Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Games and Genders

Need to entertain some dudes?

Whip out the old Nintedo system. I'm talking the 1980s version. They will be glued, I promise.
Apparently it never gets old. And in fact will keep them busy for HOURS UPON HOURS.

But as for us girls and our cats, we've got something else in mind...
give us the Office trivia game:

and we'll be quite content on fall eves.

Monday, September 28, 2009

got a husband or a boyfriend?

or are you in fact a man? then i HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to check out the new additions to my etsy shop. (See sidebar to the right)

I am now selling vintage clothes for MEN!

and it is so exciting to make my reluctant spouse pose for these photos!

here's a sneak preview:

c'mon honey you can do better than that!

take a look.

i am pretty proud!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

you never know what can happen....

see, all those who complain that there's nothing to do....

September nights out on the town:

Wednesday night our lovely friend Jocelyn played a show at a local venue, the Cozmic Cafe, with her band Alak:

more photos from our night out on the town:
we ended up hanging out with nick savino, whose birthday was the next day and ps. he's amazing and has a cool new apartment above main street with a roof space to hang out on, so there.

i will admit (quite easily in fact) that life in a small town is sometimes GRAND.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall...sort of

Well, it's officially here. That is, ONLY officially. As for weather, well, it's obviously far from it: still about 30 degrees too hot. Looks like sundress weather continues on indefinitely.

BUT....that does not mean that good old Apple Hill isn't waiting and ready with all kinds of delicious goods. Caramel apples, fritters, pears, fudge, honey, crafts, Halloween decorations, ornaments, candles, handmade soap, kettle corn, wreaths, pies, pony rides.
Oh beautiful, oh sweet delights of all my fallish memories.
Who could ever resist this place?

Naturally, Addie and I made a little jaunt up there yesterday to celebrate the equinox.

My ultimate weakness: the homemade apple fritter. (ok, one of many weaknesses...)

I also got giant delicious organic peaches and a huge bag of pears for $.64. That's right, folks...SIXTY FOUR CENTS for eight pears. Plus a huge variety of nice crispy tart apples just the way I like em.
Apple Hill, thanks for making me feel like I can start to daydream of delicious fall evenings. That doesn't take away the fact that I have to look through last year's photos of autumn to believe it's ever really gonna come.

Monday, September 21, 2009

my favorite photo ever

want to see?
i never dreamed i'd be so happy as i was at this moment,
june 30 2007: do your wedding your own way, make every moment and gesture count; be full to the brim with love and joy. it's not about money, it's about love and joy which are free. this creates ecstatic union free of social expectation. this is new life and vigor.

photo taken by my amazing brother, matt beatty

Sunday, September 20, 2009

camping with the in-laws

My dashing brother-in-law, the up and coming semi professional skateboarder SINJIN SAVAGE (with a name like that how could you not be famous???) just turned 18. Here he is in the handsome new shirt we got him for his birthday.

We celebrated the occasion at Woodward Reservoir near Oakdale California.

Now I adore and cherish my in-laws. But this "camping" experience was not exactly to my taste. I'm talking setting up our tent on pure DIRT littered with cigarette butts and broken glass. I'm talking rowdy drunk dudes arriving at 11 pm and puking LOUDLY at 3 am. I'm talking gangster rap blasting and dogs snarling at each other. I'm talking sheriffs coming and kicking some people out for having sex in the women's restroom. Not kidding.
Am I a camping snob? Maybe. I guess I've been spoiled by real nature/camping/backpacking trips into pristine wilderness protected by vigilant rangers. No one seemed to care about following so-called "rules" here. Also, I hear it's much worse in July and August. It was crowded enough for me in September.
Okay, enough complaining. It was actually an interesting experience and I like to be open to anything. Besides, most of the time I spent doing this:
(which I must admit was relaxing and I finished The Crossing which blew me away)
The best part was getting to do things I never usually indulge in such as.....WATER SPORTS.
Here I am out on Darin's aunt and uncle's boat with his adorable little cousin, Mackie.

And of course Darin, my hottie hub and the love of my life:

So it turned out to actually be a pretty good way to end the summer.

Anyone got plans for the Equinox?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

everyone's getting lucky

as everyone settles in for the fall and winter, there are two adorable new little treehouse (as Em calls them) love nests in placerville.

first off, joey and emily's little above-Main-Street wonderhome cost them hours upon hours of elbow greased effort but the outcome was certainly worth it. check the beattytopia blog soon for the upcoming full story of the process that led to this comfort and beauty: complete with adorable kittens:and immediately upon entering their own placerville househunt, these lovebirds stan and lesley also found THE PERFECT place for them tucked away in a cozy neighborhood off Spring Street:complete with adorable kitchen (i couldn't resist):
meanwhile, housing/living changes are happening all over the place.
addie and art will be moving back to grass valley later in the fall but for a little while they're gonna come hitch their wagon here at our hitching post.
dad is moving into addie and art's little madcap garden paradise.
mikie and candice are moving to LA (?) to hopefully hitch their wagon to a lucky star.
mom, darin and i are the only ones staying put in our respective houses (for now).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

...and then i left again

came home, worked for a few days, went to a wonderful dinner party sunday night and promptly decided to hitch a ride with my sis and her hub to moab utah for the week.

oh glorious desert days.

despite art's pervasive fear of being too hot and uncomfortable and possibly dying while hiking in the desert, (dez as we call it) even he had to admit to having a little fun. check them out, addie and art, the sassiest couple in town:

our hostel, where we had a tiny cozy cabin, was rad. the Lazy Lizard: a little bit rickety and ramshackle but cozy, clean and cute as hell.

the three gossips. gorgeous ladies of the desert keeping watch on that dynamic land and all its situations.

filming a music video in the desert. those are the spectacles (or "windows) behind me but the top got chopped off so you can't really tell. most of the hikes i did barefoot in the softest red sand. amazing.

something about the desert....as edward abbey says, for me is "holier than a church." coming face to face with that kind of stark brave beauty of earth, sand, stone, wind: you are at once part of something elemental and universal.

I leave you with Abbey's beautiful words about paradox and bedrock:

“I am here not only to evade for a while the clamor and filth and confusion of the cultural apparatus but also to confront, immediately and directly if it’s possible, the bare bones of existence, the elemental and fundamental, the bedrock which sustains us. I want to be able to look at and into a juniper tree, a piece of quartz, a vulture, a spider, and see it as it is in itself, devoid of all humanly ascribed qualities, anti-Kantian, even the categories of scientific description. To meet God or Medusa face to face, even if it means risking everything human in myself. I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with a nonhuman world and yet somehow survives still intact, individual, separate. Paradox and bedrock.”