Friday, August 28, 2009

montana moments

this is my last glacier post, i promise. i should probably be a-movin on. but i promised i would write some stories (i'm sure this only matters to myself, but that counts) and anyway it turns out there are way too many to enumerate, too many favorites. so i'm throwing out some favorite photos that capture some things i loved from our trip to montana and glacier national park. i could have done three hundred of these but i randomly chose a few.

here we are, the girls, toasting to our very own glacier park trip at the pub in west glacier early on in our trip. the pub was full of river guides and locals and we flounced about meeting everyone and received the compliment that we did not seem like tourists, yay! joey looking (and feeling) like mister james dean, way too cool with his shotta whiskey.

Addie and I in Lake McDonald, the largest lake in Glacier National Park. Out there in all that magnificence, just out there...nothing like it...and i want to be there inside myself at all times in order to maintain some healthy piece/PEACE of wildness.

Of course one of the best things if not THE best thing about family trips is getting to hang out with the three most amazing children you'll ever meet. Jarom, Bella and Orion.

Darin and I hiked with Jarom quite a bit. He likes to get a lift from time to time even though he's almost too big. We peered into hollow logs, made up stories about critters, ran through jungly fields and snapped pictures with his little thrifted 35 mm camera that his mom and dad got him especially for this trip. Oey's favorite thing, of course, is rides. Here he is FLYING! And shrieking with laughter.Bella is super fun because she likes to put on plays and create little imaginary scenes with her dolls and stuffed animals. Darin was her biggest fan. He had to both act in one of her plays and be audience. It happened to be a day he dressed up in cowboy clothes and she was thrilled to have a willing participant. It was the cutest thing.Stuck in Missoula at the very end of our trip, we had to get the van's brakes fixed so hung out quite a bit in this parking lot. It turned out to be one of my favorite memories. Us big girls painted our toenails and Bella wanted her nails painted bright turquoise. Even Orion wanted a nail or two painted, to him it becomes a magic finger he can sprout spiderwebs from, naturally. Here's another shot of the Missoula hang-out, I like it cause we look like a band of gypsies. We actually were asked on occasion if we were a band on tour.Okay, back to the kids....

One of the best things was hiking with Oey on our backpacking trip. Matt and Amy (the parents) had to help the other two kids who actually had to carry their own backpacks. So the rest of the adults got to take turns helping Orion. He did a lot of his own walking and we also carried him on our shoulders. For some reason this is close to heaven.

Crossing the shale pass near the mountaintops, the trail opens up over the treeline and wind comes swooshing down into the canyon. Orion threw out his arms and tossed back his head, blissfully, as he rode Darin's shoulders the last leg of that journey to Otokomi Lake.
This was the kids' first overnight backpacking trip and we were in grizzly country. There is a very specific food preparation area separate from the sleeping area. We all sat on logs in a circle to prepare our little backpacking food dinners. Indian food packets and such never tasted so good. It was a jovial little eating-circle and it was so nice to all be together

The night we got back from our backpacking trip after drying off (it rained most of the hike back) and eating, we all went to the St. Mary visitors' center to see Blackfeet dancers perform and listen to Joe McKay talk about their culture and history. It was mind blowing. Each dance was intricate and unique and the best thing was hearing the special details about each individual dancer and his or her costume. Here we are, the girls, posing with the lovely dancers:

Courtney Gopher, who performed the Lady's fancy Shawl Dance

Julia Scabbyrobe, who did the Jingle Dress Dance (her dress was my favorite)

and Justine Scabbyrobe, who performed the Buckskin traditional dance Another great thing about Montana is the rampant wildflowers. Joey had purchased a Rocky Mountain flora and fauna guidebook and we spent a lot of time trying to identify the wildflowers. My favorites are beargrass and fireweed.

This is Emily and I at Logan Pass at the top of Going-to-the-Sun Road, sun going down, wildflowers brilliant all around us.

Another great thing was getting more time than usual to write in my journal. Sometimes this happened for odd reasons, like here on the trail through Avalanche Gorge when my flip flop broke and Darin had to run back to the van to get my Keens (i know, i know, i should have worn them in the first place). Anyway I had a chance to sit by this incredibly gorgeous smoothed out canyon of turquoise flowing waters and write in my journal. Thanks to Mattie for snapping this photo. I like to go back there in my imagination.

