds of roasted root veggies, brussel sprouts, garlicky mashed potatoes, and fresh homemade cranberries.

extra special treat this year: we had my mom's sweet boyfriend Jack and his two lovely daughters, Adrianne and Mariah, with us.

upstairs in the nintendo nook, the kids were having giggle fits. it was so cute how they all hung out together so naturally.

beautiful chef.

happy thanksgiving!

group shot number 1, the right half of the group realizes that a beer has tipped over and is spilling all over the place.

mikie goofing off while a very full joey melts into the chair.
it was so fun to have mikie up from his hollywood life, keeping everything super lively.

he makes another silly appearance here next to cute marmy.

and finally, the real group shot!

from my family to yours, i hope you are having a wondrous beginning to the holiday season.
what are you doing to celebrate so far?
if i had felt better we were going to go chop down our christmas tree with the kids today,
but alas, the best i could do was get dressed.
stay healthy and happy out there, friends!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day of thanks and bounty

Let's just put it this the end of the day I was busting the buttons on my little dress. Both with joy and absolute stuffedness. love spending an entire day in the company of so many loved ones. A gathering, a feast, a whole lotta giggles and ridiculousness, stories, sweet potatoes and root veggies, mikie carving the tofurkey, a winter song that makes me cry, little children and cats running up and down the stairs at addie's and all the while, the coziest fire in the woodstove and snow piled up outside.

I am writing from bed, on my little contraption, sending out a very sleepy good night and wish of love and cornucopeia of gratitude to the world tonight. May the spirit of love light all your ways home.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Mystical Wintry Wedding

Our sweet friends Bridget Loera and Daniel Ramirez got married this weekend on a magical November afternoon.

It was an outdoor wedding at their home and about a week ago we found out that a huge storm was headed our way.
Everyone bundled up, the rain stopped, the sky was dreamy with bits of radiant sun coming through softest gray clouds, and as Bridget walked through their homemade archway to meet her love on the green hillside,
a delicate mist filled the air like she was walking through a fairy cloud.
It was seriously magical. we all cried.

The groom's sister Monique (a most radiant soul) did so much of the planning and beautifying.
Here she is smudging the crowd and walkway with sage. (she made her own vibrant dress!)

the wedding party, Ian, Daniel, Anthony (he married them), Bridget and her sister Toni.

I wish I would have taken a close-up of the detail of her gorgeous dress.
Our friend Becky made it for her! She and her sister ran Velvet Leaf and now Becky is branching into the most amazing handsewn custom made wedding dresses.

Here they are, the bride and her incredible dressmaker.

the back is truly spectacular, open with asymmetrical crisscross rows of handmade fabric flowers.

the boys staying warm with some nips of whiskey!
 it felt like we were in a hobbit shire.
there is no describing the spiritual harmony that was flowing between these two and radiating out to all of us present. my favorite thing about weddings is how they remind you of community and love, and how you feel like you are all growing together, like the families of oak trees all around us.

under the magical fig tree! it is so massive it creates a canopy of greenery in a huge tent all around it.

secret passageway into the fig tree (and that dress!)

darin and i got all cozy.
he's been stepping it up a notch fashion-wise, lately he's super into vests and his blazer jackets, both velvet and pendleton.
i wore a vintage thermal, sweater, jumper, thick wooly tights, boots, and this crazy warm mauve corduroy 80s jacket i thrifted up in humboldt county for like $2.50.

the bride and her brand new sis.

the reception was held (impromptu) at our beloved cozmic cafe.
it was a potluck, with tables upon tables heaped with homemade goodies (like joey's homemade cornbread and honey butter), pure bounty!

this spritely little lady friend, chelsea, is multi-talented. she offered to make their cake.
it was her first wedding cake (or fancy cake) ever! check out how pretty and perfect it is...
and to TASTE it was even better! whole wheat honey carrot cake, mmmmmmm.

all our friends bravd the storm and came out.
jorden and becky....
who are practicing becoming parents!

you've all seen adorable rachel, the spunkiest girl on earth.
but have you seen her new etsy shop, silkworm vintage, full of goodies?

cinema caldera, represent!

sleepy quincy:

jordan l and the cake-maker...

the first dance was to "flume" by bon iver.
such a beautiful moment.

and then the dancing madness began!

slowly i shed all my layers until i was left in just my jumper.
stan took this pic, looks like the room's on fire, which is practically was...

best of all, RYANN showed up for a visit home from school.
i was coming out of the bathroom, saw her standing there with emily waiting for me and i was so surprised i shrieked with joy!
had to get a pose in with darin and his professory pipe.

i made emily do an outfit shot. i am totally in love with this little denim vintage wrangler's blazer she found.
underneath is a sears jr. bazaar (my fave!) yellow cardigan that she found in the little boys' section. she has her "blunders" peeking out from under her dress. they are a cross between bloomers and underwear that my sister makes. last year she gave them to all the girls for christmas and they're our favorite accessory! plus they keep your booty extra warm, even over your tights.
even right when we were all finally about to leave, saying our good-byes in the bar area, the dancing would not stop!
and i got to take home one of the gorgeous bright fallish centerpieces.
the day was complete.

what a wedding!
what a day!
i love celebrations like this because they show yet again the true love and exhileration that comes from not buying into the capitalistic expectations of wedding days and other events.
bridget and daniel made it their own, they followed their hearts and did things completely their own way.
they invited their families and community, and everyone came together to help and share the love.
and all went home aglow.

after the blusteryness of that day i have ended up fighting off a yucky cold/flu, saying home yesterday and todaywrapped in my robe and making myself soup and lemon echinacea tea.
the kids are staying at my house (jarom, bella, orion my nephews and niece) while their parents visit new zealand (matt won a ticket on his twitter?!) so there is a whirling energy around here and we are preparing a mega feast for thursday as i try to get myself better.

happy holidays to you all!