Morning coffee, sometimes we made our own in camp which was not too shabby thanks to Addie. But also we found this cute little espresso joint in St. Mary with the best strong coffee and a little crumbling wooden cabin/jail structure right behind. Montana mornings... Okay another favorite moment: on our hike to Running Eagle falls we spotted this gorgeous momma Moose grazing....followed by her adorable baby:It does the heart and soul a world of good to be close to wildlife.

So we spent Thursday afternoon in the Two Medicine/East Glacier area. The town of East Glacier is on Blackfeet land and has everything you need including cozy eateries and rustic general stores. Here we are a-watching the train come in.We went to the Trailhead Saloon to see Nick off as he'd be leaving on the train in the eve. We met a nice dude named Clem After Buffalo who wanted to be penpals and made us this drawing on a napkin: Besides making new friends we played music on the jukebox, danced and played pool. Here's me and my honey living it up on the dancefloor:
Skipping forward, on our final night together back in Missoula Saturday night we all went out for pizza at the best place on earth: The Bridge.
That was some serious pizza, check it out (handsome Beatty boys as well).

Monday, August 24, 2009

cast and crew of glacier trip

Welp i said seventeen, and yes 17!!! of us there were:my friend carolAnn said we look like a camp! that would be my kinda camp for sure.
Introducing the cast and crew:
Pops, Daniel James Beatty, our loving and good-natured patriarch. The one who instilled this grand old love for the wild world in each of us. He's actually a pretty good hiker too. The sunshine dad, full of friendly enthusiasm for everyone and everything.
The glorious Adrienne Beatty, eldest sibling and our rebel leader. Ice machines are her favorite and she vocally despises bad weather. Animal lover extraordinaire with too soft a heart and a jolting passion for ideas and music. Makes people laugh so hard they pee their pants.Next up is good old me, heather spring beatty. A little too loud and a little unruly but just unabashedly happy to be right where i belong having fun with all those i love so dearly.My brother the illustrious Matt, adventurer and father and naturalist and genius. Knows a little about everything...okay maybe a lot. Sensitive and keen, he likes to discuss everything deeply and is our most reasonable Beatty. Seen here sampling homemade berry pie in St. Mary.Mikie (migs), rugged individualist and freewheeling as ever with an endless store of undaunted energy. A lover, an actor, a talker and a dreamer. This guy is going places folks, if you don't know that already! Also mentor and inspiration to young Jarom. Next up, our fearless leader Joey. Fofe. Youngest brother, it is he who planned this entire trip, he who gets the fiercest urgings to go out and see the natural world, climbing mountains and trekking paths to the wildest of places. Unstoppable. Also hilarious.
Now for our lovely partners in crime; here's Darin my hub. Mystic philosopher, dreamer, poet and musician and cinematographer. The gypsy scholar. My dashing lover. I'm a lucky girl and he is so good at putting up with Beatty craziness.And gorgeous Amy, Matt's wife. A true mountain goat all her life, a trail runner, full of the most vivid passion for life's little intricacies and beauties. Notices every detail and loves to chat about the fun stuff. Mother to Jarom, Bella and Orion. A joy to behold.
Mikie's lady Candice, the peaceful and kind. Her beauty only parallelled by these mountains, she shares a sparkle of delight with everyone she meets. A brilliant thinker, converser, hiker,
and for any adventure and thoughtful in any situation. Joey's lovely lady Emily (Emma/Em) who's got sass to beat the band. Always a little trick up her sleeve and a laugh to make the whole world laugh. Fellow animal lover and intrepid explorer, with a lot of cozy love to share with all and a natural storyteller.
The infamous Jarom Smith Beatty, six years old. Smart as a whip, considering details carefully just like his mama and a brilliant conversationalist. Budding photographer with his sister Bella. Playful and tricky, he adores his uncle Mikie.
The sweetest thing, Bella Spring Beatty. Imagination soaring....she constantly creates little stories, plays and songs. Encounters the world with cheerful attention and joy. Loves bugs and tadpoles. An amazing hiker like her mama.The youngest Beatty, little Orion (Oey). This kid LOVES spiderman and pretending to do amazing spiderman acts. He LOVES getting rides from adults, swinging outward into the air with the most catching of glee. The boy knows how to have sheer fun; he lives for it. Also, the sweetest little mama's boy and a total cuddler.Our indispensable Stanny (Stan Okumura). The Beattys wouldn't be complete without him. He is our backpacking leader and berry picker. And has a contagious goofy laugh and makes everything a little more fun just by being there. Uses a LOT of peanut butter in camping food.Martin Torres, sweetheart and, I like to say, mountain man. A real Wiz, knows how to do all the rugged stuff with confidence and accuracy. Laughs a little bit shyly. When he left Thursday to fly home we all wanted to cry for missing him.Indubitably Nick Savino. A little bit quiet and unobtrusive, he is right there always having a stellar time and being positive about things and helping out. Did the gross camping dishes a few times without even having partaken in the meal. A thinker and conversationalist up for any adventure and he's the perfect person to drink a beer with. Took the train home and got searched for drugs. ha!And finally Nick's buddy Kyle Whelan met up with us in Missoula and accompanied us for the first few days in Glacier NP. Let us stash a lot of gear in his truck and drove the whole gang of us to the pub in West Glacier. A naturalist and humorist and fun guy to talk to.

That completes the line up of our Glacier National Park trip 2009. Our mom doesn't do camping but she's way into other stuff like art and movies and books. So we were only missing Art, Addie's husband but he BETTER BE WITH US EVERY YEAR TO COME. If you want to see last year's madness check out our Havasu trip into the Grand Canyon.

So there are the players. Now I will try to gather my wits to write the actual stories of our trip.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Isis on the Highways

This is my youngest dashing brother Joey, aka Fofe, in front of my big black van Isis. It took a lot of work to get this beauty out on the roads again, insured and registered and smogged and all that, and finally here we are starting our trek to Montana in the wee hours of the morning on August 7, 2009. At this point, twenty miles from home meeting up with our caravan partners, I had no idea if Isis would be able to handle this journey. There were seven of us and all our camping and backpacking gear crammed into each nook and cranny.

An hour earlier, back at home, I'd had to go pick up my lovely and crazy sister Addie who was threatening that she wasn't going to come. It was four AM and she was tired and she had too much to pack and she needed a little sisterly encouragement. Feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was up for the challenge and she cheered up quickly and we got her all loaded up into Isis. She snapped this Roid of me packing our goodies into the overflowing van, the first picture of our trip.

Darin and I were the main drivers, having taken Isis around the country a few times before and being used to her quirks, so we got the luxury of the spacious front seats as opposed to....the back of the van, where they were packed in like sardines. Here they are, our wonderful traveling companions whom i love so dearly: Martin in the captain's seat, Addie in front of him, Nick behind him, Stan and Joey in the back, and Emily on the right.

Altogether seventeen of us, yes 17!!!! of us made the long journey up to Glacier National Park.
When we arrived at the motel in Missoula my heart overflowed with gratitude and joy that Isis made it all this long way, her joints and angles all weighted down, her brakes giong out, struggling and huffing and puffing over mountain passes in the Bitterroots, she made it!
Here I am expressing my delight that we made it to Montana! And here's to many more road trips to come in the belly of the whale, our lovely Isis, who also brought us home.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

these are the roads i've been trodding

Makes it kinda hard to return to the "real" world.

I want to tell the whole story of our adventures up in the northern lands.

Right now blogging doesn't somehow appeal. But I'll be back!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

summer fun with babes and lades

monday night july 27 we had another little backyard bonanza that included cervezas, corn, all sorts of veg dogs and burgs, lovely sunshiney fruit, a game of dress-up in my room with the ladies, and some romps into the pool.

here is some ROIDIC evidence of the night.we even had SYLVAN! he and stormy love each other and i tried to capture them touching noses. but missed. jocelyn and doniella in two dresses from my closet. we all raided my closet and threw on different frocks. ended up with a sort of purply/navy blue theme.
next day, river day. darin accompanied us gals, oh my dear lady friends, to our most beloved river spot out in swansboro. after a nice dusty steep hike down, we were SO READY to be refreshed.

and refreshed we were. in spirit, mind and body. sounds cheesy but i'm sort of not kidding. it had been an emotional night and morning with some argumentative tones running rampant. not with doniella and carolann of course, but between me and my hub and even me and addie.

luckily river love solves all! and little fusses drift right on down and wash away out into the great ocean.

one interesting tidbit about this river trip: i happened to wear an old strapless one-piece that i rather love but which will not stay up. i kept jumping in the water and having to swim about boobs-first...topless and fancy free.
felt good but i was glad to just be secluded with my dear ones!

sheer joy!